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Module 1-2练习题

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1. Module 1-2 复习测试题Name__________Mark __________

一、选择填空 (本题共34分,每小题34分)

( ) 1. She ______________ the Grand Canyon twice.

A. has been to B. has gone to C. went to D. goes to

( ) 2. They will have a trip to the Great Wall if it ______ tomorrow.

A. won’t rain B. doesn’t rain C. not rain D. isn’t rain

( )3.- Is Susan going to her hometown by train?

- I guess she ________ . I know she likes driving her new car.

A. mustn’t B. can’t C. may not D. must

( ) 4. We had a party last month, and it was so fun. Why don’t we have

_______ one this month?

A. more B. another C. the other D. other

( ) 5. “Please don’t be angry with me,” said Amy laughingly. This made me

even _________.

A. angry B. angrier C. angriest D. angrily

( ) 6. That’s _____ news to me.

A. a B. an C. / D. the

( ) 7.I’m writing a composition _______ “What is a wonder of the world?”

A. call B. called C. calls D. calling

( ) 8. His wife got hurt in the accident. I didn’t know how to tell him _____bad


A. a B. the C. / D. an

( ) 9. Tina can’t see the blackboard because the boy who sits _________ her is

very big and tall.

A. behind B. in front of C. next to D. at the front

( ) 10. There ______ a meeting next Monday.

A. is B. will C. will be D. are

( ) 11. As soon as he comes back, I’ll tell him when _______ and see him.

A. you will come B. will you come C. you come D. you came

( ) 12.I’ll write about an article on how to get good _______.

A. notes B. grades C. checks D.answers

( )13. The Times is an international _____________.

A. article B. newspaper C. interview D. magazine

( ) 14. She_______in this factory for ten years...

A. works B. worked C. has worked D. has been worked

( ) 15. There are so many kinds of MP4 players in the shop. I can’t decide


A. what to buy B. which to buy C. when to buy D. how to buy

( ) 16. He is thought ______ the richest man in his hometown.


A. be B. to be C. being D. is

( )17. This popular song ______ children.

A. often sing B. often sings C. is often sung by D. was often singing by

( ) 18. The children _______ not to play with the fire.

A. are often told B. tell C. are telling D. told

( ) 19. -- There can be no life on the earth without water.

-- That’s right. Water _______ everywhere.

A. needs B. is needed C. is needing D. needed A. are make to B. are made C. are made to D. are make -- “Yes, I’ve read some of his plays.” A. at B. with C. for D. by ( ) 20. The students ______ go over all the lessons. ( ) 21. -- “Have you read something _______ Shakespeare?” ( ) 22. ________ I can remember, she is from Australia. A. As long as B. As far as C. As big as D. As many as

A. to; reach B: on; arrive C. on; reach D. to; get to

( ) 24. Can I get you something to drink?

-- __________. I’m thirsty.

A. Yes, please. B. No, thanks.C. Here you are. D. You’re welcome.

( )25. Zhu Geliang is known __________ his wise thoughts, but he isn’t

known _______ a great thinker.

A. as; as B. for; for C. as; for D. for; as

( )26. I _____ let you know the news as soon as I get it.

A. will B. shall C. must D. may

( ) 27. -- Listen! Helen is singing in the next room.

-- It ______ be Helen. She has gone to Beijing.

A. mustn’t B. may not C. can’t D. shouldn’t

( ) 28. Each student and each teacher ______ to see the film.

A. go B. wish C. are D. wants

( ) 29. The writer and singer _____ coming in five minutes to give us a talk.

A. is B. are C. has D. have

2 ( ) 23. Go _______ until you _____ the end.

( ) 30. You can’t go on ______ like this. You will fall ill.

A. working B. to work C. worked D. to be working

( ) 31. The Great Green Wall will stop the wind from ______ the earth away.

A. blow B. blowing C. to blow D. blew ( ) 32. They ________ to speak at the meeting last Monday.

A. ask B. are asked C. were asked D. asked

( ) 33. -- Hi, Sam, we’re going for a walk. Would you like to ____?

-- Great! Let’s go.

A. come along B. come on C. come out D. come up

( ) 34. There _____ a basketball game in our school next week.

