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Unit 3 Is this your pencil? 单元综合测试




1 2 3 4 5

1. This is my__________.( )

2. And that’s her__________ .( )

3. Can you spell__________ ? ( )

4. —Is this his__________? ( ) —Yes, it is.

5. —Is that a __________? ( ) —No, it isn’t.


how, it’s, set, a11, found

6.—__________do you spell it. —C- A-S-E. 7. Please__________Mary at 235-0285.

8.This is a__________of keys. 9. Is that your computer game in the Lost and__________ case?

10. —What's this? —__________a ring.



1 2 3 4 5

1. —What's this in_______ ? —It's an_______ .

2. —Is this your _______ ? —Yes,_______ is.

3. —_______ that her _______ ? —No, it isn't.

4. — How_______ you_______ it? —B-A-S-E-B-A-L-L.

5. —____this in English? —It's a____.

B) 句型转换。

6.Is this your pen?(作否定回答) _______ , _______ _______ .

7.That’s my book,(改为一般疑问句) _______ that_______ book?

8.This is an eraser.(对画线部分提问) _______ this?

9.It's his pencil box.(改为否定句) It_______ _______ pencil box.

10. We spell it P-E-N.(对画线部分提问) _______ you_______ it?



( )1.—Is this a pencil box? —_______ .

A. Yes;this is B. No, this's C. Yes, it is D. No, this isn't

( )2.—1s that_______ pencil?—No,it's_______ pencil.

A. her; her B. her; his C. his; you D. your; my

( )3. —How do you spell "eraser" ? —_______ .

A. It's an eraser B. No, it's not an eraser C. It's eraser D. E- R- A- S-E-R

( )4.—What's this? —_______ .

A. No,it's not a ruler B. It's a ruler C. Yes, it is D. This is a ruler

( )5. This is_______ computer.

A.my B.an C.mya D.the

( )6. —Is that your pencil box? —_______ . It's her pencil box.

A. Yes, it's my pencil box B. Yes, it isn't my pencil box

C. No, it's my pencil box D. No, it isn't my pencil box

( )7. —_______ is my book. _______ her book.

A. This; That's B. It's; That's C. That; That are D. That's; this

( )8. —_____ this your eraser? —No, _____ isn't. _____ his eraser.

A. Is; it; its B. Is; it; Its C. Is; it; It's D. Are; it; It's

( )9. Please call Mary_______ 7685528.

A.is B.at C.in D.on

( )10. Found: A set_______ keys.

A. to B. at C.in D. of 四、完形填空(20分)

A:Excuse 11 ,what's 12 ?

B: My name is Ann Read. And 13 ?

A:Wei Hua.Nice to 14 you,

B: Nice to meet you, too.

A: 15 this? Is it a book?

B:No.It's 16 notebook.

A:What's that 17 English?

B:It's a ring,a 18 ring.

A: Can you 19 "ring" ?

B: 20 ,I can. R- I- N- G.

( )11.A.my B.me C.I D.you

( )12.A. that B. It C. This D. your name

( )13. A. are you B. your C. Name D. your name

( )14. A. meet B. See C. found D. meets

( )15.A.What B.Is C. What's D. How

( )16. A. / B. A C. an D. the

( )17. A. in B. / C. of D. is

( )18. A. my B. You C. his D. white

( )19. A. say B. Look C. meet D. spell

( )20. A. No B. Yes C. Thank you D. It is 五、阅读理解(15分)

Lost: My new (新的) bike. It is red. My name is Jimmy. Please call 678-42190. Found: Is this your ring? Please call Betty. Phone # 291-02311.

Lost: My baseball. My name is Bruce.

Please call 708-52097.

Found: Is this your schoolbag?

Please call David.

Phone # 291-20845.

( )21. Who lost a bike?

A. Betty. B.Jimmy. C.Bruce. D.David.

( )22.1s the ring Betty's(贝蒂的)?

A. Yes, it is. B.No, it isn't. C. Yes, this is. D.No, it is David's.

( )23. What color is Jimmy's new bike?

A.Green. B.White. C.Black. D.Red.

( )24. Who(谁)can you call for(为了)the schoolbag?

