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unit4 What is the best movie theater复习课件

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Unit 4

What’s the best movi theater ?

1.He is (tall) in our class / in town. 2.Jim is of the three. (popular) 3.Who runs ,Jim、Jack or Lucy .(quick) 4.Helen is the most beautiful girl in our school.同义句转换
Helen is more beautiful girl than any other girl in our school

最 高 级 考 法

5.She is one of___________(careful) students in our class. 6. Tianjin is the third ________(big) city in China.
7. Can

you show me_ _________ (near) shop?

? 常考词组 ? 1. be close to….离…..近 2.in town 在镇上 ? 3.on Center Street 4.so far 到目前为止;迄今为止 5. 10 minutes by bus 坐公共汽车十分钟的路程( minutes’ walk; two hours by train.) 6.talent show 才艺展示 7.around the world 世界各地; 全世界 8.and so on 等等 9. Have……in common 有相同特征 10.all kinds of 各种各样的different kinds of 不同种类的 11. It’s up to sb.to do sth.做某事是某人的职责 12.play a role in… 在…方面发挥作用/扮演角色 13.make up 编造(故事、谎言等)14.for example 例如 15.take…seriously 认真对待….. ? 16.come true (梦想、希望)实现;到达

But life



on acters watch make


The best school is No. 1 Middle School because it is the most beautiful. The best supermarket is New Century Supermarket because it has the best quality things and the best service. The best restaurant is Rui Jia Restaurant because it has the most delicious food. and it is the cleanest restaurant. The best clothes store is Fashion Kids because it has the best quality clothes and it plays the nicest music. The best theater is Hanhai 3D Theater because it has the biggest screen and it has the most comfortable seats.

1 .The weather in Beijing is colder than _________ A. of Wuhan B. Wuhan C. that in Wuhan D. that of Wuhan 2.他们在决定获胜者方面起着重要的作用。 They ______ ______ _______ ______ in deciding the winner. 3.才艺演出变得越来越受欢迎。 Talent shows are getting _______ _______ _______ _______ 4.谁唱歌唱得最动听? Who sings _________ _________ _________ ? 5.Tom is very _________ (有创造力的). 6.Not e _________ likes watching TV. 7.Lucy gets a good _________ (奖品). 8.Bill Gates often helps the p _________ in Africa. 9. His mother is s _________ ill. 10 .The girl is a good _________ (perform). 11. Mr Brown is _________ (funny) of all the teachers. 12.The _________ (win) in the talent shows get good prizes. 13.Chen Daoming is one of the best _________ (act)in China. 14. His dream _________ _________ (come true) at last with his great effort.

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