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Unit2 I used to be afraid of dark.

Section B (3a—4b)




? 重点单词


? 重点短语

So much time, all day, go right home, chat with, take me to concerts, miss the old days, in the last few years

? 重点句型

1. I used to have so much time, but these days I get up early and stay

in school all day.

2. My life has changed a lot in the last few years.

3. I used to spend a lot of time playing games with my friends. 情感目标:培养学生积极健康的心态,学会谈论事物的发展变化。 明白事物是不断发展变化的道理。



1. I love music, and I used to go to the c_________.

2. My f__________sport is basketball and I play basketball every day.

3. I used to spend a lot of time p_________ games with my friends.

4. My parents are on business in the USA, so I m______ them very much.

5. Her life has c_______ a lot in the past few years.

II. 找出Section B 3a 课文中包含used to 的句子。


____________________________________________________________________ 2.

3. 4.

Rose Tang现在的生活还是这样吗?_____________ (yes/no)



I.Reading comprehension.(阅读理解)

Read the text in 3a and then answer the questions below.

① What’s Tang’s biggest problem?

_________________________________________________________________ ②What activities does she do every day?



________________________________________________________________ ③What did she use to do before starting high school?

_____________________________________________________________________ ④What did she use to do in the evening? How about now?

_____________________________________________________________________ ⑤What did her father use to take her to do? How about now?


II.Read again and put the sentences into Chinese.(再次阅读并翻译下列句子)

① Then I go right home and eat dinner.

_____________________________________________________________________ ②Before I started high school, I used to spend a lot of time playing games with my friends, but I just don’t have the time anymore.

_____________________________________________________________________ ③These days, I hardly ever have time for concerts.

____________________________________________________________________ ④I really miss the old days.

____________________________________________________________________ 听录音,齐读

III.Write about yourself.(完成书本3b的信)

Complete the letter below and tell us how you have changed.

How I have changed!

My life has changed a lot in the past few weeks. My daily life is quite different from the life when I was in Grade Eight.

For example, I used to ____________. Now I ______________.


I used to ________________________. Now I ___________________> I used to ______________________. Now I ____________________.



1. They used to _________ (花费) a lot of money on clothes.

2. Water is very important in our ________ (日常的)life. We must save


3. Air pollution is very serious now. This is the biggest _______(问

题) we are facing.

4. Not all _______ (昆虫) are enemies of people.

5. When I was a child, I like reading _________ (连环漫画)。 II. 单项选择。

( )1. I used to have _______ to play, but now I have to study hasr at my subjects.

A. so much time B. Such many time

C. so many time D. Such much time

( )2. She spends a lot of time _______with friends on the computer every day.

A.chat B. Chating C.chatting D.to chat

( )3. My mother is busy ______ in the kitchen.

A. with cook B.cook C. Cooking D to cook

( )4. --- what’s your problem?

--- My biggest problem is _______ I am too busy.

A. what B. That C. How D./

( )5. Our city has changed a lot __________>

A. last year B in the past few years

C. in a few years D. After a few years 3

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