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江苏省海门市正余初级中学九年级英语全册《Unit 2 Period 5 Reading》教案 人教新目标版

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九年级英语全册《Unit 2 I used to be afraid of the dark

Period 5 Reading》教案

I. 教学目标

1. 理解并掌握以下单词、词组

death, afford, cause, himself, patient, in the end, decision, make a decision, head teacher, necessary, to one’s surprise, exactly, even though, no longer, take pride in, attention, pay attention to, give up, waste, not?any more

II. 教学重点与难点

1. 阅读并理解文章,提高学生的阅读能力

2. 正确审视自己,认识自己存在的问题,克服不足,保持乐观向上的进取精神。 教学步骤:

Step 1 Section 1 (Before you read)

1. Present some pictures and talk about them.

She used to work all day and all night, now she works for 8 hours a day. He used to be a worker, but now he is a singer.

He used to be cool, now he is still cool.

2. Present some information about Liu Qiang. T: Liu Qiang, a middle school student, didn’t use to stady hard at school. He usually got bad grades. Luckily, his father was very patient. He helped him to understand that it was important to do well at school. Now, he is one of the top students in his class.

T: Do you have problems? Sure. Everyone has problems.

Work in pairs to tell your partner about a time your parents helped you with a problem. Please make notes.

Step 2 Section 2 (While you read) 1. Show the following vocabulary on the screen and get the students to guess the meaning. First, get the students to look at the learning strategy:

Using Context:

Always use the information around the word or phrase you don’t understand to help you guess the meaning. Using context can help. You learn new words and phrases.

2. Read and fill in the blanks about Martin Murrgy.

He used to ____________________. Now he ______________________.


Step 3 Section 3 (After you read)

1. Work on 3a. Put the sentences into the correct places in the reading. Invite a student to read the sentences in the left column in 3a. Students read the text and put the sentences into the correct places. Check the answers as a class.

2. Work on 3b. Read the statements below. Circle, “True””False” or “Don’t 1

know” according to the reading.

Invite a student to read the five statements in 3b.

Then students read and circle “True””False”or “Don’t know”.Check the answers.

3. Read and answer the questions. ⑴How old is Martin Murray? ⑵What changed his life?

⑶Did he use to give his mother many problems? ⑷Why did his mother have to work?

⑸In the end, what decision did the mother make? ⑹What did his mother tell him on the phone?

Step 4 Go For it!

1. Groupwork

Work in groups of four. Think of things you used to do and you do now. Then

2. Imagine you are going to start a club to help students

who are not interested in school work. Think of two activities you can do with them, and discuss why it 1. 用death的正确形式填空。 2. 用课文中学到的词组完成句子。


1. Read the article and learn the new words and phrases. 2. Revise Unit 2.

3. Write down the article: changes in our hometown. Step 5 Exercises


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