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请同学们准备好: 1.English textbook(英语课本)。 2.English exercise book(英语作业本)。 3.English notebook(英语笔记本)。




football *1.n.足球________ 2 prep.到----为止 ___________ until *3.v.适合,适应_________; _______(过去式) fit fit 4.n.压力__________; __________(动词) pressure press 5.v.抱怨,埋怨__________ complain 6.v.包括,包含___________ include *7.v.推,推动,督促 ________;______(三单) push pushes pushy 8.adj 固执己见的,一意孤行的 __________ *9v.派遣,打发 ___________; ____________(过去式) send sent 10v.比较 __________ compare 11.adj.狂热的__________ crazy *12.n.自由_________ ; ___________(形容词) freedom free *13pron.他们自己_________ themselves 14.n.成年人___________ adult 15. adj.有组织的____________;_____________(动词) organized organize

from ---to--1.对某人来说 for sb ____ 2.从-----到---_______________ 3.直到------才----- _____________ not ----until--4.迅速地吃早饭 ______________________ have a quick breakfast 5.该干---时候了_________________ 或 _________________ It`s time for sth It`s time to do sth 6.尽可能多的 ___________________ as much as possible under too much pressure 7.处于太多的压力下 ____________________ 8.抱怨做-- complain about doing 9参加 _________________ ______ take part in 10看见某人在做---___________________ see sb doing sth 11派某人去--______________ send sb to---all kinds of 12各种各样的----______________________ compare---with-13把-----和----比较 __________________________ 14.发现干-------很难 _________________________ find it hard to do sth a bit more 15多一点-----___________________ hand on the other hand 16一方面 on the one ____ 17另一方面 _________________ 18靠某人自己做------_____________________ by oneself the Taylors busy enough 19 足够忙____________________22.泰勒夫妇______________ 21.孩子们可能会发觉,独自思考很难。 ____________________________________________________. Children may find it hard to think for themselves

1. A few children take part in after-school clubs. ( ) 2. They are always ________them _________ other children. 3. Are the children tired? ______________________________________. 4. Who says that these children may find it hard to think for themselves when they are older? _______________________________________ 5. On the one hand, children need organized activities. On the other hand, they also need time and freedom to relax. _____________________________________________.

1.Life for Cathy Taylor’s three children is very busy. 2.The tired children don’t get home until 7 pm. 3. They have a quick supper, and it’s time for homework. 4. Teachers complain about teaching tired kids in the classroom. 5..Mothers send their kids to all kinds of classes when they are

very young age.

6.They are always comparing them with other children .
7. When these kids are adults ,they might find it difficult to plan things for themselves .

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