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unit3 I am more outgoing than my sister复习课件

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I’m more outgoing than my sister
? 1.重点语法

? 2.语法各考点
? 3.常用常考短语

? 4.回忆
? 5.单元易错题 ? 6.单元作文欣赏

?tall—taller short--shorter smart—smarter ?fast—faster high—higher hard—harder ?thin—thinner heavy—heavier funny--funnier lazy—lazier early--earlier friendly—friendlier quietly—more quietly loudly—more loudly Outgoing—more outgoing / less outgoing
Hard-working—more /less hard-working

比较级句型 :A be +adj比较级+than + B A +v+ adv比较级+than + B 原级句型:A +be(v)+as+adj(adv)原级+as +B 注意事项 :1:比较级的构成 2 :同类事物才能比较 3:形容词比较级前可有much/a little修饰

1.I am than my sister. A: much strong B: more strong C: stronger 2.What color do you like ,red or white? A: much B: better C: best 3:The apple is big , do you have a one? A: small B: bigger C: smaller 4:I am short. She is shorter. (同义句转换) I am not as short as her . She is shorter than me/I am . 5:Jack’s ball is bigger thanFrank’s/ hers (Frank) (she) 6:Sue writes as carefully (careful) as Tara. 7:She gets up as early as me. (early)

考 点

Section A 1.play the drums 打鼓 2.run fast 跑得快 3.jump high 跳得高 4.make me laugh 使我大笑 5.sing well 唱得好 6. we both like 我们两个都喜欢…… 7.the one with shorter hair 头发较短的那个 Section B 1.care about 关心;在意 2.as long as 只要;既然 3.be different from 与??????不同;与??????有差异 4.bring out 使显现;使表现出 5.the same as 和??????相同;与??????一致 6.In fact 事实上;实际上 7.be similar to 与??????相像(类似)的

much no because hard but however so study of


all well but for more in in


as much


real and

on truly




well to listen


1. There are lots of colorful on _______ sides of the streets. . A.each B.both C.either D.all 2.Both of them are doctors.(同义句) _______ _______ _______ doctors 3.Is your pen _______ (Jim)? A.same as B.the same C.the same with D.the same as 4. The boss makes the worker _______10 hours every day. A.work B.to work C.working D.works 5.. Which do you think _______ the longest river in China? A.is B.are C.am D.be

6. I don’t like green apples. I like red__________. A. this B. that C. ones 7. Would you like _________ cup of tea? A. other B. the other C. another 9.Doing morning exercises _______ (be) good for you 8.________do you like better, tea or coffee? A. Where B. Who C. Which.

My friend A is quite similar to me. We are both tall and thin. We are both quiet and serious. We like reading together. We are hard-working in class, so we often get good grades. My friend B is different from me. She’s funnier and more outgoing than me. She always speaks loudly. She is good at soccer. She’

s smart and she’s a good listener.

3.你和你朋友在外貌和性格方面有什么异同呢?请以 "My best friend and I"为题,运用比较级写一篇英 语文章. Should friends be the same or different? For me ,It’s not necessary to be the same .My name is David. My best friend Jeff is quiet different from me. He is shorter and quieter than me . We both like sports ,but he plays baseball better than me ,so he always wins .Jeff works harder and always get good grades .We can talk and share everything. I think my best friend helps to bring out the best in me .We’ll be good friends forever.

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