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A.sixty B. sixtyth C. sixtieth

2.Tom’s birthday isnd.

A.in B. on C. at

a birthday present.

A.for, to B. for, as C. for, like

4.--Who cleaned the blackboard yesterday,Dick?—A. cleaned B. does C. did

to West Hill for a picnic last Friday.

A. other some, go B. some other, went C. some others, went

6.--I fell down and hurt myself this morning. A. That’s right. B. I’m sorry to hear that. C. That’s too bad.

7.How the weather in Beijing last year?

A. is B. was C. were

A. rain B. is rains C. rains

A. was, wasn’t rain B. was, didn’t rain C. is, doesn’t rain

10.It in deserts(沙漠).

A. doesn’t rainy B. doesn’t rain C. don’t rain

11.It’s cold outside. You’d betterA. go B. not to go C. not go

A. to go, for B. going, for C. to go, with

--About two hours.

A. begin B. last C. start

Australia?—I think it is spring.

A. go to B. to go to C. going to

16.--our family will travel to other countries next week. A. Have a good time. B. What a pity! C. Really?

ou a happy day!

A. Hope B. Wish C. Plan

A. you to work B. you can work C. to you work

a new bike.

A. has B. have C. is having

20.--Did you travel to the Great Wall? -Yes. It’s anplace. It’s one of places ofA. interest, interest B. interest, interesting C. interesting, interest

21.We are going to Hong Kong tomorrow. I with us.

A. hope, to go B. hopes, can go C. hope, can go

22.It’s time for sports! Your sport shoes, please. –OK, I’m coming.

A. Put on B. Put up C. Put away

A. send B. sending C. sent

外国) countries is a big event.

A. Celebrate B. Celebrating C. Celebrates


A. with B. to C. for

A. play B. plays C. to play

Christmas, I sent my Christmas cards to my friends.

A. When B. After C. Before

A. seven days B. seven-day C. seven-days 29._________ is it from the school to my home ? it’s about 500 kilometers.

A how many B how far C how long

30 People enjoy a ________ holiday during Spring festival.

A. seven-days B. seven-day C. seven days


31._______of us has a good plan for the holidays.

A. Each B. Every C. Everyone

32 we’ll go to the movies this evening. It ______really interesting!

A. listens B.listens to C. sounds

33 They are planning ______to some places of interest.

A. to travel B. travel C. travels

34 Xiao li ______ he ______ with us tomorrow.

A. will hope, to go B. hopes, can go C. will hope, can go

35 Summer lasts______ May ______ July ______ China.

A. in or in B. in and of C. from to in

36 He has a lot of homework ______every day.

A. does B did C to do

37 I want to tell you______

A something interesting B interesting something C anything interesting

38 ______his help, I ______ finish my homework just now.

A. under, can B. with could C with can

39 when is your father’s birthday? It’s ______July.

A in B on C at

40 when was your brother born? He was born ______ December 2nd, 2000.

A in B on C at

41 what about ______her a present?

A buying B to buy C buy

42 turn left and walk ______the bridge.

A cross B across C on

43 people like living in a house______ a yard and a garden.

A have B there is C with

44 it’s 8 o’clock. My sister and I ______.

A is doing my homework B is doing our homework C are doing our homework

45 it’s time ______ supper. A for B to C at

46 ______ do you ______ the book?

A what like B how think C what think of

47 on Christmas Eve, children ______stocking at the end of their beds.

A put up B put down C put off

48 ______ Michael go to the park a week ago? Yes

A was B did C do .

49 what’s your plan______ the coming holiday?

I wish ______ around the country and take some pictures.

A for, to travel B for, traveling C to , to travel


1. When__________your parents born? They__________born in 1960. (be)

2. __________the present born in 2006 and she__________born in 2002. No, it__________(be)

3. What _____ the date yesterday? It ___________ June the third .(be)

4. 5. Mary is the 6. ( have) for a picnic.

7. Jim 8. they (can, ride) a bike in 2006. Y9. There is__________(something) wrong with his eyes. He can’t see___________(something) .

