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英语基础知识部分 一、单项选择(25分)

( )31.Jimmy is very tall,his father is very short.

( A. but )32. Thank you B. and C. or the letters and photos. D. so

A. on B. in C. for D. to ( )33. A. goes; at; in John’s parents B. go; in; in C. go; in; at 7:00 D. go; at; in the morning.

( )34. Li Lei has orange. is big.

( A. the; An )35. Don’t B an; The Chinese in English class. C. an; An D a; A

A. speak B. say C. tell D. talk ( )36. ——Tom and Jim, let’s play basketball!That

A. looks B. listens C sounds D. sees ( )3A. His; her; hers 7. ____ often helps ____ with ____ English. B. She; him; his C. She; him; her D. He; me; mine ( )38. —Mike, do you have a ping-pong ball?

A. Yes, I am. —. B. No, I am not. C. Yes, I do. D. Yes, I does.

( )39. —is this blue skirt? —It’s seven dollars.A. How many B. How much. C. How D. What time ( )40. It’s important (重要)_____eight hours a night .

( )41.A. to sleep B .sleep C. sleeps D. slept ―Your hat is very nice. ―______.

( A You are right )42. He can speak Japanese, ______ only a little. B. That's right C. You are welcome D. Thank you

A. and B. so C. but D. then ( )43. The man ______ in London and he ______ English.


( A. live , study )44. ―Do Chinese like playing basketball?B. is live, studies C. lives, study D. lives, studies


( )45. A. Yes, he does ―______ does your brother go to school? B. No, they aren't C. Yes, they do D. No, they can't ―At 7:00.

( ) 46. A. What time . How long does it take you _____ the room on Sunday?

B. What C. How D. Where

A. clean B. to clean C. cleaning D .cleaned

( )47. A . the ,the Don’t play______ basketball . Please play_______ guitar . B .the , / C . / , / D . / , the ( )48. Do you often watch news _______________TV? ( )49. A. by B. on c. in d. at om his

home to school.

( )50. _____ your brother _____ fruit?

A. in a bus B. by plane C. on foot D. by boat

A Is, like B. Does, like C. Do, likes D. Does, likes

( )51. There is a river school.

and my home . So I take a boat to

A. near B. among C. between D. by

( )52. I want to have a friend A. like B. likes C. to like him .

D. liked

( )53. There are ( )54. My sister can play A. hundred of B. two hundreds C. two hundreds of D. hundreds of

A. a the B. the a C. / the D. the / .

( )55. A. What do you like playing chess ?

B. Where C. Why D. When

二. 完形填空 (30分)


Mr. and Mrs. Turner are from the USA. but now they are in 56 with their children. This is their first time to China. Mr. Turner is a . He likes to drive in Beijing. Mrs. Turner is a Turner likes very much. She thinks she can learn about Chinese history. But . her daughter is studying at school. Mrs. her daughter doesn’t think so. She likes likes sports. his favorite sport is playing 《七剑下天山》,and her favorite movie is seven

swords(). Mr. Turner doesn’t like movies. He thinks they are boring. He . He wants to be a player like Yao Ming. The Turners are going to . they want to take on The Great Wall(长城).

time in China. They also learn to speak and eat Chinese food in china. They have a good ( )56. A. New York B. England C. Beijing D. Paris ( ( )57. )58. A. teacher A. nurse B. worker B. teacher C. actor C. postman ( 邮递员 ) D. farmer

D. driver



)59. )60. A. my A. thrillers( 恐怖片 ) B. her B. documentaries( C. its 记录片 )

D. his C. Beijing Opera D. action movies(动作片)

( ( )61. )62. A. cartoons A. basketball B. thrillers B. ping-pong C. action movies C. soccer ball D. documentaries D. tennis ( )63. A. the Great Wall B. Huangshan

( )64. C. West Lake(A. books 西湖 ) B. clothes D. the zoo( C. food 动物园 )

D. photos ( )65. A. Japanese B. French C. Chinese D. English

John is a young worker. He works in a pencil factory. He isn't tall. He's clever. He B

brother and a sister. His brother works on the farm. He drives the truck. He a the milk to the shop every day. He likes farm work. He doesn't like in the factory. His sister is a teacher. She can pupils(小学生) and the pupils English and Chinese. She loves her ( )66. A. to work B. work C. works D. working ( ( ))67. A. good 68 A. free B. bad B. busy C. well C. buy D. nice D. work ( ) 69. A. her B. him C. his D. he ( ( ))70. A. has 71 A. take B. have B. takes C. is C. to give D. are D. lets ( )72. A. to work B. to working C. work D. works ( ( )) 73. A. study 74. A. either B. say B. too C. teach C. also D. think D. two ( )75. A. to B. for C. with D. of 三.阅读理解(40分)


Jeff likes fish very much. He buys some fish and takes it home. When his wife(妻子) sees the fish, she says to herself (她自己) ,“Good! Now I ask my friends to have lunch, and we can have the fish.” They like eating fish very much. When Jeff comes home in the evening, he can’t find the fish and his wife says, “Oh, your cat eats it.” And she gives Jeff some bread for dinner. Jeff is not very happy. He takes the cat and his wife to the shop nearby(附近). Then he says to his wife, “My cat is one kilo and the fish is one kilo, too. The fish is here. But where is my cat?” ( )76. What does Jeff like very much? A. Dogs. B. Cats. C. Fish. D. Apples. ( )77. Who cooks(煮、烧、烹调) the fish?

