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初三英语Unit12课件Reading (1)

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Words & Expressions
unfamiliar spoon knife crowd rubbish seek chatline online type mostly abbreviation form 不熟悉的;没有经验的 匙;调羹 刀;刀具 挤满;充满 垃圾;废物 寻找;探究 聊天热线 在线的 打字 多半,主要地,通常 缩略 构成,组成

Words & Expressions
phrase homophone combine symbol mark feeling beside e-mail riddle experiment proper pleased

短语,词组 寻找;探究 结合,组合 象征,标志,符号 记号;痕迹 感觉;知觉 在……旁边 电子邮件 谜语 试验;实验 合适的;恰当的 满意的;高兴的

When I first ate in a western restaurant, I didn’t know what I was supposed to do. Everything was unfamiliar. I was used to eating with chopsticks and a spoon, but I had to eat with a knife, a fork and a spoon. And I had not just one set to use, but two or three of each. Questions crowded my mind. Was I supposed to begin with the largest ones or the smallest? Was I supposed to start at the outside and work in or the inside and work out? Was I supposed to hold the spoon in my left hand or my right hand?What I finally decided to do was to watch what others

do and follow them.





Can you read the following expressions? How would you usually write them in English?

Example: F2F – face to face How R U ? How are you?


See you!
By the way. See you later.


Write any more expressions like the ones above.

See you tomorrow! CU2morrow _________________________________ 3q! Thank you! _________________________________

BRB I’ll be right back. _________________________________ ASAP as soon as possible _________________________________

:) :( :< :.V :O

happy sad really sad shouting shocked

Read paragraph one and answer the question.

1. What is e-mail English?
It is a new kind of written English
that is being used to save time.

1.用英语写 3. 一种新的 5. 被用来做某事

2. 写邮件英语 4. 书面英语 6. 节省时间

I’m the best one forever! Believe myself!


While You Read

Can you write in English? And can you also write e-mail English? Maybe not. e-mail English is a new kind of written English that is being used to save time.

Read paragraph two and answer the question. 2.Why do many people use e-mail English? It helps us write quickly. So we can save time.

1.看起来对我们(不)熟悉 2. 看起来像垃圾 3. 来自 4. 电脑程序 5. 我找你 6. 与朋友网上聊天 7. 相互交谈 8. 打字快点\慢点 9. 变得无聊 10 写快点

Don’t give up! Hold on!

While You Read
A lot of e-mail English words might look unfamiliar to us-many look like rubbish! This is because they come from a computer program called ICQ, which means I seek you. ICQ is an e-mail “chatline” that people use to have online conversations with friends. One Canadian teacher says, “People can use their computers to talk to each other.But you are supposed to type

quickly so the other person doesn’t get bored, so using e-mail English helps you write quickly.”

Read paragraph three and answer the question. 3. How many types does e-mail English use? What are they?

They are abbreviation, homophone.

1. 两种 2. 第一种 第二种 3. 由…形成 形成好的习惯 4. 不能停止做某事 5. 情不自禁做某事 6. 不能帮助做某事 7. 由…创造 8. 听起来像 9. …的例子 10. 随后见 11. 顺便问一下

Make my great effort! Make great progress!

While You Read
E- mail English mostly uses two types of words. The first are “abbreviations”. These are formed by using the first letter of each word in the phrase. For example , BTW means “by the way”, and GSL means “can’t stop laughing”. The second kind of word is a “homophone”- it’s created by combining letters and symbols, or numbers, to sound like other words. An example of this would be to write “great” as “gr8”, or to write “see you later” as“CUL8r”.

Read paragraph four and answer the question. 4. What are “emotions”?
They are punctuation marks that show the emotion you are feeling.

3. How many types does e-mail English use? What are they?

They are abbreviation, homophone,
emoticons (punctuation marks).

1.标点符号 2. 传统的方式 3. 显示你的感情 4. 做鬼脸 5. 最普通的 6. 旁边 7. 除…之外,没有 8.除…之外,还有

Make my great effort! Make great progress!

C 1. Hearing the news, I can't stop ________ out. A.to cry B.cry C.crying D.cried

D 2. I am sure you can't possibly learn English well _______ Let me help you. A.for yourself C.in yourself B.of yourself

D.by yourself


While You Read

When you write e-mail English you do not need to use punctuation marks only in the traditional way. You are also supposed to use them to show the emotion you are feeling. These are called “emotions”. The advantage or using punctuation marks is that you can make faces with them. The most common one is the happy face- it looks like this :) And it is made with a colon and a right bracket beside it.

Read paragraph five and answer the question. 5.When can we use e-mail English?
At the proper\right time.

6.Can we use it in class or in a test? Why? When can we use it then? No, we can’t.
The teachers will not be pleased.

What is the proper time to use email English? 1. when you are e-mailing a friend ___________________________ 2. when you are sending a message ____________________________

____________________________ to a friend on a mobile phone.

1.写谜语 2. 自学 3. 在适当的时候 4. 发信息 5. 通过手机 6. 在课堂上 7. 在考试中 8. 高兴 9.用你自己的想法做实验

Make my great effort! Make great progress!

E-mail English is fun- it’s almost like writing riddles. You can learn it easily by yourselves, and experiment with your own ideas. It is not rude to write e-mail English, but it is importa

nt to use it only at the proper time- when you are e-mailing a friend, or sending a message to a friend on mobile phone. But you shouldn’t use it in class, and remember your teachers will not be pleased if you write e-mail English in a test!


While You Read

e-mail English
is a new kind of written English that is being used to save time.
abbreviations homophone punctuation marks
on a mobile phone is supposed to be used_______________.

is not supposed to be used_____________. in class/in tests.


After You Read
3 types of e-mail English at the top of each column. Give a example. BTW, CSL

1.abbreviations 2.homophone 3.emoticons

gr8, CUL8r



After You Read

1. a) 2. a) 3. a) 4. a) 5. a)

E-mail English is used to have fun b) to save time c) to study faster WBQ would mean with best wishes b) which queue c) write back quickly “Great” sounds most like late b) get c) seat In e-mail English, punctuation marks are used normally b) instead of c) to show feelings E-mail English is supposed to be used on mobile phones b) in class c) in tests


Go For It !

Write a note to some friends using e-mail English, or practice typing e-mail English messages on a computer.

Hi Min:

How R U ? I had a very gr8 night yesterday.I got many presents because yesterday was my birthday. I’m very happy! :) I miss you very much , I really want to talk with you F2F. Have a nice day!


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