10. ____________ you____________ your homework at home yesterday? (do)

11. My father __________(begin) to write this when I was ten.

12. I got up late this morning so I ___________ (miss) the early party.

13. They enjoy __________ (fly) a kite in spring.

14. What ___________ (happen) to Michael yesterday?

15. Jim ___________(buy) a pen 2 hours ago.

16. They __________( go) to Disneyland in 2005. They _________(have) a good time.

17. Look at the sun. It’s _________(sun) today.

18. It’s __________(snow). We can make snowmen.

19. London is called _________(fog) city.

20. The sun is shining_____________(brightly) now.

21. Listen ! The birds ______________(sing) in the tree.


22. You need ____________(take) an umbrella with you when you go out.

23. Spring ________________( last) from March to May.

24. It blew ___________(strong) yesterday.

25. It’s raining__________(heavy) outside.

26. When you travel with friends, don’t go to __________(danger) places.

27. You had better ________________(finish) your homework on time.

28. Christmas is one of __________________(important) festivals in the world.

29. You can show your love by___________(send) flowers to them.

30. My mother asked me ____________(put) up a new pictures.

31. Each of us __________(stay) up to welcome the new year.

32. More and more people go __________(travel) in their free time.

33. We eat jiaozi____________(remember) Qu Yuan.

34. Please give my best_______________(wish) to them.

35. Tom _________________(not do) his homework yesterday.

36.Does your brother often____ (watch) TV? (否定句,划线提问,一般疑问句)

38.They’d like _____(keep) the books (划线提问)

39.Is the boy______(clean) the blackboard?

40.Look!The girl _____(fly) kites in the park.

41.I would like_____ (have) an English class.

42. He seldom _____ (have) an English class.

43. Listen, she _____ (have) an English class.

44. It’s time _____ (have) an English class.

45. Let’s _____ (have) an English class.

46.Why not _____ (have) an English class.

47.What about _____ (have) an English class.

48.He loves _____ (have) an English class.

49.How _____(much) lessons do you have?

50.I like English because it’s very_____(interes)

51.i like history_____(good) because it’s easy.

52.my home __________(靠近)my school

53. How _____lessons do you have every day?

54.I like history_____ because it’s easy.

55.You can _____ him at 5978654

56.If you don’t have much money to buy a house, you can _____ one.

57.How_______ milk do you want to buy?

58.I want to rent a room______200 per month.

59.people usually go to the post office to _______ letters

60. Would you like ____ to my birthday party.

61. Is there a bookstore______here? I want to buy some books

Yes, there is_______ on the street corner, it’s _______the bank and the hospital It’s very nice______ you, thanks.

62.There_______ much traffic in the street.

63. Many things in the cities are very______ so the cost of the living is _________.

64.Monday is the ______ day in a week.

65.january is the ______ month of a year

66.The _______ month of a year is December,

67._______ is the first day of a week.

68. You can go______ and buy some books on the third floor,

69. Why ______ come in and have a look?

70.there is a supermarket ______ the bank and the post office.

72.Is there a bank_________ here?

73. What ______ I do ? I must ______ there at 4 o’clock.

74. You must be _______in the street, or a car my hit(撞)you.

75.Go _____ the bridge, you can see the park on the right.

76.他没有钱买 he ____ ______ any money to buy.

77.厨房里有桌子吗?______ _______ any tables in the kitchen?

78.We are good friends. I often _______(与他交谈)

79.Jim _____ _____ Kate _____ _____ his school life. (告诉…….一些关于)


80.Jim _____ _____ Kate _____ _____ his school life. (告诉…….一些关于)

敲门) our neighbor’s doors and shouted―trick or treat?‖

(为…准备)the festival one month before it happens


84.他每天乘地铁回家。He _______________home ___________ ____________ every day. =He __________ ______________ ___________ ___________ every day.

85.汤姆从不步行去动物园。Tom __________ ___________to the zoo _________ ___________ =Tom ___________ __________ ___________ the zoo.

86.他有时骑自行车去学校吗?________he ________ _________ to school________ _______? =____________he __________ __________ a bike ___________school?

87. 在除夕夜,人们通常熬夜去迎接新年的到来

The new year.


