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Iff-*. 所听到的航从AAC三个选項中选出最恰当的答语.

B. It’s my key. C. It,s key.(f\) 1. A* It’sakey.

C. No, they aren’t B. It,s on die desk 2. A. On flie desk-

C. Good night B. Fine, 1le, dianks. (f^) 3. A. Pm Bob.

C. Nice to meet you. B. Excu cuse4. A. Thank

C. Yes, Aey are.B. It’s blue.(5. A. Yes, it’s blue.

C. It’s on the bed.B. No, Aanks(A) 6. A. Yes, his.



(C ) 7. A. 65754306s B. 65754603 C. 67564603

(。)8. A. Blue B. White C. Blue and white

(C ) 9. A. Desks B. Pencils C. Schoolbags(j^) 10. A. In Ae bed B. On Ae bed C. under the bed

(11. A. Yes, she is. B. No, she iai’t C. Yes, he is

(q) 12. A. They are in the bookcase B. They are on Ae ID card C. Sorry I don’t know

mxmm: (8 分)

听三遍?根据你所听到的短文内容,从A3,C三个选項中选出正病的答案?听(A)篇完成 13>16 雇.


(1\) 13. Who is Mona’s grandfather?

A. Tony B. Paul

14. Is Paul Mona’s feAer?

A. Yes, it is. B. No., he isn’t ?

) 15. Mona’s aunt is___

A. Mary

(\2) 16. Bob is Dave’s____

A. dau^iter

根裙(B)篇完成17-20 JS.


17. Is it a picture of ncture ( my family?.

A.Yes,i it is

) 18. What’s on the table? 丨 C. BobC. Yes, he is.C. JaneC. brother.B. AnnB.B. No, it isn’t

B. AbaseballC.Yes,!;C. A computerA. Notebooks

(19. Where’s the baseball?

A. On die bed7) 20. You can see__

A. some booksB. On the table.

_____on the chair.

B. a schoolbag

C. On the floor(地板)C. two pictures.


选雜空:(20 分)h)21.A:you Lucy King?丨乂. B:Yes,I. B. Are; are

picture. It’s _

A. a; anB. an; a

(23. A: Is your brother a student?

A. Is; is

C. Am; are ? old picture. C. a;die


A. Yes, it is B. No, he isn’t C. Yes, my brother is D. No. she isn’t

(已今 24. ^_________is my sister.__________name is Tina.

? A. Her; She B. He: Her C. She; HerD. She; She25. A:that under the desk?

B: It’s a pen.

? Who,s

D. Where’s

A. What B. What’s

(〔)26. A: Your schoolbag is very nice.

B:__________?A. No, noB. Sorry27. A: How do you spell ^watch”?


C. Thank youD.OK

A. Yes, W-A-T-C-H B. W-A-TC-HC. A watch28 . are good friends.

A. You, he and I B. I,he and youC. I,you and he

(|^)) 29. This is Mary and tiiat is Kate.__________my__________?

?次,A. She’s; friend B. They’re; cousin C. He,s; friend((^)30. A:__________, is ttns your phone?

? B: Yes, it is. Thank you.

A. Thanks a lot B. I,m sorry. C. Excuse me

(A: That’s my pencil box.


A. Thank you. —____ OKB. That’sC. That’s all right (Yj) 32. This is her telephone number. You canA. spell B. call) 33. A: Dave, is fliis your his your ^^ish book?

B: No, it isn,t|A. Jim’s

(34. The blue pen _________.It’s

A. her; hersB. hers; her


C. meet

D. An watch D. He, you and I D. They’re; cousins

D. You're welcome

D. Here you are D. lost


C. him

cousin Andy’s.

C. hers; hers

D. her D. her, her

35. A: Where is my pen?

B. No, it isn’t C. S/, I don’t know on D. No, iVs Jim’s.

Jack. You’re late(迟到)

D. atB.on C.of

on the table.

B. amC.isD. are

(K ) 38. Tom is a middle school student,____Lucy isn’t

A. but B. andD. soC. or

39. Ask David__________your baseball

A. for B. ofC. inD. at

(k) 40. A: My sister is a teacher.

1、 B:__________yourSStej?

A. What bout ? wiB. How D.Who

IL完里填空:(10分)、^*Hello! I,m Zhang Heping. Zhang is my _ _ name. Heping is my 42 name. I,m a 43 boy. I’m 44 ? My English 45 is Paul. I’m46 Class One, Grade Seven. Oh, I found 47eraser in my Now it is in Ae lost 49 found case. You can SO658-6535.极取

(f^41. A. first B. familyC. oneD. middle(^)42.A. lastB. twoC. firstD. Too

B. EnglishC. AmericaD. China

B. 25C.60(丨)>W.A.3 1 D. 11

B. color(^ ) 45. A. nameC. phoneD. book

B. atC. forD. in口 0nB. an^3<^H7.A.the C. aD./

48. A. ^lite B. fiveC. yourD. my

0^9. A. but B. withC. andD. of

(50. A. meet B. callD. lookC. ^ell

ml阅读理解:(40分)A. Yes, it is 36 ? Come 。A *---—A. in(p)) 37. A set of keys


Look! This is my classroom. There is a big desk in my classroom. It is in die front of C&......的||?)Jhe aSs^om. It,s fin* teachers. Some books and dictionaries are on die desk. Tberg jp also 20 desks and 40 chairs in the classroom. They are for students. Two blackboards are in it, too. It’s a nice classroom. I like it


(51. Tfagre-are 40 desks in Ae classroom.