A. Betty. B.Jimmy. C.Bruce. D.David.

( )25. What is Bruce's phone number?

A. 678-42190 B.291-02311 C. 708-52097 D.291-20845



1.Emily Smith丢了电脑游戏机,她的电话:372-5683。

2.Ben Green拾到了一串钥匙,他的电话:645-2357。


基础知识 词汇直通车 l.pencil 2.ruler 3.key 4.computer

5.pencil box 6.How 7.call 8.set 9.Found 10.It's 句型训练场 1.English;eraser 2.dictionary;it 3.Is;notebook

4.do;spell 5.What's;watch 6.No;it isn't 7.Is;your

8.What's 9.isn't his 10.How do; spell

综合能力 单项选择 1-5 CBDBA 6-10 DACBD 完形填空


1. Lost:A computer game. Please call Emily Smith at 372-5683.

2. Found:A set of keys. My name's Ben Green. Phone

number is 645-2357.

Unit 4 Where’s my schoolbag? 单元综合测试 基础知识



1.—W_______ is my math book? —It's on the sofa.

2.Please b______some school things to your sister her pen, her notebook and her ID card.

3. My computer games are u_________the bed.

4.My_________(录像)tape is on the table.

5. His hat is on the__________(书桌).


6 7 8 9 10 6.This is my________. 7. Where's my_________?

8, They're his_________. 9. Is it on the_________?

10. Are they on the___________?



1.My baseball is in my backpack.(对画线部分提问) _______ _______ baseball?

2.They're on the dresser.(改为一般疑问句) _______ _______ on the dresser?

3.Is it under the table?(作否定回答) _______ ,_______ _______ .

4.His baseball is under the chair.(改为复数形式) His______ ______ under the chair.

5. bring, school, can, to, you, things, some(?)(连词成句)______________________


6.我的双肩背包在书桌下面。 My backpack is_______ _______ _______ .

7.你的钥匙在抽屉里吗? _______ your_______ in the drawer?

8.请把你的笔记本带到学校来。 Please______your notebook_______ school.

9.我的棒球在床底下的地上。 My baseball is_______ the floor, ______ the bed.

10.“我的书在哪里?” “它们在梳妆台上。”

Where are my books? _______ _______ the dresser.


11.——Where's my baseball? —__________________________.

12. —Where are my books? —__________________________.

13. —Is my backpack under the dresser? —____________________.

14. —________________________? —It's on the book.

15. —Where is my pencil? —________________________.



( ) 1. _______ your books?

A. What is B. Where’re C. Where’s D. What are

( ) 2. Where are my pens? Are_______ in the drawer?

A. we B. them C. you D. they

( ) 3. —Is the baseball on the desk? —No, _______ isn't.

A. it B. its C. it's D. the baseball

( ) 4. His notebook is_______ the floor.

A.under B.in C. on D. of

( ) 5. —_______ ? —They are on the sofa.

A, Are those my books B. Where are my books

C. What are my books D. Where are them

( ) 6. Please _______ the hat_______ your father

A. bring; to B. fetch; to C. get; to D. take; to

( ) 7.Is my baseball_______ my room?

A.in B. on C. under D. at

( ) 8. Where are my keys? I_______ know.

A. am not B. Don’t C. can not D. aren’t

( ) 9. —_______ your alarm clocks? —_______ are in the drawer.

A. Where are; They B. What's; They C. Where is; It's D. What are; They

( ) 10. _______ the alarm clock on my table?

A.Can B.Are C.Do D.ls


This is 11 phot0 12 my room. Can you see(看见) my bed? It is here. It is beautiful(漂亮的). These 13 my books. They are 14 .My chair

is 15 desk.Look!(看)What's that? It's 16 alarm clock.It's 17 the floor. My 18 is on the bed. 19 are those 20 0n the desk? Oh, they are some plants.

