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What is … doing?

He is ….

What is the boy doing now?
What was the boy doing just now?

He is playing football. He was playing football.

1. Knowledge Aims: (1)Key vocabulary:UFO, alien, land, baber shop, cut hair, Museum of Flight…. (2)Key structures: Where were you when the UFO arrived? I was in… What was he/she doing when the UFO arrived? He/She was… (3)Listening practice 2. Ability Aims: To train abilities of listening and speaking. 3. Sensibility and Value: To be interested in communicating in English.

What are they? They are aliens (外星人),from other planets (行星). What do they look like? Short and thin, just like a five-year-old kid.

This is a UFO
(unidentified flying object).

1947年6月24日,一名叫 做阿诺德的美国商人,架 着一架小型飞机在华盛顿 州上空,发现一组巨型不 明飞行物以1000公里左右 的速度,同他一起在空中 翱翔。阿诺德的有关目击 报告第一次引起公众的兴 趣,从此“飞碟”或UFO 便迅速流传开来。

baber shop 1理发店 2在图书馆前边 in front of the library 3洗完澡出来 get out of the shower 4沿着街走 walk down the street 5起飞 take off 6从飞碟出来 get out of the UFO 7理发 cut hair 8 航空博物馆 Museum of Flight

Where were you when the UFO arrived? I was in front of the library.

b a

c e f

1b. listening
? a. standing in front of the library/ studying in the library ? b. cleaning my room/ sleeping late ? c. making a milk shake/ cooking dinner ? d. getting out of the shower/ ? talking on the phone ? e. eating lunch/ cutting hair



young man



A: Where was the girl when the UFO arrived? B: She was in front of the library.
A: What was the girl doing when the UFO arrived?

B: She was standing in front of the library.

含 义:表示过去某个时刻正在进行的动作。 结 构: be (was / were ) + doing 指示词:then, at that time, once,
a moment ago等连用,或者用另 一动作来表示过去的时间.

例 句:I was writing on theblackboard.
I was walking in the room.

when 和while的用法区别
1.when 既指时间点,也可指一段时间; while只指一段时间. 2.when 说明从句的动作和主句的动作可以是同时,也 可以是先后发生;

while 则强调主句的动作在从句动作的发生的过程中或 主从句两个动作同时发生。 My mother was cooking dinner while my father was watching TV.
When the UFO landed, the boy was walking down the street. ==While the boy was walking down the street, the UFO landed

Let’s listen to a conversation about a UFO and an alien.

2a Listen and number the statements in the order you hear. 5 ______The alien visited the Museum of Flight. 4 ______The alien bought a souvenir. 1 ______A UFO landed on Center Street. 3 ______The alien went to a store. 2 ______An alien got out of the UFO

The 16th Asian Games in Guangzhou November 24th ,2010 It’s


What were you doing when Liu Xiang won the gold medal?

Have an interview in group first, then write them down and have a report

Where were you at What were you doing name 10 last Sunday? at 10 last Sunday?

At ten last Sunday,

… was shopping

and …was cleaning the room


? What did we learn in this class?

Class is over! See you next time!

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