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福建省福州文博中学八年级英语Unit 3 Topic1-2 单元测试题

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Ⅰ. 单项选择。10分

( )1. —Jane, can you play _______ baseball?—No, I can’t. But I can play _______ violin.

A. the; the B. /; the C. /; / D. the; /

( )2. The music _______ beautiful.

A. looks B. feels C. hears D. sounds

( )3. —Jackie Chan is a famous actor. —Yes, he is popular _______ many young people.

A. for B. as C. with D. to

( )4. —Could I _______ your violin?—Sorry, I _______ it to Li Lei yesterday.

A. borrow; borrowed B. lend; lent

C. borrow; lent D. lend; borrowed

( )5. Liu Dehua, Jay Chou and Lin Junjie are famous _______ their pop songs.

A. as B. for C. with D. of

( )6. —Hi, Linda. _______ hot it is! Let’s go swimming, OK? —That’s a good idea!

A. How B. What a C. / D. Which

( )7. Michael is fond of _______, but I prefer _______.

A. travel; read B. traveling; reading

C. to travel; to read D. traveling; read

( )8. —_______ Li Lei _______ play computer games? —No, he _______.

A. Did; use to; didn’t B. Did; used to; didn’t

C. Does; use to; doesn’t D. Does; used to; doesn’t

( )9. His mother taught him _______ and read.

A. write B. writing

C. to write D. writes

( )10. —I’m busy. I can’t go shopping with you tomorrow. —_______

A. I’d love to. B. Wonderful! C. What a pity! D. Go ahead!

Ⅱ. 情景交际。5分 He Jing:What do you often do in your free time? Wei Han:He Jing:It’s great! But I can’t play the piano. I can play the guitar. Wei Han: He Jing:I like pop music. What about you? Wei Han: I also like it. I like folk music best. He Jing:I know little about it.

Wei Han:

He Jing:Yes, I like them. My favorite English song is Yesterday once More.

Wei Han: But I prefer Take Me to Your Heart.

Ⅲ. 完形填空。10分

Louis Armstrong, a great American Jazz musician, was born in “the birthplace of jazz” —New Orleans in 1901. His father left home without a word and never returned. He had a life when he was young. Sometimes he had to make money by himself to help support the family(养家). But he showed a great in music. He bought an old cornet (短号) the money he made and taught how to play.

In 1913, he was taken to a home for bad boys. There, he a band (乐队) and practiced very hard. In 1914, he left the boys’ home. A famous cornet player, Joe Oliver, found that he was a musician. Then he liked him and him a lot. Louis Armstrong followed Joe Oliver and played with his band in Chicago.

Two years later, he left Joe Oliver’s band and joined band started by Fletcher Henderson in New York. People there liked his playing very much. In 1926, Louis made his first under his name. His name and music were


known by the people all over the world. He was called the of Jazz. He died in 1971. But he lives in people’s hearts forever.

( )16. A. hard B. happy C. sad D. interesting

( )17. A. hobby B. interest C. happiness D. fun

( )18. A. used B. with C. for D. without

( )19. A. people B. children C. himself D. father

( )20. A. found B. had C. liked D. joined

( )21. A. born B. good C. bad D. great

( )22. A. gave B. provide C. taught D. talked

( )23. A. other B. another C. the other D. one

( )24. A. record B. money C. card D. band

( )25. A. Lover B. Father C. Player D. Band

Ⅳ. 阅读理解 20

A hobby is not a job or a school subject. A hobby is something you enjoy doing in your spare time. It’s not something you need to do. It’s just fun. Some people make model ships, keep pets, plant flowers, play computer games or chat on the Internet. Some paint pictures or dance to music. Some collect everything from stamps to seashells (海贝壳)… People take up hobbies because they think these activities can bring them many things like happiness, friendship and knowledge. Anyone, rich or poor, old or young, sick or well, can have a hobby. A hobby will make your life colorful.

( )26. What is a hobby?

A. A job. B. A school subject.

C. Something interesting. D. Something you enjoy doing in your spare time.

( )27. How many hobbies are mentioned (提到) in this passage?

A. 7. B. 8. C. 9. D. 10.

( )28. Hobbies can bring people _______.

A. much money B. health

C. happiness, friendship and knowledge D. lots of trouble

( )29. What kind of people can have a hobby?

A. Rich or poor. B. Old or young. C. Sick or well. D. A、B and C.

( )30. When do people often take up hobbies?

A. In their work time. B. In the daytime.

C. In their free time. D. In the holiday.

(B) We have fun with our school life every day. Our school often holds different after-school activities. There was a football match on the school playground yesterday afternoon.

Our class played against Class Two. Every player tried their best as soon as the match began at 4:00 o’clock. The players from the two teams played very hard and well. At the beginning of the match, a big and strong player from Class Two got the ball and passed several of our players. He kicked the ball hard to the goal.“Oh, dear!”my classmates shouted surprisedly. Luckily, our goalkeeper Steve caught the ball. At the end of the first half of the match, there was no score.

After resting for ten minutes, the match began again. Our headteacher Mr. Zhang cheered us on all the time.“Teamwork! Teamwork!”he kept shouting. At this time, Kangkang got the ball. He kicked the ball to Jack and Jack kicked the ball to our captain (队长) Li Lei. He passed four players with the ball and then kicked the ball into the goal. The crowd jumped cheerfully. My classmates felt excited. Finally, we won 1 to 0.