( )11.A.a B.an C./ D.the

( )12.A.to B.at C.in D.of

( )13.A.is B. an C. are D. do

( )14.A. on desk B. on the desk C. at a desk D. on a desk

( )15. A. in the B. In C. under the D. on the

( )16.A.a B.the C. / D.an

( )17.A.in B.under C,on D.at

( )18.A.books B.quilt C. hats D. alarm clock

( )19.A.What B.Where C.Here D.How

( )20. A. thing B. plants C. plant D. things

五、阅读理解(15分) Dear Rose,

Please take these things to your sister, Alice.They are her CD player and C.D case, backpack,sunglasses(太PH镜), baseball cap, keys and alarm clock. Her CD player and her CD case are on the table in her bedroom. Her backpack is under her bed.The sunglasses are on the desk in my room. Her baseball cap is on

her bed. Her keys are on the table in the kitchen(厨房). The alarm clock is on the table in her room.



( )21. Who is this letter(信) written to(写给)?

A. Mom. B. Rose. C.Alice. D. Me.

( )22. Are Alice's keys on the table in her bedroom?

A. Yes, it is. B.Yes, they are. C. No, they aren't. D. No, it isn't.

( )23. Where is the alarm clock?

A. It’s on Alice's table. B. It’s on the table in the kitchen.

C. It’s in Rose's room. D. It’s under the table.

( )24. Where are Alice's sunglasses?

A. They are on the desk of Alice's room. B. They are on the desk of Rose's room.

C. They are under the desk of Mom's room. D. They are on the desk of Mom's room.

( )25. Does Mom have(有) two daughters?

A.Yes, she does. B. No, she isn’t. C. No, she does’t. D. We don’t know.


同学们,你想拥有自己理想的卧室吗?你理想的卧室是什么样?你的学习用品都放到哪里? 请你发挥想象力向我们描述一下好吗?

My ideal(理想的)bedroom

____________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________


基础知识 词汇直通车 l.Where 2.bring 3.under 4.vide0 5.desk

6. table 7.chair 8.books 9.dresser 10. bed

句型训练场 1.Where's your 2.Are they 3.No; it isn't 4.baseballs are

5. Can you bring some things to school? 6. under the desk 7.1s; key或Are; keys

8. bring; to 9. on; under 10. They're on 11.It's under the table 12. They're under the chair

13. No, it's on the dresser 14. Where's the key 15. It's in your pencil box 综合能力 单项选择1-5 BDACB 6-10 DABAD

完形填空11-15 ADCBC 16-20 DCBAD 阅读理解 21-25 BCADA

书顶表达My ideal bedroom

This is my ideal bedroom. Here is a bed. My quilt is on it. My computer game is under it. Here is my table.My chair is under it. My computer and backpack are on the table. Those are my books. They are in my bookcase. My keys are on the dresser. And my baseball is in the drawer. Where are my CDs? They're in the drawer, too.

Unit 5 Do you have a soccer ball? 单元综合测试




1. He ________(有)a soccer ball. 2.I have a ________(网球)racket.

3.Let’s play ________ (篮球). 4.That ________(听起来)good.

5.Tom ________(观看)sports on TV


same, does, have, plays, late, let’s, don,t

6.Do you ________a volleyball? 7.________he have a TV?

8. I ________have a tennis racket. 9.________play soccer.

10.He ________sports every day. 11. It’s 8:05.We are ________for class. 12.We are classmates.We are in the ________class



1.I have a computer.(改为一般疑问句) ________you ________a computer?

2.His brother has a soccer ball.(改为否定句) His brother ________ a soccer bal1.

3.Does he have a ping-pong bal1?(作否定回答)____________________.

4.Her uncle has 5 basketballs.(改为一般疑问句 _______her uncle ______5 basketballs?

5.Don’t,a,have,I,basketball(. )(连词成句) _______________________.


6.Let ________(we) play soccer.

7. ________ (do) she play sports? 8. My grandfather ________ (watch) TV every evening. 9. That ________ (sound) interesting. 10. She ________ (play) sports every day!


11.他们有电脑吗? ________ ________have a computer?

12.让我们打网球吧! Let’s________ ________ !

13.你打排球吗? Do you________ ________ ?

14.她每天都参加体育运动。 She________ ________ every day.

15.我表妹有4个网球拍。 My cousin has four________ ________ . 综合能力


( ) 1.—Do you have a baseball? —______ .

