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江苏省海门市正余初级中学九年级英语全册《Unit 2 Period 4(3a-Self-check)》课件 人教新目标版

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Period 4(3a-Selfcheck)

In the past


play baseball watch TV go to concerts sleep late

swim chat with friends listen to music get up early

What did she use to like doing…? She used to like…, but now….

My life has changed a lot. When I was young I used to be a lazy boy, but now I am hard-working. In the morning I used to get up until 11 am, but now I get up early and do sports to keep fit. Before I became a singer, I used to play computer games all day long, but now I practice my songs a lot to be famous. In the past, I hardly ever cared for other people, but now I raise money for charity. I find I’m happier than before. Xie Tingfeng then
?was lazy until 11 ?got up _______ am played ?______ computer games all day long cared for others ?hardly ever _____________

Xie Tingfeng now
? is hard-working early sports ? got up ______ and do _____ ? practicessongs a lot ________ ? raises money for charity _______________________

What’s the problem?
I’m too busy. I used to have much time. Now I have to study. I used to spend time playing football with my friends. But now …

Read the story about Rose Tang’s problems and then complete the chart.

Rose Tang then
used to have so much time used to spend a lot of time playing with friends used to watch TV or chat with my grandmother used to go to the concerts

Rose Tang now
get up early and stay in school all day don’t have the time anymore have to study

do my homework and go to bed

Put the missing words into the blanks.

Rose Tang ____(have) a biggest problem.She is has too busy.When she was young, she used _______(have) so much time. But these days she to have ____(get) up early and stays in school all day. gets Before she started _____(start) high school, she spent a playing lot of time______(play) games with her friends,but now she__________(not have) the doesn’t have time anymore, so she really _______ (miss) the misses old days.

现在我们上初三了,学习、生活和 以前一定有所不同,请谈一谈.
A: You are in Grade 3 now. Is your life quite different? B: Yes.1______________ but now I have to get up at 6:00 to read English. A: How about your sleeping time?

B: 2_______________ but I have to stay up until 11:00 pm.
A: Did you use to spend time chatting online? B:3______________,but my study takes all my time now.

A: What’s your favorite sport?
B: I like basketball. 4_____________but I have no time to play basketball. A: How are you feeling now?

B: 5________________. I really miss my old days.

What did your parents use to do when they were children? How is it different from what you do? Talk to your parents and fill in the chart.

I books music sports food

My parents used to…

favorite subject favorite things
Report : My life is quite different from my parents’. I like… . They used to ….

1. 从下面的框中选择适当的单词,并用单词的正确形
miss, be afraid of, used to, have to, worry about am

afraid of 1. I _________ the sea.I don’t know how to swim. worry about 2. Don’t _________ things so much. It will make stressed out . 3. Sorry, I can’t join you. I _____ to have study for a test. missed 4. I really______ my friend Tina. She moved to another town. used to 5. I ______ have short hair but now I grow it long.

2 Look at the pictures
and write about Yu Mei It seems that Yu Mei has changed a lot. She used to be short when she was younger, but now …



1. I often c_____ with my friends on Internet. hat 2. The computer is playing an important part in our d_______ life. aily 3. Li Ping is i________ in English,so her English is nterested very good. 4. It’s cool. We had better sleep without the windows o_______. n / open 5. You had better not eat c_____ in the evening , andy because it’s bad for your teeth.

1. have, did, you, curly, to, use, hair? Did used to have curly hair ? _____________________________________ 2. afraid, used, speaking, of, to, she, be, group, a, front, in, of She used to be afraid of speaking in front of a ______________________________________ group. 3. I’m, my, problem, is, that, biggest, busy, too My problem is that I’m too busy. _ 4. used, spend, playing, a, of, I, to, school, games, lot, after, time I used to spend a lot of time playing games after school. _________________________________________ 5. really, days, I, miss, old, the I really miss the old days. __________________________________________

1.Write down what your parents used to do when they were children. 2.Use the language in this unit to write about how your life has changed since primary school.

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