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单项选择 (一)(共10题,计10分)

( )1. Ann is my father’s sister. She is my . .

A. sister B. cousin C. aunt D. brother

( )2. ─ Who is that boy?

— He is my A. father B. brother C. grandfather D. grandmother

( )3. My father and mother are my .

A. grandparents B. parents C. parent D.mother

( )4. These are my . This is my ,Lei lei.

A. sister ; friends B. sisters; friend

C. sister .; friends D. brother; friend

( ) 5. — What language do the people in the UK speak?

— A. Chinese. B. French. C. English. D. England.

( ) 6. — What animals do you like? _______

A. Reading books B. Pears C. Elephants D. Leaves

( )7. My like sports very much.

A. brother and sister B. cousin C.cousins D. friend

( ) 8 . ---I don’t know the boy’s _______.

---Oh, he is in No.12 Beijing Middle School.

A. name B. school C. phone number D.teacher

( )9. --- What’s your favortite __________? ---- Orange.

A. city B. movie C. fruit D.animal

( )10.--- Look! What’s this in English? ---- _________.

A. It’s book B. It’s a book C. They are books D. This is a book 单项选择(二)(共10题,计10分)

( )1. ---- Where’s my eraser? --- It’s _______________.

A. my eraser B. in the pencil case C. a black

( )2.--- What do you eat for dinner? --- Some _________ and a lot of ___________.

A. chicken, apple B. hamburger, salad C. chicken, vegetables

( )3. Victor wants to find a new _________. He doesn’t like to _________ here.

A. job, work B. job, job C. work, work

( ) 4. – What’s this in English?

-- It’s ______.

A. M-A-P B. black C. a dictionary

( ) 5. My school has many sports _____________: basketball, volleyball and tennis.

A. collection B. clubs C. class

( ) 6. These are my _______, those are my _______.

A. watches ;knives B. watch; knife C. watchs; knifes

( ) 7. I don’t know Tom’s _______. Can you call him?

A. name B. phone number C. school

( )8.–What’s your favourite ____________?

– English

A.color B.clothes C.subject

( ) 9. These aren’t your _______ .

A. bag B. sweater C. socks

( ) 10.Gina likes _______ very much.

A. hamburger and carrot B. apples and broccoli

C. oranges or salad


英汉互译,将正确的意思的番号填入题前括号内。(10分) ( )1. some animals

A. 美术 B. 语文 C. 一些动物

( )2. three bedrooms

A. 三间卧室 B. 三张 床 C. 三把椅子

( )3. fifteen strawberries

A. 15个草莓 B. 15个苹果 C. 15橙子

( )4. eight women

A. 八个男人 B. 八个妇女 C. 八个男孩 ( )5. ten keys

A.十把钥匙 B. 十个杯子 C. 十个橘子

( )6. 许多家庭作业

A. some homeworks B. much homework

C. many homework

( )7. 七个双肩背包

A. seven pens B. seven backpacks C. seven chairs

( )8. 十一美元

A. eleven ducks B. eleven dogs C. eleven dollars

( )9. 一些消息

A. some paper B. some news C. some photos

( )10. 许多小孩

A. many children B. any child C. much children





( )1. 那些东西是什么?他们是我的电脑。 A. He eats lots of healthy food every day.

( )2. 他每天吃许多健康的食物。 B. Mr. Li often watches morning news on TV.

( )3. Mike 喜欢所有的蔬菜。 C. We have English club for two hours after school.

( )4.Mr.Li 经常通过电视看早间新闻。 D. Mike likes all vegetables. ( )5. 我们放学后参加两小时英语俱乐部 。 E. What are those things?

They are my computer games. 第四种题型


Robert comes from America. He is a ten old boy. He speaks He can also speak a He is in Jinan now. He is studying in a high school. He has on weekdays. on , he often plays basketball with . His mother is working is She teaches (教) English. She likes her work. She thinks her is interesting. Robert and his mother like Chinese food. What do they like about ? They like Chinese food and Chinese people very much.

( )1. A. years B. year C. year’s

( )2. A. England B. English C. France

( )3. A. Chinese B. China C. America

( )4. A. classes B. classs C. class

( )5. A. Sunday, B. spring C. year

( )6. A. his friends B. his mother C. his grandmother

( )7. A. on Jinan B. in Jinan C. jinan

( )8. A. a English teacher B. an English teacher

C.English teacher

( )9. A. subjects B. work C. jobs

( )10. A. history B. maths C. China




I am a girl. My English name is Linda. I am twelve. I have eight subjects at school. They are Chinese, math, English, P.E., music, art, science and history.

My favorite subject is Chinese. I think it is interesting. I also like English. But it’s a little difficult for me. I can speak a little English. History is interesting, too. I like it. Math is difficult. Miss Wang is our math teacher. She is very strict with

us. I’m usually very tired after her class. But I work hard (努力学习). I think I can study it well.

( )1. Linda is ________ .

A. 11 years old. B. 12 years old.

C. 13 years old. D. 14 years old.

( )2. Linda has ______ at school.

A. six basketballs B. seven clubs

C. eight subjects D. nine bags

( )3. Linda thinks ______ are interesting.

A. Chinese and history B. Chinese and math

C. math and history D. science and P.E.

( )4. Linda thinks ______ is difficult.

A. art B. P.E C. Chinese D. math

( )5. ______is NOT true (正确的).

A. Linda can speak a little English.

B. Miss Wang is Linda’s history teacher.

C. Linda thinks she can study math well.

D. Linda is usually tired after math class.


Mike’s Clothes Store

Come and buy your clothes at Mike’s Clothes Store! We have pants, shorts, hats and more at very good prices! Come and have a look!

Clothes Price


Black pants $20

Blue pants $18

Green $22

Shorts (all colors) $10

Hats (all colors) $14

Socks (yellow, red) $5


Red skirts $12

Blue skirts $14

White skirts $11


White T-shirts $7

Green T-shirts $8


White T-shirts $7

Green T-shirts $8


Red sweaters $30

Yellow sweaters $28

( )6. A yellow sweater and a pair (条) of black pants ______.

A.$29 B.$34 C.$48 D.$22

( )7. Linda gas nineteen dollars. She can buy ______ with the money.

A. a T-shirt and a pair of socks

B. a skirt and a pair of shorts

C. a hat and a T-shirt

D. a pair of blue pants and a T-shirt

( )8. Of all the clothes, ______ are the most expensive (最贵的).

A. skirts B. pants C. sweaters D. hats

( )9. Susan can’t buy ______ at Mike’s Clothes Store.

A. white skirts B. red pants

C. green T-shirts D. red sweaters

( )10. Anna only has twelve dollars, and she likes blue. She can take ______.

A. a skirt B. a pair of shorts C. a pair of pants D. a hat 第五种题型


( )1.He has three tooth-brush at home.


( )2.They caught eight mouse three days ago.


( )3.The policeman is running after the two thief.


( )4.There are ten Chineses under the tree reading.


( )5. 1. When spring comes, leafs turn green.


( )6.Some Germen visited Beijing last week.


( )7.Are there any sheeps on the farm?


( )8. There are many woman teachers in the school.

A B C ( )9. I have five box.


( )10.Tom has two glass of orange.

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