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江苏省海门市正余初级中学九年级英语全册《Unit 5 Period 1 Section A 1a-2c》课件 人教新目标版

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Unit 5
must belong to Carla


The first period Section A 1a-2c
Go for it J9

Whose football is it?

It might be Jim’s.He loves playing football.

Whose backpack is it?

It must belong to Ann. It has her name on it.

Whose violin is it?

It could be Zhang Fan’s. she plays the violin.

No, it isn’t. It can’t be mine. It’s too big for me.

Is this T-shirt yours?

The answers to 1a

Clothing Things Fun things
hat jacket T-shirt magazine book volleyball CD toy car

plate cups

? ? ?


The answers to 1b


? ?

Jane’s little brother—toy car—He was the only little kid at the picnic. Mary—book—Wanda Wilbur is her favourite author. Carla—volleyball—She loves volleyball. Deng Wen—magazine—He loves cats. Grace—CD—She always listens to classical music.

2a Bob and Anna found a backpack in front of their school. Listen and write down the things in the backpack.

Things in the backpack

hair band 2.____________ tennis balls 3.____________

2b Listen again and fill in the blanks.
? ? ? ?

must 1. The person ______ go to our school. 2. The person ______ be a boy. can’t could 3. It ______ be Mei’s hair band. 4. The hair band ______ belong to Linda. might 5. It ______ be Linda’s backpack. must

?Use “must” to show that you think something is probably true.

?Use “might” or “could” to show that you think something is possibly true.
?Use “can’t ” to show that you are almost sure something is not true.

Grammar focus
It must be Ning’s. it has her name on it. Whose French book is this? It could be Ali’s. she studies French. Whose guitar is this? It might belong to Alice. She plays the guitar. Whose T-shirt is this? It can’t be John’s. it’s much too small for him. Whose notebook is this?

2c Fill in the blanks with “must,might,could,can’t”. Then tell your partner why you choose the words.





The notebookmust/could/ might be Ming’s. It was on her desk. The homeworkcan’t be Carol’s. She _____ wasn’t at school today. The soccer ball might/could be John’s or Tony’s. They both play soccer, don’t they? The French book must be Li Ying’s. She’s the only one who’s studying French.

I can’t find my backpack. It might/must still ___________be at school.

must The photo ______ be Lu’s. Those are his parents. can’t The red bicycle ______ be Hu’s. She has a blue bicycle.
This ticket might/could be my aunt’s or uncle’s. They’re both going to the concert.

Fill in the blanks with must ,may, might, could, can’t might/could 1. Whose earrings are these? They ____________ be Mary’s. she wears earrings sometimes.

might/could 2. Gina ______________ come to the party tonight, but I’m not sure.
3. The telephone is ringing, but nobody answers it. He can’t ______ be at home.
4. Is this Lan Qiang’s boxing glove? Yes, it _____ be must his. There is his name on the back. 5. You

’d better take an umbrella. It might/could _____________ rain this afternoon.

1. Say and remember the spelling of the vocabulary words. 2.Say the conversations in Activity 1c to get a further understanding of the target language.

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