(p) 52. Some books and pencils are on die teacher’s desk.

(丁)53. Two blackboards are in die classroom.

(丁)54. The chairs are for students.

(O 55. The passage is about (这篇文章是关于)teacher’s room.




Is this your English book? Please call Jim at 530-7534.3

Lost: My notebook

Black and white. Call Tom at 456-9800.


Is this your black pen? Please call Mary. Her phone number is 486-5956.


My dictionary. My name is Jerry. Please call 487-2635.


A cat. Yellow and white. At the school gate. Call Lisa at 422-9856.


A set of keys. Please call Lily at 498-2456.

(。)56. What color is Tom’s notebook? ,

A. Yellow and white B. Yellow and blue C. Black and white D. ReS^nd white

(1^) 57. Please call__________? She found a yellow and white cat.

A. Lisa B. Mary C. Jim D. Jerry

(八)58. Jerry lost__________.

A. A dictionary B. A ruler C. A notebook

59. If you find a set of keys, it may be__________.

A. Lily B. Mary’s

)60. If you lost your English book, you may call

A. 498-2456 B. 530-7534C. TomC. 486-5956D. AcatD. Lily’sD. 456-9800


Hello, I’m a middle school student from Hainan. My Chinese name is Li Ying. My English name is Alice. I am Chinese. I,m in No. 26 Middle School. I,m a good student. Now I,m 13 years old. Our school is very nice. Ms. Smart is my English teacher. I like her and she loves us very much. There are three people in my femily. This is my father. He is a teacher. This is my mother. Her name is Han Jing. I love them very much.

(P)) 61. Alice is from (来自)_________.

A.JapanB. EnglandC. AmericaD. China

(f^62.LiYingis years old.

」 A. fourteenB. thirteenC. twelveD. ten

(l\ ) 63. Ms. Smart is English teacher.

' A.LiYing’sB. Li Ping’sC.Lingling,sD. Darning’s(>0 64. Li "Ylng’s father is;a ?

/ ' A. teacherB. doctorC. studentD. woricer

(ry) 65. Li Ying’s mother’s name is

^ , A. Han MeimeiB. Han JingC. AliceD. Smart



Good morning! I’m Jack Miller. Here is jphoto of my room. You can see a bed, a schoolbag,:

desk, a model plane and some other(另ij 的)things. (A)The schoolbag is on the desk. My English book isn’t in my schoolbag. It’s on the desk, too. The model plane is blue. Where is it? It’s under the chair. Look at my clock. It’s on the bed. A computer game is on the desk. It isn’t mine. I found it this morning. It’s white. (B) I think if s Bob^. Because(因为)Bob,s name and telephone number are on it

66. What can you see on the desk? . . \1o

67. Where is Jack’s model plane? 68. Is the computer game Jack’s?





r^n, It ______


—Wk&re^ Scl\Qt?l)caa^_____.70. 句翻译感汉每。从 ,



A. Excuse me.B. Is it an orange?D. What’s in the bag?E. Can you spell “bus”?Q How do you do?

A: 71 ? What’s your name, please? B: My name is Ann Read. 72 A: Wei Hua. How do you do?B: 73

A: 74 Is it an a^ple?B: No. It’s an orange.A: What’s that?

B: It’s a bus, a Chinese bus.A: 75

B. Yes, I (.B-U-S, bus.V.按要求转换句型:(10分)

They are English l^oys.(变为单数句)

^ English boy.

77. Is your mother a teacher? $作否定回答)NosW______iM.-b ?

(78. Myoencils aMinAe pencil box.(改为一般疑问句)Vrl^&rC J〔A)C£ pencils in the pencil box?79. They are mv grandparents.(对划线部分提问)

...VVk_____紅己 they?

80. pencO box, is, brown, the, his ( ?)、连词成句)"7)\.C | ^ K^l h ^ __________?vi.用所给词的适当形式填空:(s分)(不限一空一词)81. My rV\,[ Pyc (ruler) are in the pencil box.82. This is my jacket. ^ (you) is on the sofe.





C. And your name?

F. How are you?

.y-u 71777



j ',]

t>D乂 T^S r^O .

83. Please e-mailcom. ? ^ ii (I) at v*yjack g2@gfimail,

84. You mustfind) your Chinese book.

85. Nice _七 0 4^0g^et>^u

(10 分)Lm书面表达.(io—分)、/






!_即紀,丁is yyu/ rom ^ 7Iai° ^\\tbihaPj ^ 唞

堤 tclcj^hne.t iA &m oyi

p\l ■ Mu -t^Fkoi^ /lUVnker k )<yX-XyX)(. hJ

1/H rV.卜dl.hx , H TkA? ^


cioc^^jt^ on ikt Jeskyhn./S^ tia^=Pffk作on, ihp Wal.1,____________________________

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