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Topic 七 宾语从句

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Topic 七 宾语从句

Focus 宾语从句



例如: 他说他认识你。 他问我为什么来这里。 我问他要什么。 你是否能告诉我他们都是团员吗?

I’m interested in 我对他说的话很感兴趣.



A,由that 引导的陈述句性的宾语从句,在很多动词如say, think, wish , hope, see, believe, agree, expect, hear , feel等动词后。连词that只起连接作用,在从句中不做句子的成分,也无词汇意义,在口语中常被省略,但在大多数情况下还是以不省为好,特别是在笔语中。


例:I told him that he was wrong.

l在think,believe, suppose, expect等动词引起的宾语从句中,有时谓语尽管是否定意义,却不用否定形式,而将think 等动词变为否定形式。

例:I don’t think you are right. (我认为你做的不对)

B,由连词if、 whether 引导的表示“是否…”的宾语从句。Whether,if 在从句中不做句子的成分,一般情况下,whether和if 可以替换。

例:I don’t know if/whether he will come tomorrow.

The teacher asked if/whether we had finished the experiment.


例:Everything depends on whether we have enough money。

宾语从句中有or not时不用if引导.

例:I don’t know whether the movie star will come or not.


例:Whether to go there or not hasn’t been decided.

C,由wh-引导的宾语从句。连接代词who,whom,whose, what, which,和连接副词when, where, why, how 等连接的宾语从句,它们在句中即有连接从句的作用,又在句中充当句子的成分。

例:Do you know which film they are talking about? (which做定语)

I don’t know where he lives. (where 做地点状语)


宾语从句从句的语序必须是陈述语序,既连接词+主语+谓语+其他成分 例:I believe that they will come soon.

He asked me whether I was a teacher.

They wanted to know what they can do for us.







1)She says that she is a student.

She said that she was a student.

2)She says that she will fly to Japan in a week.

She said that she would fly to Japan in a week.

3)She says that she has finished her homework already.

She said that she had finished her homework already.

4)She says that she can sing a song in English.

She said that she could sing a song in English.


例:The teacher said that the earth goes round the sun.

He told me that Japan is an island country.

lCould you tell me…是用来征询对方的意见,语气委婉,并不表示过去。 例:Could you tell me when we will visit the Histury Museum?


I. 选择填空:

1. Did you hear ______?

A. what did I say B. what I said C. I said what D. what I say

2. Can you tell me ________?

A. which class you are in B. which class are you in

C. you are in which class D. are you in which class

3. ---Excuse me. Could you tell me _______? --- Certainly.


A. when can I get to the station B. I can get to which station

C. which station can I get to D. how I can get to the station

4. Could you tell me where _______ yesterday?

A. did you go B. you go C. you have gone D. you went

5. Tom asked me ________.

A. whose shirt was this B. whose shirt this was

C. who shirt was this D. who shirt this was

6. Excuse me, could you tell me _______?

A. where’s the teachers’ office B. where’s the bus station

C. what’s she doing D. where the post office is

7. I want to see Mrs. Wang , but I don’t know _______.

A. she lives where B. she where lives C. where she lives D. where does she live

8. --- Go and ask Mr. White for help. --- But I don’t know _______.

A. where does he live B. where he lives

C. where is he living D. he lives there

9. --- Can you tell me ______? --- Yes, he lives in a small town.

A. where he lives B. who is singing C. when he will leave D. what he said

10. Have you decided ______ for London?

A. when will you leave B. when you will leave

C. when are you going D. when you are going

11. Excuse me. Could you tell me ______our tickets?

A. where do we show B. where shall we show

C. where did we show D. where we shall show

12. --- What are you interested in about cooking food? --- We are all interested in ______.

A. how egg is fried B. how is egg fried C. how egg fries D. how does egg fry

13. Do you know _______?

A. what it is B. what is it C. who is he D. whose name is it

14. Do you know _______?

A. whose book is this B. whose book this is

C. this book is whose D. who’s book this is

15. I don’t know ______ now.

A. where is my cat B. my cat is where C. where my cat is D. where my cat

16. Does he know ______?

A. what’s your name B. what name is your

C. what your is name D. what your name is

17. Do you know ______?

A. which floor he lives B. which floor he lives on

C. he lives on which floor D. which floor does he lives on

18. Can you tell me where _______?

A. is the hospital B. the hospital is C. is hospital D. hospital is

19. He hasn’t decided _______.

A. if he’ll go on a trip to Wuxi B. when will he go on a trip to Wuxi

C. if he goes on a trip to Wuxi D. when does he go on a trip to Wuxi

20. Can you see ________?

A. what he’s reading B. what is he reading

C. what does he read D. he reads what


II. 按要求转换句型。

1. Does Mr. Brown enjoy living in China? Could you tell us?(改写句子)

→Could you tell us _________ Mr. Brown _________ living in China?

2. "Does the girl need any help?” he asked me.(变为复合句)

→He asked me _________ the girl _________ some help.

