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新世纪英语九年级上unit2lesson1 vocabulary

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Unit Four Lesson One

? 100 cents = 1 dollar = $ 1 / £1 one pound = one lb ? per cent = percent / percentage ? penny – pennies /pence / pound

? by airmail; ? surface mail = ordinary mail; ? express mail/ EMS= express mail service; e-mail; registered mail(挂 号信); ? printed matter(印刷品)




post v. 邮寄 post a letter /send/mail ? postal a. 邮务的 postal services ? carry-carriage; marry- marriage; pack-package /parcel; post-postage percent - percentage 1. How much is the postage on this letter? 2. Sir Rowland Hill paid the postage for mail a package 包裹(美国英语) Alice’s letter.

post a parcel





? express vividly ? expression n. 表达,表示 1. I’d like to take the express (train) to Beijing. 2. Would you like to send your package by express mail?

n. 快递; v. 快件;快车 表达 express oneself


a. 紧迫的,急 迫的

? urgently ad. 紧急地 ? urgency n. 紧急 1. As the letter is urgent, I must post it at once. 2. Sorry, I can’t attend the meeting because I have something urgent to do.

fill out = fill in
fill out = fill in the form fill … with fe filled with = be full of

depend on 视……而决定,得看 1. The price depends on the quality. 2. Whether we will go for an outing or not depends on the weather.

depend v. 依靠

depend on sb./sth. = rely on
dependent adj. 依靠的,依赖的

be dependent on sb./sth

independent adj. 独立的,不依赖的
dependable a. 可信赖的

He is a dependable friend. dependence n. 依赖 / independence 独立

? sail for ? sailor ? sailing schedule / flight schedule /school schedule

schedule 程表;


时间表,课 日程安排表

= time table ? sailing schedule / flight schedule /school schedule 1. He always has a full schedule. 2. What’s your schedule for tomorrow?

change vt. 兑换,改变 change…into …= turn… into… ? changeable a. 多变的 changeable weather
? exchange v. 交换 1. Where can I change my English money for dollars? (pounds or pennies /pence) 2. He changed his Euros for American dollars. 3. Let’s exchange our seats.




? I gave him a pound, and he gave me 20 pence change. ? If it costs 25 cents and you give her only one dollar, you should get 75 cents change.

print 版;

vt. &vi. 印刷;出 从(底片)印相

? printer 印刷者 1. This firm prints a lot of musical and sports books. 2. The photograph didn’t print well.

take place


? happen; be held ? take one’s place =take the place of = replace ? / instead of 1. Great changes have taken place in our school in recent years. 2. When will the football match take place?

gentleman /gentlemen
? ladies and gentlemen ? gentle – gently / terribleterribly /possibly

go up to

走上前去 /come up to

1. When t

he visitors arrived, we went up to them and shook hands with them. 2. The new student went up to the librarian for help.

look for


? search for / check for ? look at / look after/ look up / look out of 1. He looked for the lost money everywhere. 2. My brother has just graduated from university. He’s looking for a job now.

? receiver

feel sorry for sb. 为某人感到惋惜;同情某人
1. As he failed (in) the final examination, I feel terribly sorry for him. 2. Everybody felt sorry for her after she lost her digital camera.

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