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江苏省海门市正余初级中学九年级英语全册《Unit 4 Period 3 Section A 3a-4,Selfcheck》教案 人教新目标版

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九年级英语全册《Unit 4 What would you do Period 3 Section A


? Analyzing of the teaching material

? Teaching material:Section A: 3a-4, Selfcheck2

? Teaching aims:

Consolidate what the students have learnt in the first two periods.

Get information from the reading material, and use it to finish tasks.

? Analyzing of teaching important points and difficult points:

? The important points of this period are to revise how to describe personalities and talk about imaginary situations, giving proper advice.

? The difficult points of this period are to write back an e-mail, giving proper advice, using the subjunctive mood correctly.

? Key vocabulary, phrases and sentences:pimple, exam, sleepless, knowledgeable, represent the class in the school contest, come top in the school exams, let…down, be terrified of doing… come up with.. Tell the rest of…

What problems do you have at home/school? /I can’t ... / the problem is that … You shouldn’t worry about …/I don’t know …/What if …? /What should I do? What do you think I should …? / If I were you, I’d …

? The preparing before classes:

?CAI for this period ? The designing of teaching: Teaching procedures instructions and advice

↘Step1 Warm-up/Revision

Greet the class and check the homework.

Ask a pair of students to say their conversation. 旧内容为新用,自然,简单和

A: If you were a grown-up, what would you be like? 有用。

B: If I were a grown-up, I would …

↘Step2 Lead-in/practice 通过这一步,有助于学生为练The students will be offered some imaginary 习 (Section A 3a, 3b,)作准situations, and they should give appropriate 备, 当然也是高质量的。


A: I won in a lottery .What would you do if you had

5 million dollars?

B: If I had 5 million dollars, I…

生活中各种想象的情景,熟悉A: I’m going to CCTV for a party show/ I too shy to 而有趣。 do

anything/I get nervous when I speak to a stranger

each time/ I can’t sleep well before I take an exam

every time/My best friend didn’t invite me to his

party/I failed in the English test/ A friend said


something bad about me/I argued with my best friend/ 操练就是为了下面更好的输

出服务。 I’m afraid of speaking in public/…

B: If I were you, I…

↘Step3 Exercise(Section A 3a,3b,)

1. Read and match each problem with the correct advice. 2. Pair work, think of different advice for the problems in activity 3a, then several pairs of students will say their conversations to the class. ↘Step4 Make a survey (groupwork)

We meet problems every day .Work in groups to ask others’ problems and give advice. Then report the

result according to your survey.

↘Step5 Lead-in/Pre-reading Some of us are afraid of speaking in public, discuss in groups why does that happen? Then choose someone to tell us.

A: I’m afraid of speaking in public.

B: I think that’s because…

↘Step6 While-reading

Read the passage and answer the questions:

1. Who is this e-mail from?

2. Who is this e-mail to? Are you Knowledgeable?

3. What’s Mei’s problem?

4. Why do his classmates want Mei to take part in the


5. How can we help Mei?

↘Step7 Post-reading Discussion 1) Discuss in groups, if you were Fran,

what would you say to Mei? 2) If you are Knowledgeable

please write back to Fran to help Mei.3) Some

students read your e-mails to us.

↘Step8 Summary

New words: pimple, exam, sleepless, knowledgeable,

represent … in the … contest, come top, let…down,

be terrified of doing… come up with… Tell the rest













Key sentences: What problems do you have at home/school? I can’t ... / the problem is that … You shouldn’t worry about …/I don’t know … If I were you, I’d …


Oral work: Read 3a and self check 2 after the tape. Written work:

1. Finish the letter in self check 2. Make a survey, find your classmates’accidents and problems.




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