A. Jeff . B. Jeff’s wife. C. Their friends. D. No one. ( )78. Jeff’s wife tells Jeff ____. A. she eats the fish B. the cat eats the fish C. her friends eat the fish D. the man in the shop eats the fish ( )79. What does Jeff have for dinner?


A. Some bread. B. Some chicken and the fish.

C. The fish. D. He doesn’t eat anything.

( )80. Who eats the fish?

A. Only Jeff’s wife. B. The cat.

C. Jeff and his wife. D. Jeff’s wife and her friends.


know many things about other people. They can also learn from the radio. But they can Many children like watching TV'. It's very interesting and they can see a lot and learn easily(容易地) with TV. Why? Because they can hear(听见) and watch at the same timemind ( (同时)思想。 ).They can find betterBut they can't watch anything from the radio. TV helps to open children's (更好的) ways(方法) to do things. Many children watch TV only on Saturday and Sunday mornings. They are very busy. their eyes and health. But some children watch TV every night. They go to bed late. It's not good for

( )81. Children like watching TV, because it's

( A. boring ) 82. When we learn from the radio, we can B. interesting C. dangerous ________. D. good A. hear and watch at the same time B. only watch

( C. only hear )83.TV helps to open children's ___________. D. can only see

A. mind B. hands C. feet D. eyes ( )A. free 84.Some children don't often watch TV, because they are _________. B. not interested C. busy D. tired

( ) 85. It's A. good B. nice C. bad D. not bad C Joan is an American girl. She lives in China now. She is in my class. Her parent teaches in us English well. We all like his class. On Sundays, Joan goes to the Park(with her father and mother. Sometimes she goes shopping with her mother. They like 公园) the Chinese food very much. It's a happy family. ( ) 86. Joan is from ________. A. China B. Japan C. the U.S.A. D. Canada ( )87. How many people are there in Joan’s family?

( )88. Joan's ________ is an English teacher. A. Three. B. Four. C. Five. D. Six.

A. father B. mother C. brother D. father and mother ( )A. Often. 89. How often( B. Never. 多久一次 ) does Joan go to the shop? C. Every Sunday. D. Sometimes. ( )90. Who goes to the Park on Sunday? A. Joan B. Her father C. Her mother D D. Joan’s parents and Joan

One day,a little boy comes to a shop and says to the shop assistant(店员): "I want to buy twelve exercise-books of 10 cents(15 cents, four erasers of 20 cents. How much shall I pay(美分)(1 00美分付款=1)?" 美元) and nine pencils of "If I give you 5 dollars, how much shall I get back?"("You'll get back 1.65 dollars. Shall I pack(打包) these things for you?" 找回) "No, I don't buy anything" the boy looks at the piece of paper(那张纸) and says politely(礼貌地). "This is my math homework. Can I take the answer away?" 阅读短文,选择正确答案。(5分) ( )91. _______ kinds of things are mentioned by(被提到) the boy. ( )92. The boy goes to the shop _______. A. One B. Two C. Three D. Four A. to buy something for his school B. to buy something for his home ( )93. Nine pencils of 15 cents is ______. C. to see how many things the shop has D. to get an answer A. $ 1.35 B. $ 1.65 C. $ 0.15 D. 2.15 ( )94. The shop assistant asked(A. nothing B. $ 3.35 要求 C. $ 1.65 D. $ 5 ( )95. The boy bought(买) ________ at last(最后). A. nothing B. nine pencils C. twelve exercise-books D. four erasers 四.单词拼写(5分) 工作) are standing and watching at the door . 最好的) wishes (祝福)。 五.书面表达(20分) 假如你是李涛,你给你的新友Tom 写封信,介绍你的情况。 要涉及到以下几个方面: 1.你的姓名、年龄、生日。 2. 你的爱好。 3. 你上学时每天的时间安排及上学方式。 4

七年级英语答题卷 听力理解(30分) 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 选择题(25分) 31 32 33 34 35 36 37 38 39 40 41 42 43 44 45 46 47 48 49 50 51 52 53 54 55 完形填空(30分) 56 57 58 59 60 61 62 63 64 65 66 67 68 69 70 71 72 73 74 75 阅读理解(40分) 76 77 78 79 80 81 82 83 84 85 86 87 88 89 90 91 92 93 94 95 单词拼写(5分) 96 97 98 99 100 书面表达(20分)


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