A. is going to have B. are going to be C. will have D. is going to be


The adventures of Tom Sawyer

My favorite book is the Adventures of Tom Sawyer by Mark Twin. Tom lives(1)______ his aunt Polly in the quiet street of St Petersberg Missouri, he’s a lively and clever young boy, and he finds himself in many (2)________. adventures. He runs away with his two friends, Huck Finn and Joe, to an island in the middle of the Missouri River for several days. With Huck he goes looking for treasure, with Becky he gets lost in a cave, and finally, they found a box of gold.

My favorite scene in the book is when everyone thinks Tom is dead, he decides

(3)________ his own funeral. He hides and watches for a time, and then suddenly he appears. Everyone is surprised to see him but they’re also

(4)______ to see him alive.

Tom is the hero of the story, but there’re other important characters. Huck is an outsider and everyone is afraid of him. Becky is pretty (5)________ fair hair, Joe is Tom’s best friends, and Injun Joe is the bad man of the story.

The themes of the story are to do with children (6)______ up and becoming 3

more serious. It describes how strangers (7)_______ in small towns of America. Finally, it talks about freedom, social rules and how people (8)_____ for bad behavior.

Mark Twin wrote it in (9)______ English of the southern states of America in the 19th century, so it sounds very real. Today it’s thought (10)______. one of the greatest books in American literature.

1. A. with B. in C. and D. by

2. A. exited B. exciting C. excite D. excite

3. A. to go B. go to C. to go to D. going to

4. A. pleasure B. please C. pleasant D. pleased

5. A. with B. by C. on D. in

6. A. grow B. growing C. grew D. to grow

7. A. are saw B. is seen C. are seen D. seeing

8. A. punish B. is punished C. are published D. are punished

9. A. everyday B. every day C. everydays D. every days

10.A. is B. to be C. are D. being


(A) Chinese people call the Spring Festival "Nian". But do you know that Nian was once the name of a monster (妖怪) ?

A long time ago,the monster Nian lived in the mountains. It ate animals. But in winter, it could not find food. So it came to villages and ate a lot of people. People were so afraid of Nian that they locked their doors before evening came during the winter. One day, an old man came to a village. He told people there that Nian was afraid of three things—the colour red, fire and noise. He told 4

放鞭炮) to make Nian go away.

On a moonless, cold night, Ian went to the village again. As soon as it opened its big mouth, people made loud noises and made fires. Nian was really afraid and ran away. Wherever it went, there was noise and fire.

When Nian was tired and could not run anymore, people killed the monster. After that, on the coldest day of winter, people beat drums and gongs, and set off fireworks to celebrate the death of the monster of Nian. They put up red lanterns (灯笼) and have a big dinner without sleeping during the night.

In the morning people greet each other happily. So now we have the Spring Festival.

( ) 1. From the story, Nian seemed to be ________ long, long ago.

A. exciting B. interesting C. terrible D. beautiful

( ) 2. The monster Nian ate people in winter because it________.

A. wanted to make people afraid B. liked to live in a village

C. celebrated the Spring Festival D. had no food to eat

( in Chinese.

A.扬琴 B.二胡 C.笛子 D.锣鼓

( ) 4. The monster Nian wasn't killed until________.

A. it had eaten all the animals B. it was too tired to run away

C. the old man came to a village D. people knew what it was afraid of

( ) 5. What is the best title for the passage?

A. How the Spring Festival Came B. What the Spring Festival Was

C. What People Did During Nian D. How People Celebrated Ni


The greatest wonder of the natural world

When I arrived, it was early morning and it was raining. I got out of the car, went through a gate and walked along a path. In the east, the sky was becoming 5

light, but beside the path, it was still very dark. I knew it was there, but there was nothing to see.

After about a kilometre, a stranger appeared in front of me. “Am I going the right way?” I asked. He knew where I was going. “Yes,” he replied, “you’ll get there in five minutes.” Finally, I came to some rocks, and stopped. I looked carefully over them, but it was still too dark to see anything.

Suddenly, the clouds cleared and the rain stopped. The sun rose behind me and beyond the rocks. I saw that the ground fell away and down to a river, far below me. I was on the edge of the Grand Canyon, one of the wonders of the natural world.

I looked down to the Colorado River about 2 kilometres below me. If you put the three tallest buildings in the world at the bottom of the canyon, they still won’t reach the top. Then I looked across to the other side of the canyon. How far is it? It’s 20 kilometres, maybe more. Finally, I looked to my left and to my right, and on both sides the canyon disappeared into the distance… over 400 kilometres long. The Grand Canyon is not just big. It’s huge!

