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Unit 8-9
基础达标 综合演练

Unit 8 复习重点:
? 1.能正确使用以下词汇:月份(1-12),节日戒 活动和序数词 ? 2.能正确使用以下表达: ? Happy birthday, how old, birthday part, see you, have a good time, this term, next week. ? 3.能正确使用名词所有格 ? Alice’s, father’s, brother’s, Tom’s, parents’, Teachers’ Day…

? 1. 能表达自己戒家人,朊友的生日以及近期的活 动安排。 ? When is your birthday? It’s on January 5th. ? When is the art festival? It’s on December 10th. ? 2.能够表达年龄。 ? How old are you? I’m thirteen.

January/February/March April/May/June/July/August September/October November/December

school trip/ school day book sale soccer game / basketball game English pary / art festival / music festival/birthday party

when is your birthday?

How old are you?
On+ Date, we have+活动

序数词 first/second/third eighth/ninth twelfth/fifth thirtieth/thirty-third eleventh






sixth two
three second

twelfth thirteen
twenty thirteenth

eight nine






twentyninth two
tenth thirty




重点短语1: 进行英语测验 have an English test 进行学校郊游 have a school trip 举行两场球赛 have two ball games have an art festival 举办艺术节 have a book sale 进行书本大甩卖 have a good time 玩得开心 have a party 举办晚会 some interesting and 一些有趣的和 滑稽的事 fun things in the school library 在学校图书馆 这个学期 this term 一个的确忙碌的学期 a really busy term

Dear students, have We ______ some interesting and fun things___ you for On this term.___ September 21st, wehave a school trip ____ in ___ the afternoon. great October is a______month. On the 12th and the ___ 15th, we have two ball games, soccer and volleyball. ____ on School Day is___ October 22nd. Your parents can_____ ___ our school. Next month, we have__ come to an an art festival. It’on November 3rd. We have___ s ___ on English party __ November 30th. And on __December 3rd,we____ a book sale in the school library. ___ have This is a really busy term! Have a ______ time! ______ _____ good


Grammar focus
? 你生日是什么时候? 我的生日在5月2日。 When is your birthday? My birthday is on May 2nd. ? 他的生日是什么时候? 他的生日在1月17日。 When is his birthday? His birthday is on January 17th. ? 她的生日是什么时候?在八月。 When is her birthday? It’s in August. ? 爱丽丝的生日是什么时候? 她的生日是9月5日。 When is Alice’s birthday? Her birthday is on September 5th. ? 你爸爸的生日是什么时候? 他的生日是4月21日。 When is your father’s birthday? His birthday is on April 21st.

? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?

? ? 1.Mary is in my class, but I don’t know____ birthday. A. his B. she C. her D. hers 2.-- Is this your book? -- No, it’s my_______ A. brother B. brothers C. brother’s D. of brothers 3. We have English___ 9:00 __ Monday. A. on;on B. at; on C. on; at D. at;at 4. Today I have ____ classes, and the____ is math. A. fifth; fifth B. five; five C. five; fifth D. fifth; five 5.Jenny’s birthday is ___ October 10th. A. on B.in C at D. of


? March 6th is my___________(twenty) twentieth birthday. first ? I’m the __________ (one) student to come here. ? Mike and Tom are _______(be) 13 years old. Bob’s ? Today is ________(Bob) birthday. months ? The little boy is five________ (month) old.

? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? 1. Her sister is 13 years old. (画线部分提问) How old is her sister? ___________________________________ 2.Mary’s birthday is on May 12th. (画线部分提问) When is Mary’s birthday? _________________________________________ 3.He wants to come to Alice’s birthday.(一般疑问句) Does he want to come to Alice’s birthday? _______________________________________ 4.Jane was born(出生于) on December 2nd.(同义句) Jane’s birthday is on December 2nd. ________________________________________ 5. His school has a Music Festival each year.(否定句) His school doesn’t have a Music Festival each year. ___________________________________________

Unit 9 重点回顾

1.能正确使用关于school subjects的词汇 2.能正确使用以下表达: favorite subject, from… to…, play games with…, How’s your day? That’s great! That’s for sure. 3.能认读缩写词:P.M. (p.m.) A.M.(a.m.) P.E.

? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? 1. 能就喜欢的事物进行简单问答: What’s your favorite subject/ day/ color…? My favorite subject/day/color… is… 2.能询问喜欢原因 Why do you like…? Because it’s fun/ interesting… 3.能询问任教教师和授课时间。 Who is your …teacher? When do you have…?

week (when)
Sunday/ Monday/ Tuesday
Wednesday/ Thurday/ Friday/ Saturday


P.E./science/biology Chinese/English/math/ Why Who biology/music It's relaxing/ Miss/Mrs./Mr./Ms. interesting/ fun useful/ easy/ difficult/cool