3. Jim is not a student. Tom is not a student, either.(合并为一个句子)

_________ Jim _________Tom is a student.

4. When does the train leave? I want to know.(改为含宾语从句的复合句)

I want to know _________ the train _________.

5. Did Peter come here yesterday? Li Lei wants to know. (改为含宾语从句的复合句)

Li Lei wants to know _________ Peter _________ here yesterday.



1. --- When are the Shutes leaving for New York?


--- I asked _______.

A. when are the Shutes leaving for New York B. when the Shutes are leaving for New York

C. when were the Shutes leaving for New York D. when the Shutes were leaving for New York

2. Could you tell me ______? I have something interesting to tell him.

A. where is Li Hong B. where Li Hong is

C. where was Li Hong D. where Li Hong has been to

3. --- Could you tell me _______?

A. how many people have been out of hospital B. when is Thanksgiving

C. which animal does he like best D. what time will the dolphin show start

4. I want to know _______.

A. what is his name B. what’s his name

C. that his name is D. what his name is

5. He asked me ________.

A. if she will come B. how many books I want to have

C. they would help us do it D. what was wrong with me

6. Do you still remember ______ at the meeting?

A. that Jim said B. what Jim said C. did Jim said that D. what did Jim said

7. --- Excuse me, ______ to the nearest bookshop, please?

--- Go straight and take the second turning on the left.

A. where the way is B. which the way is C. where is the way D. which is the way

8. Mike, go and see who ______ football on the playground.

A. is playing B. plays C. played D. were playing

9. The woman still doesn’t know what ______ in her hometown while she was away.

A. happens B. happened C. will happen D. was happened

10. --- Can I help you? --- Yes. I’d like a ticket to Mount Emei. Can you tell me ______take to get there?

A. how soon will it B. how soon it will C. how long it will D. how long will it

11. --- I hear we’ll have a new teacher this term. --- Really? Do you know ______?

A. what subject does he teach B. what subject will he teach

C. what subject he teaches D. what subject is he going to teach

12. He asked his teacher _______.


A. if there was a monster in Loch Ness B. when was Albert Einstein born

C. how would the scientists find out the result D. where could he find the library

13. Do you know ______ over there?

A. what happens B. what was happened

C. what is happening D. what did happen

14. --- Do you know ______ we will arrive at your hometown? --- This afternoon.

A. when B. why C. if D. where

15. Could you tell me ______ to Mount Putuo tomorrow?

A. how you will go B. how will you go

C. how you have gone D. how have you gone

16. Could you tell me ______?

A. which room he lives B. which room he lived

C. which room did he live in D. which room he lives in

17. --- Do you know ______ he is? --- He says “1.75 metres”, but I’m not sure.

A. how many B. how old C. how far D. how tall

18. She said she _______ me five letters in one month.

A. has written B. will write C. had written D. wrote

19. Can you tell me ______ she is waiting for?

A. why B. whose C. whom D. which

20. I don’t know ______ he still lives here.

A. where B. what C. when D. whether

21. --- Be careful! Don’t break the bottles. Do you hear ______ I said, David? --- Yes, mum.

A. what B. that C. why D. if

22. I’d like to know ______.

A. when will he give back the tape B. whether has he received higher education

C. that he has been busy D. whether she will join in our English evening

23. Could you tell me _______?

A. when shall we start B. who are you waiting for

C. where the bus station is D. why were you late

24. --- Do you know _______? I’m going to see him. --- Sorry, I don’t know.

A. where does Mr. Li live B. where did Mr. Li live

C. where Mr. Li lives D. where Mr. Li lived

25. He asked me ______.

A. who did kick the first goal in the World Cup B. when was the APEC meeting held

C. when China became a member of the WTO D. where will the 2008 Olympics be held

26. She wanted to know _____ her mother liked the present.

A. which B. that C. if D. what

27. Could you tell me _______?

A. who is she B. where’s the nearest fast restaurant

C. if he will come tomorrow D. which way is to the underground station

28. Do you know if ______ back next week? If he ______ back, please let me know.

A. he comes, will come B. will he come, comes

C. he will come, comes D. will he come, will come

29. --- Can you tell me why ______? --- Because I want to help the people there.

A. do you go to Tibet B. did you go to Tibet

C. are you going to Tibet D. you are going to Tibet

30. --- Where does he come from? --- Pardon? --- I asked where ______.

A. did he come from B. he came from


C. he comes from D. does he come from

31. You must remember _______.

A. what your teacher said B. what did your teacher say

C. your teacher said what D. what has your teacher said

32. Lily likes _____.

A. what her twin sister like B. what her twin sister does

C. what is her twin sister like D. what does her twin sister do

33. --- Excuse me. Could you tell me ______ get to the plane?

--- Certainly. Go straight along here.

A. how can we B. how we can C. when can we D. when we can

34. Do you know what time _______?

A. does the train leave

C. the train leave

35. --- I don’t know _____ Mr. Green will come to see us?

--- He will help us with our English.

A. why B. when

7 B. leaves the train D. the train leaves C. how D. where


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