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外研八上Module 11 Unit 3

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Unit 3 Language in use

Language practice
?You must say Mr. or Mrs. when you meet someone for the first time. ?You can take it away. ?You mustn’t break anything. ?You needn’t wait!

Try to make a face book about cultures of English- speaking countries. Write down the interesting things you find. Look for some pictures to go with them.

1 Complete the conversations with can or can’t.
1 A: Can you drive a car at the age of seventeen in

B: Yes, we can . How about China? A: No, we can’t . 2 A: Can you open a gift immediately after you receive it in England? B: Yes, we can .What about China? A: No, we usually don’t.

3 A: Can you push your way onto a bus in

B: No, we can’t
A: No, we

.How about China?

can’t either.

4 A: Can you drive on the right-hand side of the road in England? B: No, we can’t .What about China? A: Yes, we must.

2 Complete the sentences with must or must not.
School rules 1 You mustn’t be late for school. 2 You mustn’t eat in the library. 3 You mustn’t ride your bike in the playground. 4 You must do your homework. 5 You must listen to the teacher.

3 Underline the correct words.
It is important to know what you must and must not do when you meet people from a different country. You (1) may / must not ask Westerners “How old are you?” because it is not polite. You (2) might / can know someone well, but (3) you must / need not ask “How much money do you make?” He (4) may / can never speak to you again!

In public places, you (5) must / can ask people before you take photos of them, and you (6)

must not / might not eat or drink in shops or

In some countries you (7) cannot / can go
into someone’s house with your shoes on. You

(8) need not / must not take them off. But in
some other countries you (9) might / must not

wear shoes in the house.

4 Listen to a teenager talking about his life. Check (√) the things he must or mustn’t do.

must mustn’t 1 clean up bedroom once a week

2 wash up after dinner 3 stay out after 9 pm 4 do homework before going out 5 wash hands before dinner 6 play music loudly after 10 pm

√ √ √ √ √ √

5 Listen again. What two things does he say he can do?
He can go out with his friends at weekends. 1_______________________________________ He can play music loudly before ten o’clock 2_______________________________________

at night. _______________________________________

6 Write some things you can, must and must not do at home.
I can… I must… I must not…

Now work in pairs. Tell each other three things you must do at home and three things you mustn’t do. Are you home rules different or the same?
e.g. —I must visit my grandparents once a week. I mustn’t stay up late in the evening. — ...

7 Complete the sentences with the words and expressions in the box.
baseball cap chess set chopsticks dictionary present 1 Use your dictionary to look up any words

you do not understand. 2 Most Chinese pe

ople eat noodles with chopsticks _____________.

3 Jenny could not wait to open her birthday __________. presents 4 He thinks it is cool to wear his _____________ baseball cap back-to-front. 5 Where is my____________? Let’s play a game. chess set

8 Play a game.Choose a word or an expression from the box and describe it to the class. The class guesses what it is.
baseball cap chocolate fish and chips video game bike chopsticks litter chess set dictionary photo

A: Many people have one. B: Is it a chess set? A: No, You use it to get to places. C: Is it a bike? A: Yes.

Around the world
Traditional presents In the West, people often take flowers when they visit someone. Different flowers have different meanings. For example, people often give red roses to someone they love. In Greece you must not give white flowers because that means that someone is dead.

When you go to a foreign country, it is always best to check what people usually do, so you do not make mistakes.

9 Write some advice for foreign visitors to a Chinese family. Think about: What must they wear? What mustn’t they talk about? What can’t they do? What presents can they bring?

When must they arrive?

10 Work in pairs. Show the advice you wrote in Activity 9 to your group members. Choose two best pieces of advice.

11 Show the advice your group chose in Activity 10 to the whole class. Put the pieces of advice together to form your class advice. Then Send your advice to your foreign friends or post it on your class blog.

Language points
When you go to a foreign country, it is always best to check what people usually do so you do not make mistakes. 当你去国外时,你最好打探好人们的日常行 为习惯,那样就不会犯错。 make a mistake “ 犯错 It's careless of her to make such mistake. 她犯这样的错误真是太粗心了。 This is all new to me , so let me know if I make a mistake . 这是我的第一次,所以错了请告诉我。

D 1. He said that you _____ watch TV all the evening if you wished. A. may B. must C. can D. might 2. -Is John coming by train? -He should, but he __________ not. He likes D driving his car. A. must B. can C. need D. may B 3. Michael ____ be a policeman, for he's much too short. A. needn't B. can't C. shouldn't D. won't

4. I thought you ____be hungry, so I have B brought you some cakes. A. may B. might C. can D. could B 5. Come on! We __________ hurry because there isn't much time left. A. may B. must C. can D. need 6. ___ I take this one? A A. May B. Will C. Are D. Do B 7 You'd better ___ late next time. A. not to be B. not be C. won't be D. don't be

?Read more materials about foreign culture and customs. ?Try to recite all the new words in this unit.

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