________ that day, people like to________ the national flag________ ________.


Children ________ ________neighbors’ doors and________ ________ ________ last night.


________ the ________day of the lunar new year, children ________ ________ money________ their parents.


They are________ ________ Christmas trees ________colorful lights.


________New Year’s Eve, people often________ ________ ________ ________the new year.


They’re ________ to ________ ________ ________ friends next month.


You ________ ________ in Kunming________ a few days. You ________ ________the city.


We hope________ ________ ________ ________ ________one day.

96.你最好随身携带一张地图。You’d ________ ________ a map________ you.


98.今天天气怎么样?________the weather________today?/ ________the weather today?

99.冬去春来。 Spring ________ ________ winter.

100. 冬天从12月持续到2月。 Winter ________from________to________.

101. 农民们正忙着收获。The farmers ________ ________ ________.

102. 一年中我最喜欢春天。 I________spring________ in a year.

103.在春天万物复苏。 Everything________ ________ ________ ________ ________spring. 104.昨天风刮得很大。 The wind________ ________yesterday.

105.冬天是堆雪人的好时间。 Winter is a good time________ _______ ________.

106.你最好了解以下不同地区的天气。(had better, know about)


107.昨天在晚会上Tom表演了一个魔术Tom _______a _______ _______at the party_______. 108 昨天他摔倒了,伤到了他自己。

He ________ ________and ________ ________yesterday.

109 他许了个愿,然后吹灭了蜡烛。

He________ ________ ________and________the candles________.

110. 昨晚你看电视了吗?是的,看了。

________you ________TV last night? Yes, I ________.

111. 他亲手给我制作了一个飞机模型。(make, by hand)


112. 我相信你们能在晚会上玩得开心。

I’m________you can ________ ________ ________ ________ ________the party.

113. There________ ________ ________ ________有些问题my bike yesterday.

=________ ________ ________ ________my bike yesterday.

114. 他们两年前一点也不会说英语。


They ________ ________ English ________ ________two years________.

115. 当我四岁时,我会 看英文书了。

I _______ _______ English books_______ I _______four/________the ________ ________ four.

116. 当他5岁的时候,他就能画得很好。(when,draw)


117. His parents want to_______a _______ _______ ________him. 为他办一个生日晚会

118 He________ ________ ________October 5th, 1998________Beijing在10月5日北京出生.

119 今天星期几?星期五。________ ________ is it today? It’s ________.

120今天几号?12月8号。________ the ________today? It’s ________ 8th

121What about _______ _______ birthday_______ ________him? 给他做一张生日卡片

122什么形状?是长方形_______ the ________ ________ the box? It’s a ________.

123 它以前像一朵花吗?不,不像________it________a flower________? No , it________.

124 我们用它来做什么?我们用它来做铅笔、尺子What ________ ________we ________it ________?We ________ it ________ ________pencils and rulers.

125 你必须照看好你的东西。________________________________________________

126 那些书架上有很多书。________________________________________________________ 127 吉姆正在我们学校附近找房子。________________________________________________ 128 我家离学校有三公里。________________________________________________________ 129 天气很冷,你需要穿上大衣。________________________________________________

130 她怎么去上学?她步行去上学________does she usually________ ________ ________ ?

She usually ________ ________ ________ ________ ________ ./ ________ ________ ________

131 你多经常进行户外活动?每周三次。

________ ________ do you do ________ ________?________ ________ a week.

132 上午的课几点开始?八点。

________ ________does the morning class begin? ________ eight o’clock.

133 你为什么喜欢英语?因为它很有趣,很容易。

________ do you ________ English? ________it’s ________ and ________.

134 你的书桌上有什么?有几本书和一台电脑。我能从电脑上学到很多。

________on your desk? There ________ some books and a computer. I can ________ ________ ________ ________ the computer.

135 谢谢你的努力工作。 Thank you ________ ________ ________ ________.

136 I ______ ______ ______ _______ ______ _____in China计划去参观名胜古迹.

137.多久和朋友见一次面?一周三次________ _______ _______he_______ _______friends?

__________ ______________ ___________ ___________

140. _________ _________music lessons do you ________every week? 上几周音乐课?