A. Yes, I am. B. Yes, I don’t. C. No, I don’t. D. No, I doesn’t.

( ) 2. ______ she______ a CD?

A. Do; have B. Does; have C. Does; plays D. Do; has

( ) 3. I______ a basketball and Steve______ volleyball.

A. have; have B. has; have C. have; has D. don't have; has

( ) 4. ______ play______ volleyball.

A. Let’s; the B. Let’s; / C. Let’s; a D. Let us; a

( ) 5. —Let's play computer games. —______ .

A. That's sound good. B. That sounds interested.

C. That sound interesting. D. That sounds good.

( ) 6. She______ a baseball,but she has a volleyball.

A. isn’t have B. Doesn’t have C. Doesn’t has D. Don’t have

( ) 7. —Where is my hat? —It's on the desk. Let me______ it.

A.get B.find C. look for D. take

( ) 8. They have 56______ .

A. tennis rackets B. soccers balls C. baseballs bats D. tennis racket

( ) 9.The boy______ every day.

A. plays sport B. plays sports C. play sports D. is plays sports

( ) 10. I______ a baseball bat, but she______ .

A. has; does B. am; does C. have; doesn’t D. Don’t have; has


My uncle can play many 11 . He can play 12 , basketball, volleyball, baseball and

more. He 13 baseball and basketball well. He 14 the sports games (比赛) 15 TV. He plays sports every 16 . He 17 a small room in his house. There 18 many balls in it. They 19 12 tennis 20 , 10 baseballs, 3 volleyballs, 2 basketballs and a soccer ball.

( )1l. A. Sport B. Sports C. ball D. chess

( )12. A. ping-pong B. Volleyball C. Soccer D. sports

( )13. A. Play B. Has C. plays D. has

( )14. A. has B. Sees C. Watch D. watches

( )15. A. On B. At C.From D. in

( )16.A.Year B.day C.days D. mornings

( )17.A.have B. Is C.has D. plays

( )18.A.are B. Is C.do D.does

( )19.A.are B. have C.has D. is

( )20.A.balls B. racket C.bats D./


Ben is my cousin. He is 12 years old. He is in Class 5, Grade 7. He likes sports. He plays sports every day. He likes playing basketball. Because(因为)he thinks(认为)it is very interesting. Ben has a great sports collection. He has 4 basketballs, 8 tennis rackets, 5 baseballs and 2 soccer balls.

Linda is my good friend. She is 10 years old. She's in Class 5, Grade 5. She likes sports, too. She plays baseball with her mother every day. And she likes to watch them on TV. She has 8 baseballs and 4 baseball bats.

A. 根据短文内容连线:

21. A. has 4 basketballs, 8 tennis rackets.

B. plays baseball with her mother every day.

C. is in Class5, Grade 7.

22. D. has 8 baseballs and 4 baseball bats.

E. likes playing basketball.

B. 根据短文内容填空: 23. Ben thinks playing basketball is very___________. He has a great________ collection.

But Linda likes_______________.


24.How old is Linda? _______________________________________________ 25. Does Ben have tennis balls? ___________________________________________


汤姆喜欢运动,所以他喜欢球类收藏。下面就是他收藏的球。请你根据图片的内容,写一篇短文介绍一下。(不少于20词) ________________________________


基础知识 词汇直通车 1. has 2.tennis 3.basketball 4.sounds 5.watches

6. have 7.Does 8.don't 9.Let's 10. Plays 11. late 12. same

句型训练场 1. Do; have 2.doesn't have 3.No, he doesn't. 4.Does; have

5.I don't have a basketball. 6. us 7.Does 8.watches 9.sounds

10.plays 11. Do they 12. play tennis 13. play volleyball

14. plays sports 15. tennis rackets

综合能力 单项选择1-5 CBCBD 6-10 BAABC 完形填空 11-15 BCCDA 16-20 BCAAA

阅读理解 21.ACE 22.BD 23. interesting sports baseball

24. She is 10 years old. 25. No, he doesn't.

书面表达 Tom has many balls in his room. He has l2 baseballs,4 basketballs,2 soccer balls,2 volleyballs and 3 ping-pong balls. He plays sports every day.

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