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江苏省海门市正余初级中学九年级英语全册《Unit 4 Period 2 Section B 1a-4》教案 人教新目标版

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九年级英语全册《Unit 4 What would you do Period 2 Section B


?Analyzing of the teaching material:

? Teaching material:Section B: 1a-4

? Teaching aims:

Be able to use the target language to talk about different people’s personalities with proper words

Language points:Talk about personalities

Key vocabulary, phrases and sentences:energetic, confident, permission, bother, fairly, plenty, in the slightest, plenty of, get along with

What are you like? I’m creative and outgoing. How confident are you?

? Analyzing of teaching important points and difficult points:

? The important points of this period are to learn to describe and talk about personalities.

? The difficult points of this period are to talk about different people’s personalities with proper words, using the subjunctive mood correctly if necessary ? The preparing before classes:

? CAI for this period

? Try to describe the personality of your own and three others

? The designing of teaching: Teaching procedures instructions and advice

↘Step1 Warm-up/Revision

1. Greet the class as usual and check the homework.

2. Students finish a questionnaire: 问题链可以使学生更能很好Answer the questions and try to think what you are 的进入下一步。


Are you afraid to speak in public?

Do you like to meet new people?

Do you like art and music?

Do you often get nervous when you have to meet

new people?

Do you often feel tired?

↘Step2 Presentation

Students report their answers to the questionnaire 通过这一步,教师可以更随and they’ll hear their teacher say: I think 意,自然和真实的呈现新单you’re outgoing/ energetic/ shy/ confident/ 词。

creative... ↘Step3 Learn by themselves (Section B 1a.)


Students finish 1a alone first, then check their answers in pairs

↘Step4 Lead-in /Practice(Section B1b)


1. Students will try to describe different famous


people in pairs according the hints of the words


given by the teacher. 生会热情的参与。 A: Who is this? B: It’s Yang Lan/... A: What is she/he like?

2.1b, Which words in activity 1a describe you? Tell your partner. For example:

A: What are you like?

B: I think I’m creative and outgoing.

↘Step5 Work on 2a, 2b and 2c 1. Read the instructions and point to the four

questions. Celia is asking Bill questions from a personality survey. Listen and check the questions Celia asks. Play it twice and check the answers. 2. 2b Listen again and circle Bill’s responses

3. Listen and imitate

4. Pair work (2c) Let the students ask and answer the questions in the personality survey.

A: What would you do if someone asked you to e in a movie?

B: I’d say yes.

Then pair practice and check the conversations. ↘Step5 Make a survey and report

1. Look at activity 2a and write your personality survey. Ask anyone you like.








另一种新颖的设计,可以跳出classmates answered.


↘Step6 Reading

1. 3a Read and fill: Look at activity 2a and write your personality survey about yourself. Choose a, b,


生在 Period 1。.



or c.

2. Students describe the classmates they surveyed 总结部分不能忽略,对学生的 with simple words again.


↘Step7 Language Developing

Discuss in groups: If you were all grow-ups now, what were you like? What personality would you like to have? Why? Then give us a report. ↘Step8 Summary

New words: herself permission confident energetic

Key sentences: What would you do if …? If I were …, I’d…. You should …. What are you like? I’m creative and outgoing. How confident are you?

Important phrases: without permission, ask one’s permission, be confident of, give a speech, get pimples, introduce oneself to somebody. Homework:

Oral work: Listen and imitate 2a and 3a.

Written work: 1. Finish off workbook exercise. 2. Write a short passage according to your discussion in class: If I were...I’d…

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