141. 第一节课在7:55开始在8:40结束The ______class _____at 7:55 and ______ _____at 8:40. 142.我的卧室在花园的左边。(left)_________________________________________________ 143. _____ _______ ________three children _______ the old man. 有三个孩子正在帮助

144.他们经常在空闲时间打篮球。(often,in one’s free time)

15.这本书你可以借两周。(keep , two weeks)

146.你认为数学怎么样?(2种) 147.过马路时要小心红绿灯。(be careful, when)_______________________________________ 148.帮助老人和孩子过街是善良的行为。(it’s good to)


149.有三个小孩在照顾那个老人。(there be , look after)




151.昨天星期几?星期五 昨天几号?5月5日 昨天天气如何?(2)






157.你们每个人都有一个很好的假期计划 158.昆明一整年天气都很好






167.不要错过了火车168.在红绿灯处向右拐 划线提问170墙上有什么?

171.放学后,你通常做什么?172. 她们在哪?她们在健身房跳舞吗?173他经常开车去公园野餐174我们想要了解美国学生的校园生活。








5. 介绍自己的学校、班级和学习情况。


www.wujiajiaoyu.com福州五佳教育教研中心 中文 原形 过去式









9 是 开始 吹 带来 买 能 抓住 来 花费

10 做

11 画画

12 喝

13 驾驶

14 吃

15 摔倒

16 找到

17 飞

18 忘记

19 得到

20 给

21 去

22 有

23 受伤

24 保持

25 知道

26 学习

27 让

28 点亮

29 失去

30 制作

31 意思

32 见面

33 放

34 阅读

35 骑车

36 跑步

37 说

38 看见

39 照耀

40 唱歌

41 坐

42 睡觉

43 演讲

44 超速


45 拼写

46 游泳

47 带去

48 告诉

49 认为

50 穿

51 将会

52 写字

1. Our school is____a park and a big library.

A. between B. next C. across D. in 2. Tom and Mike enjoy _______ TV.

A. see B. watch C. watching D. to watch

3. Let's __________________ .

A. go shopping B. went shopping

C. goes shopping D. going shopping

4. They want _________ the zoo very much.

A. to go B. to go to C. go to D. going to 5.There ____ some Chinese girls in Miss Gao's class.

A. is B. are C. am D. will

6. --______ do you come from? ---China.

A. When B. Where C. Why D. Who

7. We had fun in _____games.( have fun玩的高兴)

A. play B. plays C. to play D. playing

8. _______ it going? Pretty good! 相当好!

A. How's B. What's C. How D. Where's

9. Thank you very much. ________.

A. You're welcome B. That's right

C. You're right D. Don't thank me

10. Thank you for _____ us so much help.

A. giving B. give C. to give D. gives

11. Can you tell _____ the way to the shop?

A. he B. his C. her D. she

12. You'd better _____ a taxi to the park.

A. to take B. takes C. take D. taking

13.____you ___ a cup of tea? Yes, please.

A. Are, like B. Does, like

C. Do, like D. Would, like

14. I don't like cabbage _______.

A. at all B. a little C. a lot of D. very

15. How many ____ do you want?

A. rice B. tomatos

C. pieces of bread D. potato

16. My work is interesting, but_____ dangerous.

A. a kind of B. a kind C. kinds of D. kind of

17. Let's _____ TV now.

A. to watch B. watch C. look D. see

18. Mother often goes ______ on Sundays.

A. shop B. a shop C. buy D. shopping

19. We often play ____ after school.(冠词)

A. a basketball B. the basketball

C. basketball D. a football

20. He is very hungry. He buys ____ hamburgers.

A.many B.much C. a lots of D. all of them

21. "What does he do?" means ____________

A. who is he B. Where is he

C. What is he D. what is he doing

22. The girl wants ______ a doctor.


A. being B. to C. to be D. to do

23. Please _____ late for school next time.

A. don't be B. aren't C. doesn't be D. be not

24. My parents often cook noodles ____ me.

A. to B. for C. in D. of A. was swimming B. is swimming

C. are swimming D. were swimming

26. _____ are the books? They are 20 yuan.