1.今天早上/下午/晚上 ? this morning/afternoon/evening 2.在早上/下午/晚上 ? in the morning/afternoon/ evening 3.在星期天下午 ? on Sunday afternoon/ on the afternoon of Sunday 4.在一个星期一的晚上 ? on a Monday evening 5.持续两个小时 ? for two hours 6.和她/他/他们做游戏 ? play games with her/ him/ them 7.她最喜爱的科目 ? her favorite subject 8. 第二天 ? 9. 语文/地理/历史老师 the next day/ the second day ? Chinese/geography/history teacher 10. 地理课 ? geography class 11.在八点钟 ? at eight o’clock (8:00) 12.上数学课 13.之后 ? have math 14.从早上到下午 ? after th

at ? from morning to afternoon

? Dear Jenny, have At ? I am very____ ____Friday. ___ 8:00 I_____ busy on math. It is not fun. The teacher_____ it is says useful _______, but I think it is________. Then at ___ difficult 9:00 I ______ science. It is _______ ____ have difficult _______. At but interesting 10:00 I have history. _____ that, I After have P.E. at 11:00. It is ______ ___fun easy and ____. to Lunch is from _____12:00 ___ 1:00, and after that we have Chinese. It is my ________subject. favorite Our Chinese teacher, Mrs. Wang, is ____ fun great _____. My classes ______at 1:50. but after finish an that I have____ art lesson ____ two hours. It for is really relaxing! ____ ? How about you? When are your classes? _____ _____ What is your favorite subject? ? Your friend, ? Yu Mei

Grammar focus
What’s your favorite subject? My favorite subject is science. What’s his favorite subject? His favorite subject is Chinese.

? 你最喜欢的学科是什么? 我最喜欢的学科是科学。 ?What’s her favorite subject? Her favorite subject is art. 他最喜欢的学科是什么?他最喜欢的学科是语文。 ? Why does Bob like history? Because it’s interesting. 她最喜欢的学科是什么? 她最喜欢的学科是美术。 Why do Frank and Bob like P.E.? Because ? 鲍勃为什么喜欢历史?因为它有趣。 it’s fun. Who is your music teacher? My music teacher is Ms. Xie. ? 弗兰克和鲍勃为什么喜欢体育?因为它有趣。 ? 谁是你的音乐老师? 我的音乐老师是谢女士。 When is your geography class? It’s on Monday and Friday. ? 你什么时候上地理课? 在周一和周五。

对画线部分提问: 4个wh-, 一个how
1 My favorite subject is science. What is your favorite subject? ______ 2 I like history, because it's interesting. Why do you like history? ______ 3 My English teacher is Miss Zhang. Who is your English teacher? ______ 4 My geography class is on Monday and Friday. When is your geography class? ________ 5.My first day of school is good. How is ________ ______ your first day of school?

Tips:特殊疑问词 + 一般疑问句

? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? 1. ____ is the school trip?– It’s on May 2nd. A. When B. What C. How D.How old 2.Why don’t you like English? --Because it’s______ A. interesting B. fun. C. exciting D. difficult 3.-- ___________? -- It’s Thursday. A. What’s the time B. What day is it today C. Is it Thursday D. What’s the date 4.I have P.E. ______ the afternoon of Tuesday. A. in B. at C. on D. for 5. I like music and history. – Why do you like______? A. they B. it C. their D. them

三、 填入恰当的特殊疑问词(组),完

1. — ______ is the boy’s name? What
— His name’s Eric. 2. — ___________ is your new baseball How much bat? — It’s fifteen dollars.

3. — _____ do you like purple? Why
— Because it makes (使) me relaxing. 4. — _____ plays

soccer ball every Who afternoon? — Wu dong does. 5. — When is the school trip? _______ — It’s on October 22nd.

6. — _______ is my ping-pong bat? Where

— It’s under your bed.
7. — _________ is your art teacher? How old

— Maybe (戒许) she’s forty years old.
8. — ______ do you spell your English How

— F-R-A-N-K.

? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? 1. Her favorite subject is music. (对划线部分提问) What is her favorite subject? __________________________________________ 2. My sister has art on Wednesday.(一般疑问句) Does your sister have art on Wednesday? ___________________________________________

3. We have science on Tuesday and Thurday. (对划线 部分提问) When do you have science? ____________________________________________ 4.Mr. Li is my favorite teacher. (对划线部分提问) Who is your favorite teacher? _____________________________________________ 5.I like P.E. best. (改成同义句) My favorite subject is P.E. ___________________________________________

汉翻英 1. friend Wang Xiao’s birthday is on October 13th. My 我的朋友王晓的生日是10月13日.

My dog’s birthday is on April 2nd. 2.我的小狗的生日是4月2日.
How old are you? I’m 4.你多大了?我12岁。 twelve.
5. 他多大了?他20岁 How old is he ? He

3. 他舅舅的生日是12月23日. His uncle’s birthday is on December 23rd.

is twenty. you! 6. 生日快乐! Happy birthday! See7. 再见!
Do you want to come to my 8. 你想来我的生日聚会吗? birthday


1. 重点单词:months... dates... festivals... subjects... week... 2. 重点短语和表达:举行...活动/节日-- have + festival sb's favorite subject like doing in+month, on+date, at+ time 名词所有格 sb's 3.重点句型: When is your birthday? -- my birthday is in.../on... How old are you? --- I'm ... years old. How about...? On+ Date, we have a... Do you want to come to my birthday party? What's your favorite ...? --- My favorite ...is... Why does he/she like...? --- Because it's... Who is your..? --- My... is... How is your day? --- It's OK/fine/good.

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