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江苏省海门市正余初级中学九年级英语全册《Unit 3 Period 5 Self check and Reading》课件 人教新目标版

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Self check and Reading

finish allow choose need clean up
1. You have to be 18 years old before you are________ allowed to drive a car. 2. What time do you __________ basketball practice finish today? clean up 3. Please _________the classroom. It is a real mess. 4. I can’t ________which pair of jeans to buy. They choose both look good on me. 5. Everyoneneeds to have at least eight hours’ ______ sleep a night.

Helping and learning
At our school, we sometimes have a special day to help others. Last year we went to an old people’s home and sang songs and performed a play for them. The old people were very happy. We should be allowed to take time to do things like that more often. For example, we should visit primary schools and help teach young students. I want to be a teacher when I’m older so it would be a great experience for me. Other students would like to do other jobs.

For example, my friend Tian Ge wants to write for a newspaper. She should be allowed to volunteer at the newspaper office once a week. On Friday afternoons, many students are sleepy after a long week of classes. Some students should be allowed to have Friday afternoons off to volunteer and help others.

1. an old people’ s home 老年之家 2. more often 更经常 3. primary school 小学 4. help teach 帮助教育

5. a great experience for sb. 对于某人来说一次很好的经历
6. write for a newspaper 为一家报纸写作 7. once a week 一周一次 8. on Friday afternoon 在周五晚上 9. sleepy 昏昏欲睡

10.have…off 休息,放假

Dear Editor: I would like to reply to the article “helping and learning “in your last newsletter. I agree with some ideas and disagree with others. The article said that students should be allowed to take time to help others, I think it is a good idea, because that can make us learn to care about others. But I don’t think students should be allowed to help teach young students, because they are not old enough. I disagree that students should be allowed to join more volunteering work, because they have to pay more attention to their homework and schoolwork. Yours Mary

答复 =answer

what’s his hobby?

He is serious about running.

What should he do if he wants to achieve his dream ? He must practice running.
Do you think practice much can get in the way of schoolwork?

1. What’s Liu Yu’s hobby? 2. Do his parents allow him to practice his hobby as much as he wants?

Read and answer

L Parents’ points Liu Yu’s points They worry about his He wants to be a success professional runner.

They think he should spend time on study.

They think he needs to be realistic. They think it is a very He believes himself. difficult dream to achieve.

He just wants to do what he enjoys. He is serious about running.

Many teenagers have hobbies. But sometimes these hobbies can get in the way of schoolwork, and parents might worry about their child’s success at school. Teenagers often think they shou

ld be allowed to practice their hobbies as much as they want. Do you agree? get in the way 妨碍
success (n.) successful (adj.) succeed (v.)

Liu Yu, a fifteen-year-old from Shandong, is a running star. He is in his school running team, and has always wanted to be a professional athlete. However, his parents won’t allow him to train as much as he would like to. “Of course we want to see Liu Yu achieve his dreams,” says Mr Liu, “and we know how much he loves running. That’s great, and my wife and I have watched him in every one of his races. We have nothing against running! But we do think about that our son needs to be realistic. Now he is getting older, and he needs to think about what will happen if he doesn’t become a professional runner in the end.” achieve v.完成;实现 realistic adj.现实的;注重实际的 in the end = finally = at last 最后

Liu Yu doesn’t really agree. “Well, I think I should be allowed to make decisions for myself,” he says. “My parents have always taught me the importance of working hard and not just to do what I enjoy. I understand this. But I’m serious about running. Being a professional runner is the only thing I have ever wanted to do.”
important (adj.) teach— taught—taught importance n. 重要;重要性
be serious about对…热衷的;对…极感兴趣的

Mr and Mrs Liu believe that Liu Yu should study hard in the evenings, and so they don’t allow him to practice running on school nights. “I know this might seem strict,” says Mrs Liu, “but we think we’re doing the right thing. He has to understand that very few people can become professional athletes. It’s a very difficult dream to achieve. We don’t allow him to practice every day because we think he needs to spend time on his homework.”

But Liu Yu still doesn’t agree. “I know my parents care about me,” he says. “But they are always talking about what will happen if I don’t succeed. But I will succeed! I think I should be allowed to make this decision for myself. Only then will I have a chance of achieving my dream.”
care about 担心;关心 succeed v. 成功;达到;完成

only 处于句首,并后跟状语时,全句需要倒装. Only then did he understand it. 只有到那时,他才明白. Only in this way can we learn English well. 只有这样我们才能把英语学好. Only when she came home, did he learn the news. 当她到家时,他才得知了这消息. care about 关心,在乎,在意. No one cares about him. 没人关心他. I don’t care about what he does. 我并不在意他干什么.

1.这个孩子的懒惰是他进步的障碍。( get in the way of )

3a Put these phrases from the reading into sentences of your own.

The boy’s laziness got in the way of his making
great progress.
2.他每天花大量的时间打篮球。( spend time on )

He spends much of his time on basketball every day.
3.那个山村里的孩子们渴望上学。( be serious about )

The children in that

mountain village are serious about going to school.

Read and find more examples to place under each heading
Points that show Liu Yu’s parents care about him His parents worry about his success at school. … Points that show Liu Yu is unhappy with his parents His parents won’t let him practice when he wants. …

Task 1
Do you think liu Yu should be allowed to practice running?

Task 2
How much time do you spend on your school work and on hobbies separately? Are you satisfied with such a schedule? What do you want your parents to allow you to do?

plan a schedule to balance the time.

1.Copy the new words. 2. Finish the exercise.

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