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江苏省海门市正余初级中学九年级英语全册《Unit 4 Period 4 Self check and Reading》教案 人教新目标版

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九年级英语全册《Unit 4 What would you do Period 4 Self check

and Reading》教案

? Analyzing of the teaching material:

? Teaching material:Section B: Self check1


? Teaching aims:

? Know the skills of reading, improve the ability of reading

? Be able to discuss the content of the reading material, and give opinions and


?Get information from the reading material, and use it to finish tasks. ?Analyzing of teaching important points and difficult points:

? The important points of this period are to use what we know to help us to learn

more or to deal with a problem, when we are faced with a task or a situation, especially daily possible accidents and problems.

? The difficult points of this period are how to deal with daily possible accidents

and problems correctly.

? The preparing before classes:

?CAI for this period

? The designing of teaching:

instructions and advice Teaching procedures

↘Step1 Warm-up/Revision 1. Greeting.

2. The students will be offered some imaginary 以旧带新,简单,有用而自situations, and they should give appropriate 然,有助于学生复习前面三

课时的关键内容。 responses:

A: I won in a lottery .What would you do if you had 5 million dollars?

B: If I had 5 million dollars, I…

A: I’m going to CCTV for a party show/A friend said 这步的设计有点新意,它很

好的连接了复习内容和接something bad about me/…

下来的阅读材料。 B: If I were you, I…

A: If you were a grown-up, what would you be like?

B: If I were a grown-up, I would …

A: They are in the desert.

B: If I were in the desert, I would…

学生课前作的对同学事故↘Step2 Lead-in 1 and Self check1:

1. The students will be offered some accidents and 和烦恼的调查,有助于课堂problems in the reading passage they’ll have to 上的回答。

read, and see if they can give appropriate responses:

2. Finish self check.1 1

↘Step3 Lead-in 2/Pre-reading:

1. The students try to answer the following three questions:

What kinds of accidents do you know of?

What problems do teenagers have these days? What is the biggest problem a teenager has? 2. The students will hear their teacher say:

Martin Robinson is a famous doctor who has a lot of experience dealing with teenagers. His new book, What Would You Do If… came out last month. It gives advice on what to do in lots of different situations. ↘Step4 While-reading

1. P32-33 Section 2. Fast reading and find out the answer to this question: What should we do if we get pimples when we are nervous?

A. We should lie down to have a rest. B. We should shout loudly for help.

C. First drink much water then lie down. D. We should drink more water and ask our doctors for advice.

(The answer is D.)

2. Scan the text for information to complete the chart.

4. Finally, they will do careful reading to check their answers by themselves, then check their answers in groups, if necessary, with the help of their teacher too. ↘Step5 Post-reading

Make a survey, and then give us a report.

1. Do a class survey on accidents and problems. Ask questions like: Have you ever had an accident? What happened? What did you do? Have you ever had a problem? Did you ask for advice? Did the advice help? Give them help if necessary:

A: Have you ever had an accident? B: Yes, I have.







A: What happened? B: …

A: What did you do? B: I …

A: Have you ever had a problem? B: Yes, I have.

A: Did you ask for advice? B: yes, I did.

A: Did the advice help? B: …

2. Give us a report according your survey chart:

For example: Sam cut his finger by accident. …

↘Step6 Summary

Key phrases: be faced with, have experience (in)

doing sth, come out, give advice on, cut yourself by

accident, cover the cut with a clean cloth,

press...hard, fall downstairs,

burn oneself, offer sb. cigarettes, hide sth. from


meet an internet friend alone

↘Step7 Language Developing

Discuss in groups: If you hurt somebody badly by

accident and you were in prison now, what would you

do? Why? Then give us a report.


Oral work: Listen to the article and imitate. Written work:

1. Finish off workbook exercise. 2. Write a short passage according to your discussion in class: If I were in prison... I’d…

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