That morning on the edge of the canyon, I asked myself a question. It’s not “How deep is it?” or “How wide is it?” or “How long is it?” but “Is the Grand Canyon the greatest wonder anywhere in the natural world?” I know the answer. But what do you think?

( ) 6. Where may the passage come from?

A. A guidebook .B. A grammar book.

C. A dictionary. D. A diary.

( ) 7. Why was there nothing to see?

A. Because there was nothing.

B. Because it was too dark.

C. Because it was raining.

D. Because it was in the morning.

( ) 8. Where was the writer facing on the edge of the Grand Canyon?

A. To the south. B. To the north C. To the east. D. To the west.

( ) 9. What is the writer’s purpose in writing this passage?

A. To give facts about the Grand Canyon.

B. To tell how he feels about the Grand Canyon.

C. To describe the Grand Canyon.

D. To tell people to visit the Grand Canyon.



1. 每个人请注意,我有要事相告。

________ ______, everyone. I have _______ _______ to tell you.

2. 你听说过关于三峽水坝的报道吗?

Have you______ ________ the reports about The Dam of Three Gorges?

3. 我正站在长城边上。

I’m standing ________the____________ of the Great Wall.

4. 他们在峡谷的底部。

They are ________the______________of the canyon.

5. 太黑了什么也看不见。

It’s __________dark to see__________.


I’ve ______ _______ some ideas.

7. 据我所知,张老师今天不来了。

Mr Zhang isn’t coming today , ______ ______ ______ I know .

8. 宋祖英是公认的出色的歌唱家。

Song Zuying ______ _________ ___________ a great singer .

9. 我的问题与今天的作业有关。

My question has something to ______ _______ today’s homework .

10. 每年有数百万人看萨士比亚的表演。

Shakespeare's plays ______ _______ by _______ _______ people every year .

11. 故事的主题和孩子们的成长有关。

The themes of the story are _____ do ____children ______ ______.


Teahouse is one of the greatest works in __________ __________.


Today it’s thought ___ ____ one of the greatest books in American literature.

14. 可惜的是我们现在已不再有校刊了。

It’s a pity that we______ have a school magazine_______ ______.


五、综合填空(20%) (A)

The sun was going down when we a_______(1) at the bottom of the building. I w____ (2) afraid of heights so I was a little nervous as we were waiting for the lift to the top. The lift climbed faster and f_____ (3) until we reached floor No 88. The Jin Mao Building in Shanghai is 420.5 meters h____(4), one of the

t_______(5) buildings in the world. It was b______(6) in 1998 and it has a fantastic view of Pudong District and the center of Shanghai. But it was

g_______(7) dark and we d________(8)to go back again. It was high up there, but I wasn’t afraid when I was standing at the t____(9). I hope to go to Shanghai again next year, and I’m sure I will want to go u___(10) the building again. 1___________2___________3___________4__________5__________



May 27 Saturday

I got up very this morning. After a quick breakfast, I went to the zoo with my classmates, We went there by .There are many kinds of animals there. We liked monkeys best. We fed them with some .We stayed there for about an hour. Then we went to Qingshao Lake. We saw many people kites, so we go boating .The water in the lake is very clean.

It was nearly 12 o’ clock. We began to apple juice and eat some sandwiches for lunch. After that, some of us went fishing, and some of us the hill. We went back home at 4 o’clock.

What a a lot!

1__________2_________3____________4____________5______________ 6__________ 7_________8____________9____________10____________



一、1-5 A B C B B 6.-10 C B B B C 11-15 A B B C B 16-20 B C A B C, 21-25 D B C A D, 26-30 A C D A A, 31-34 B C A D

二、1.-5 B A C B C 6-10 B A C C C

三1-5 C D D B A, 6-9 D B D B

四、1. Listen up , something important

2. heard of/heard about;

3. on the edge of

4. at the bottom of

5.too , to see anything

6. written , down

7.as far as

8.is known as

9.do with

10.are seen, millions of

11. to do with, growing up

12.Chinese literature

13.to be,

14.don’t , any more

五.(A) 1. arrived 2. was 3. faster 4. high 5. tallest

6. built 7. getting 8. decided 9. top10. up

(B) 1 early 2 bus 3 bananas 4 fly 5 instead

6 drink 7 climbed 8 about 9 happy 10myself


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