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人教版七年级上册Starter Unit2 Period 3教案

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The Third Period: 2a----2e

Teaching style:

Listening Class

Teaching aims:

1. Review the letters Ii——Rr.

2. Master the new words and expressions.

3. Master the use of articles: a; an

4. Learn to identify things in English.

Teaching methods:

1. Listening and speaking practice.

2. Autonomous and cooperative approach.

3. PPT.

Teaching tools:

A tape recorder, some pictures, some cards of the subjects, handouts


1. Review the letters Ii——Rr.

2. Review the words and expressions: what, is, this, in English, that, map, cup, ruler,

pen, orange, jacket, key, quilt, it.

——What’s this/ that in English?

——It’s a/ an….

Teaching steps:

Step 1. Preview.


Step 2. Preview.

1. Work on 2a——2b. 认读字母,并在小组中交流。

2. Work on 2c——2d. 仔细观察,学习字母的书写格式和笔顺,试着写下字母Ii——Rr.

3. Work on 2e. 看看它们代表什么。

Step 3. Warming-up and leading-in.

Act the sentences in pairs. (S——T, S——S)

Good morning/ afternoon/ evening!

How are you?

I’m fine, thanks. How are you? I’m OK.

(通过练习,学生对Starter Unit 1 中的日常用语进行了巩固,同事活跃了气氛,让学生放松对英语学习产生了浓厚的兴趣。)

Have a game.

Have a guessing game. Put up some parts of the letters, ask “What’s this?” Let students guess.

Step 4. Work on 2a——2b.

1. Listen and learn the pronunciation of the letters.

Listen again and try to repeat.

Say and practice the pronunciation of the letters.

2. Listen and number the letters you hear. Students listen and give the answer. Check in class.

Step 5. Work on 2c——2d.

1. Learn a letter “Ii” on PPT. Ask “What’s this?” Lead students answer “It’s Ii.” Let them know the meaning and try to say out. Learn how to write this letter. Use the same way to learn “Jj——Rr”.

2. Write the missing big letter or the small letter for each pair.

Step 6. Work on 2e.

Talk about what these letters mean.


mm毫米 cm厘米 dm分米 m米 km千米

a.m. (A.M.) 上午 p.m. (P.M.) 下午 P.E.体育

Step 7. Important points.

Step 8. The design of the Bb.

Step 9. Summary:

In this period, let students know the writing style of the letters. The important point is the letter “p”.

Step 8. Homework:

1. 字母结对:

2. 按顺序从Aa——Rr背写大小写字母。

Step 11. 教学反思:

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