My school life is colorful. I love my school life.

( )31. From the passage, we know _______.

A. no team lost B. the writer’s team won

C. Class Two won D. the result was 0:0

( )32. At the first half of the match, _______.

A. Class Two got score B. the writer’s team got score


C. the result was 1 to 0 D. there was no score ( )33. _______ is the captain of the writer’s class. A. Li Lei B. Steve C. Kangkang D. Jack ( )34. The players have a _______ rest during the match. A. one-minute B. two-minute C. four-minute D. ten-minute ( )35. Which order (顺序) is TRUE according to the passage? ①Steve caught the ball. ②Kangkang kicked the ball to Jack. ③Li Lei kicked the ball into the goal. ④A big player got the ball. A. ④①②③ B. ①②③④ C. ③②④① D. ②④①③


When Abraham Lincoln was just a boy, he had to help his father to look after their farm. It was hard work and there wasn’t anything interesting for him. Abraham wanted to go to school, but there was no school there. He was sad most of the time.

Mrs. Lincoln loved the boy very much. She tried her best to make Abraham happy. One morning she got up early and went to the town. It was a long way, so it took her a long time to get there. She bought something there and went back. It was late in the evening when she got home.

The next morning Mrs. Lincoln said to Abraham,“Today is your birthday, so we’re going to have a party.”She put some food on the table, and then brought out a present.

“A book!”Abraham cried. It was an old book, but he liked it. A smile came on his face. He looked up at Mrs. Lincoln and said,“Thank you, Mom.”

( )36. Abraham Lincoln’s father was a _______. A. farmer B. soldier C. worker D. teacher ( )37. Abraham Lincoln couldn’t go to school because _______. A. his family had no money B. his mother wanted to teach him herself C. he didn’t like school D. there was no school near his home ( )38. On the farm most of the time little Lincoln was _______. A. happy B. unhappy C. worried D. angry ( )39. It took Mrs. Lincoln _______ to make a trip to the town. A. a whole day B. a quarter of a day C. three hours D. two days ( )40. What was the present for Abraham’s birthday? A. A mooncake. B. A new book. C. An old book. D. A school bag.


American band “ The Backstreet Boys” have travelled all over the world but often they don’t see much of the countries they visit. The band members Nick, Howie, Brian, AJ and Kevin have been to countries as far as Australia, Spain, and Chile.

One of the good things about going on tour is the chance to meet fans from all around the world. Sometimes they can become overexcited.(过度激动) In Spain, one girl came up to Kevin and grabbed(夺走) his necklace(项链).


His brother gave it to him as a gift and he was sad to lose it. Some Canadian fans ran after AJ and he hurt his foot while running away. But the fans make touring special for band. When they arrive in a country, there are often crowds of cheering fans at the airport. This makes “ The Backstreet Boys” feel excited.

※ 41_____________“ The Backstreet Boys” 42___________ to many places.

※ There are 43________ members(成员) in this band.

※ Kevin’s 44 __________was stolen(被偷走) by a girl and he was very 45_________.

※ When some 46__________fans were running after AJ,he 47_____________ his foot.

※ When they arrive, there are often crowds of fans at the 48___________.

※ “ The Backstreet Boys” is very 49_________________ with people all over the 50____________.


51 I think pigs are really very _______ (愚蠢的).

52. His face looks very black and _______ (丑陋的), but his heart is very kind and beautiful.

53. —What kind of musical _______ (乐器) can you play?

54. Collecting stamps can make us learn more about the _______ (文化) of a place.

55. —Who is going to sing at the _______ (音乐会)?

56. Light music can bring us comfort and _______ (宁静) of mind.


1. He doesn’t like pop music. (同义句转换)He _______ pop music. 2. He used to swim. (改为否定句)He _______ _______ _______ swim.

3. She is a lovely girl. (改为感叹句)_______ a _______ girl she is! (对画线部分提问)_______ _______ of music do you like?

5. Can you lend your pencil to me?(同义句转换)May _______ _______ your pencil?

综合填空。10 I have many friends in my class. Some of them like music very much. But they like different________ of music.

For example, Jenny’s [?feiv?rit] ________ is pop music because she thinks ___________(听) to pop music can bring her ____________(快乐). And she c_____________ lots of photo of S.H.E. Jack likes piano very much. He began _____________ the piano when he was three years old. He thinks piano music m_____________ his life colorful. Amy’s hobby is ____________ from theirs. She [in?d??i]_____________ country music a lot. She thinks it can ___________ for the love for her hometown(家乡).


1 你过去有什么爱好?

2 流行音乐经常来去匆匆。

3 所有的宠物能提供给他们的主人们爱和安慰。

4 她将在哪里开演唱会?

书面表达 6


1. 李明以前是个电影迷, 一周看两次电影,有时租VCD在家里看,最喜欢的影星是John;

2. 现在的兴趣是集邮,因为可以从邮票上学到很多关于人物、历史的知识;

3. 上周五是李明的生日, 他从朋友那里得到了许多邮票,非常高兴。

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