A.How much B.What C.How many D.How money

27. Sorry, I'm late ______ school.

A. for B. to C. at D. from

28. She _____ lunch at home yesterday.

A. doesn't B. didn't have

C. doesn't have D. hasn't

29. —Would you like _____ orange juice ? —Yes, please

A. some B. any C. a D. many

30. We _____ to a movie last Sunday.

A. go B. went C. did go D. was go

31. —What___ your sister___?

—She is an actor.

A. does, does B. do, does

C. does, do D. do, do

32. Why not ______ see the smart dolphins?

A. come to B. to come

C. coming and D. coming

33. We can______taxi to the town.

A. by B. take C. ride D. take a

34. Welcome to our school! ____________!

A. Fine B. Thank you

C. It doesn't matter D. Very good

35. We often _____ TV after school.

A. are watch B. watch

C. watches D. watching

36. What time is it? __________.

A. It's fine B. It's OK

C. It's Tuesday D. It's nine

37. Let's take some ________.

A. photo B. photoes C. photos for you

38. Yesterday, there____nobody in the room. A. is B. was C. are D. were 39. What time do you leave school_____the weekend?

A. in B. on C. / D. of

40. You can _____ it in English. He can ______ English well.

A. speak, speak B. tells, say

C. say, speak D. talks, say

41. What ______ you do over the weekend?

A. are B. do C. did D. does

42. ______ Yes, I'd like a cup of tea.

A. Excuse me. B. Can I help you?

C. Are you OK? D. Good morning!

43. —Did you play football last Friday? —____________.

A. No, we don't B. No, we didn't

C. No, we aren't D. Yes, we play

44. ______ do you usually go to school?

A. What B. How C. Who D. Where

45. She _______ her homework on Sunday.

A. didn't B. doesn't

C. didn't do D. doesn't did

46. Mr.Smith is badly ill. Now he is__ __hospital.


A. in the B. in C. / D. the

47. What do you want ________ ?

A. to do B. do C. be D. doing

48. ______ does the child _______?

A. Where, comes from B. Where, from

C. Where, come from D. Where, is from

49. Your dress is very beautiful. ___________.

A. Thank you B. You're right

C. Don't say so D. yes, it is

50. ________ books are there on the desk?

A. How much B. How many

C. How about D. How far

51. Let _____ help ______.Let是动词,―让‖

A. they, you B. us, your

C. her, their D. us, you

52. I want to cook some food ______ dinner.

A. in B. for C. at D. on

53. What do you do? I am a ______.

A.hospital B.work C.post office D. worker

54. Mary ______ do sports last week.

A. isn't B. doesn't C. didn't D. does

55. Where is the bank? It is_____ the market.

A. on B. next C. or D. next to

56. Lily can _______ all kinds of things.

A. does B. do C. did D. doing

57._____you like? A cup of tea, please.

A. What would B. What C.Would D.How many

58.___your favorite singer? She is Sun Yue.

A. What's B. Who's C. Where's D. Who

59. Li Ping isn't here. Let's go ___find him.

A. / B. and C. or D. but 60. ______ Mary _______ bananas?

A. Is, like B. Do, likes

C. Does, like D. Do, like

61. Look! The man____the right is___ Africa.

A.on, from B.from, from C. on, in D.to, in

62. We have no time ______ home for lunch.

A. go B. going C. to go D. to go to

63. She likes to _____ jokes.

A. talk B. tell C. say D. speak

64. Mr. Green is a short man _____ long hair.

A. with B. in C. has D. grows

65. I'd like you ______ my friends Tom.

A. meet B. to meet C. meeting D. meets

66. ____ do you like English? Very much.

A. What B. How C. Which D. Where

67. Everyone in China_____eating dumplings.

A. like B. liking C. to like D. likes

68. What does your mother ____ ? She is tall and thin.

A. look B. like C. look like D. be like

69. He has ________ friends at school, so he feels unhappy.

A. a few B. few C. a little D. little

70. _______ he often do his homework at home?

A. Do B. Does C. Is D. Would

71. I'd like _____ you.

A. play with B. to play

C. to play with D. playing with

72.There__some tomatoes and milk in the box.

A. is B. were C. was D. have



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