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七年级英语(下)Unit 12 单元测验


1、校 规 2、少年宫

3、餐 厅 4、不得不

5、出 去 6、做晚饭

7、运动鞋 8、体育课

9、听音乐 10.在校的晚上



( )1. sleep too late. It's bad for your health.

A. Do B. Not C. Don't D. Please not

( )2. school,we have to wear shoes gym classes.

A. In; with B. At;with C.In;for D.At;for

( )3. -Can I borrow your dictionary?

-Yes, you .

A. can B. do C. would D. may

( )4. I am not happy. I get up at six o'clock every morning.

A. may B. can C. have to D. would

( )5. Li Huan never arrives late _______ class.

A. to B. for C. with D. of

( )6. Linda has ______ rules in her family.

A. too many B. many too C. too much D. much too

( )7. _______ your piano every day.

A. To practice B. Practices C. Practice D. Practice to

( )8. -Maria, do you have to go to bed ______ 10:00?

-Yes, I do.

A. in B. by C. on D. for

( )9. -What do you usually do on weekends?

-I go to the Children's Palace _______ the piano.

A. to learn B. learn C. learned D. learning

( )10. -Do you have to wear a uniform at school?


A. Yes, we do B. No, we do C. Yes, we are D. No, we are not Ⅲ、完形填空(计10分)



Mr Jones was very angry with his wife, and she was very angry 1____ her husband.

For several days they 2_____ speak to each other at all. One evening Mr Jones was very tired when he came back 3_____ work, so he went to 4____ soon after dinner. Of course he did not 5_____ anything to Mrs Jones. Mrs Jones washed the dinner

things. When she went up to bed, she found a piece of 6______ on the small table

near her bed. 7______ it were the words:“Mother-Wake me up (叫醒)8_____ 7

When Mr Jones woke up the next morning,it was nearly 8 am-and on the small table near his bed he 9______ another(另一个)piece of paper. He took it and 10______ these words,“Father-Wake up. It is 7 am-Mother.” ( )1. A. with B. of C. to D. for ( )2. A. don't B. didn't C. doesn't D. do ( )3. A. for B. to C. from D. of ( )4. A. work B. school C. bed D. hospital ( )5. A. say B. talk C. speak D. said ( )6. A. paper B. book C. bed D. news ( )7. A. In B. On C. Under D. Above ( )8. A. on B. in C. to D. at ( )9. A. saw B. see C. sees D. seeing ( )10.A. look at B. see C. read D. readed Ⅳ、阅读理解(共20分) A)根据下面一篇短文的内容判断下列句子的正误,正确的用“A”表示,错误的用“B”表示。 Playing sports like baseball, soccer and basketball is really fun. But when you are playing sports, you should be careful so that you don't get hurt. Here are some things that you can do to keep from getting hurt. ·Warm up before playing sports. This can be done by doing exercise like jogging. ·Know and play by the rules of the sport. ·Don't play if you feel sick, hurt or too tired. ·Know how to use the sports gear(装备). ·Wear safety gear at all times. ·Don't drink lots of water before, during and after you play. ·Tell your coach(教练)if you get hurt while playing. ( )1. Playing sports is really fun. ( )2. It's good to do some jogging before you play baseball. ( )3. You should drink lots of water when you play sports. ( )4. Don't tell your coach if you get hurt while playing. ( )5. Everyone should be careful when playing sports. B)阅读下面短文,从各小题所给的四个选项中选出能回答所提问题或完成所给句子的最佳答案。

In England, people don't often talk to each other when they travel. When you get on a bus or in a train, you sometimes see people sitting and looking out of(向?处看)the window. Other people may be reading books or newspapers. When you meet English people, they often start a conversation(谈话)by talking about

the weather. So when you meet someone in England, you can say,“Nice weather for the time of year!”

“But it was a little cold yesterday.”Someone may answer. Talk like this, and the English may think,“How friendly you are!” ( )6. English people often ______ on the bus.

A. talk with each other B. eat something C. talk a lot D. read newspapers ( )7. When you meet English, you can start the conversation by talking about the ______.

A. weather B. time C. food D. country ( )8. Some people sit and look out of the _______ on a train. A. window B. door C. table D. bus

( )9. When you talk to English people about the weather, they may think _______ according to(按照)the passage.

A. you are sad B. you are right C. you are English D. you are friendly ( )10. Which sentence is TRUE?

A. English people like travelling by bus.

B. English people don't talk much when they travel. C. English people are not friendly.

D. English people don't enjoy good weather. Ⅴ、用所给词的适当形式填空(10分)

1. Don't talk ____________ (loud) in the reading room. 2. Dad, can I ride _________ (me) bike?

3. Let's put on sports shoes for __________ (climb) mountains.

4. His mother is ill. He _________ (have)to clean the house every day. 5. We students can't break school _______ (rule).

6. Don't ______ (listen) to music in the classroom. But you can do it in the music room.

7. All the students have to wear their ________ (uniform) on Mondays. 8. She is doing some _______ (wash) at home.

9. There is a beautiful __________ (dinner) hall in our school. 10. Look! The two tigers are ________ (fight). Ⅵ、根据汉语句子完成英语句子(共10分) 1、我放学后不能和朋友出去。

I can't _______ ________ with my friends after school. 2、不要在教室里乱跑。

______ _______ in the classroom. 3、我一点都不快乐。

I never ________ ________ fun. 4、他们很乐意回答你的问题。

They are glad to ________ ________ ________ . 5、吉姆必须在七点以前起床。

Jim has to get up ________ _________. Ⅶ、任务型阅读(共10分)


Before you go into the supermarket, get a trolley(手推车).1____________ If you don't want to buy many things. get a basket. 2______________________ Push your trolley around the supermarket. 3______________________

4_____________________ You can buy fruit and vegetable, meat and fish, bread and cakes, household cleaners, ice cream, wine, and magazines. 5__________________.



A: 1_________________

B: No, I can't. I can't go out on school nights.

A: Oh, that's too bad. I can go out, but 2__________________________ B: You're lucky. I have so many rules. A: 3_______________________

B: I have to practice my guitar. A: Yeah.

B: And 4__________________________ A: 5_______________________________ Ⅸ、书面表达(计15分)


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