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八年级英语上册期末测试题 班级 姓名 分数


1. It was clever ______ you ______ this question.

A. of; to answer B. of; answer C. for; to answer D. for; answer 2. Andy has ______ for five years. Five years______ a long time.

A. come back home; is B come back home; are C. been at home; is D. been at home; are 3. I?m hungry. I would like to have _______ nice to eat. A. any B. something C. anything D. some

4. I?ve decided _________ it myself. A. do B. doing C. did D. to do 5. You ______ be late for class. You must get to school on time. A. can B. must C. can?t D. may

6. taking photo in the park this afternoon?

A. Let?s B. You should C. Why not D. How about 7. We didn?t hold the football match ________ the heavy rain. A. because B. since C. because of D. about

8. I will visit the West Lake with my family. there? A. Do, go B. Have , gone C. Did, gone D. Have, been 9. Have you finished dinner, Mum? I?m hungry now. A. cooking B. cooks C. cook D. cooked

10 It?s rainy. A. How?s B. How C. What D. What?s 11. I have a garden _______ many flowers and trees. A. with B. of C. in D. to

12. He arrived____ London ____ a cold winter night. A. at; at B. in; on C. in; in D. \; on 13 We all found_____ to play the game.

A. that interested B. this interesting C. it interesting D. it?s interesting 14 —I came to your office yesterday morning, but nobody was in.

—Oh, we__________ a meeting in the meeting room. A. have had B. had C. were having D. had had

15. The old man lives in a village_______, but he never feels________. A. alone; alone B. lonely; alone C. lonely; lonely D. alone; lonely 16 — _____ have you stayed here?— For about three days.

A. How long B. How often C. How much D. How far 17. There is a post office _____ the fruit shop and the hospital. A. between B. among C. with D. opposite 18. They _____ the Great Wall tomorrow morning. A. visit B. visits C. are visiting D. are going to visit. 19. The Yellow River is the second ______ one in China. A. long B. longer C. longest D. the longest 20The Greens ____ the planes to shanghai if it doesn?t rain tomorrow.

A. will take B. take C. takes D. are taking

21.--Why does he look --- He doesn?t feel today. A. sad, well B. sadly, well C. sad, good D. sadly, good

22. —_____. Where is the Tian?anmen Square? —Go along this street and …… A. Sorry B. Excuse me C. Hi D. Stop 23. —Let?s go to the zoo, ____ ? —OK. A. will you B. don?t you C. shall we D. can?t you 24 —What?s ____ with me, doctor? —You have a cold. A. the wrong B. the matter C. trouble D. ill 25. —I am very tired. What about ____ a rest? —OK. A. have B. has C. to have D. having 26 My father ____ to Beijing. He hasn?t returned yet. A. has gone B. has been C. went D. goes 27. He is funny. He always makes us ________. A. laughing B. to laugh C. laugh D. laughed 28 I ____ an interesting book at 9:00 yesterday evening. A. read B. am reading C. was reading D. were reading 29. You should ____ sorry to him when you do something wrong. A. talk B. speak C. tell D. say

30 I have been at this school ____ I came here. A. for B. since C. at D. in 二、阅读理解(10分)

Last summer, Mark became a middle school student. He took an English test in the first month. Mark was a good student and he worked hard. He finished the questions easily until he read the last one: “Everyone sees our school?s cleaner every day. What?s her first name?” Of course, this question is a little special. Mark saw the woman some times. She was tall and her hair was dark. But Mark didn?t talk with her and didn?t know her first name. The test was over. Then one student asked the teacher, “Is the last question very important in this test?”

“Yes,” said the teacher. “In our life, we meet many hard-working people. They are important. You should care about them. You should smile at them or say ?hello? to them.” Mark never forgot that question. He also learned that woman?s first name. It was Kathy. 41. What test did Mark have in his first month in the middle school? A. Maths. B. Chemistry. C. English. D. History. 42. What did Mark know about his school?s cleaner?

A. She was a little special. B. She was tall with dark hair.

C. She often talked with the students. D. Mark knew her first name. 43. What did Mark?s teacher think of the last question?

A. It was fun. B. It was interesting. C. It was boring. D. It was important. 44. What does the sentence “You should smile at them or say ?hello? to them.” mean?


A. We should respect (尊重) the hardworking people. B. We should believe in the hard-working people. C. We should help the hard-working people.

D. We should learn from the hard-working people. 45. What?s the right order (顺序) about Mark?

a. He saw the cleaner some times . b. He got to know the cleaner?s first name. c. He became a middle school student. d. He had a test. A. bacd B. dcab C. cadb D. abdc

( )55. A. a little B. much C. lots of D. a lot of 三、任务型阅读(10分)

Tom had a busy weekend last week. On Saturday morning he went to visit his grandmother with his parents. She lived in a beautiful town. There Tom climbed the mountains with his cousin in the afternoon and they had a good time there. After dinner, they went shopping in the supermarket. In the evening he saw an interesting play on TV. His favorite actress Song Dandan is in the play. On Sunday morning Tom wanted to play football, but it rained very hard. So he had to stay at home. He wanted to play the guitar, but he couldn?t find it. So he did some reading and listened to some pop music. In the afternoon, He helped mum do some cleaning and played chess with dad. In the evening, he studied for the coming maths test. Then it was time to go to bed.

1. ________ you _________ (write) a letter when your mother came in? 2.--Where is your father?--He ________ (go) to work. He?ll be back soon. 3. We?ll go to the park if it ________ (be) fine tomorrow. 4. Mr. Shute got up, dressed himself and _______ (go) out.

5. The teacher asked his students ________ (not come) to school late.

6. Kate often __________ (watch) TV on Sundays. 7. They thanked the student for ________ (help) them.

8. I spent about one hour ________ (read) this book yesterday.

9. I have a lot of homework ____ (do) 10. Mother wants me ____ (drink) milk every day. 11. I believe it?s important _________ (sleep) eight hours a day.

12. Can you give me something _____ (eat)?13. I _______ (not feel) very well yesterday. 14. It took him 2 hours ________ (finish) his homework. 15. He planned _________ (travel) around the world. 五.书面表达(15分) .每年的一月一号是元旦,请你用过去进行时描述你的家人在元旦那天晚上都在做什么事。




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