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八年级下英语第二单元Section C

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1.English textbook(英语课本)。
2.English exercise book(英语作业本)。 3.English notebook(英语笔记本)。


2.学会使用语言知识点。Find out; leave; else


haircut 1.n.理发,发型_________ *2. prep.把---除外________ except upset 3.adj.心烦的,沮丧的 __________ *4.v.失败_________ fail return * 5.v.归还,送回 ____________ original 6 adj.新颖的 _____________

the same as 1. 与---同样的- ______________________ 2.时髦的,流行的 ________________________ in style *3查明,找出 ________________________ find out *4.别的每个人 _______________________ everyone else *5.我不知道该做什么。 ________________________________________ I don`t know what to do. *6.把你的作业落在了家里______________________ leave your homework at home 7.谈论---________________________ talk about *8.生某人的气____________________ be angry with 9.考试失败、不及格 ______________________ fail the test get on (with) *10与----相处,进展 ________________________ 11.与某人打架 _____________________ have a fight with *12.给某人一些建议 __________________________ give me some advice 13.听我说___________________________ listen to me

1判断对错F/T .2课文填空. 3.4简略回答. 5.翻译句子 1. His friends were planning a birthday party for his best friend. ( ) 2. Everyone else in my class was invited except ______________________. 3. Did he think he was popular at school? ______________________________________. 4. Why did he write to Mary? ______________________________________. 5.I’m very upset and don’t know what to do.(翻译) ______________________________________

1.我找不到我的电脑了。 I can`t ________my computer.

LiLei is ___________his bike everywhere.

Read th passage and _____________the answer to the question. ( )4. The police the car at last but they couldn't who drove it there. A. find , find out B. found ,find C .found out , find D.found , find out ( )5.I____my book , but I couldn`t ____it. A looked for, find B found, look for C looked for, find out D found out, look for

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