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1. visit museums 参观博物馆

24. Chinese traders from 100 years ago


enjoy walking around the town 2. go to summer camp/ the mountains 25.

去夏令营/爬山 3. stay at home 呆在家 4. go on vacation 度假 5. study for tests 准备考试

6. meet anyone interesting 遇见有趣的人

7. do/ buy anything special

做\ 买特别的东西 8. anywhere interesting 有趣的地方 9. take quite a few photos照很多照片 10. most of the time 大多数时候


taste really good/ great.尝起来真好极了 12. buy something for somebody= buy somebody something 为某人买某物

13. in the countryside在农村 14. at a restaurant在饭店 15. keep a diary写日记

16. arrive in / at= get to = reach 到达…. 17. decide to do something 决定做…… 18. near our hotel在我们的宾馆附近 19. try paragliding ( try doing something) 尝试滑翔(尝试做….) 20. feel like doing something 感到喜欢做…好像… 21. ride bicycles to Georgetown 骑自行车到了Georgetown 22. a lot of new buildings 许多新建筑 23. many of the old buildings许多老建筑


26. walk up to the top of the hill步行上山顶

27. start raining a little 开始下小雨 28. take the train乘火车

29. wait over an hour for the train 等了两个多小时的火车 30. enough money 足够的钱 31. old enough足够老

32. another two hours 另外两个小时 33. a bag with some food and water 装有食物和水的口袋 34. so… that…如此……以至于…… 35. keep going 继续走 36. go on 继续

37. jump up and down 跳上跳下 38. in excitement 兴奋地 39. twenty minutes later20 分钟以后 40. bring an umbrella 带雨伞 41. home cooking 家常菜

U 2

1. help with housework帮助做家务 2. hardly ever 几乎不 3. on weekends 在周末 4. exercise=do sports=play sports 进行体育锻炼 5. once a week 每周一次 6. at least twice a month至少一月两次

7. three times a year一年三次 8. use the Internet= go online上网 9. go to the movies去看电影 10. how often多久一次

11. favorite program最喜爱的电影 12. animal world动物世界 13. next week下周 14. be free有空

15. be full for somebody对某人来说冲满

16. be full of something装满了…… 17. have dance and piano lessons


18. What kind of dance什么种类的舞蹈 19. swing dance摇摆舞

20. Have to play tennis不得不打网球 21. Go to bed early早早上床睡觉 22. A healthy breakfast一顿健康的早餐 23. Stay up late熬夜到很晚 24. After school放学后

25. Be good/ bad for…对……有好\坏处 26. Want somebody to do something


27. Have good \ bad eating habits


28. How many hours多少小时

29. Junk food = unhealthy food垃圾食品

30. Go camping in the country在乡村野营

31. Ask somebody about something


32. Free time activities空闲时间活动 33. Use of the Internet因特网的使用 34. Only fifteen percent of….仅仅百分之

一十五的…… 35. Not… at all根本不 36. Not at all没关系

37. the other ten percent另外的百分之十 38. Use it for fun and not for homework

为娱乐而用,不是为家庭作业而用 39. The answers to our questions


40. Game shows游戏节目 41. The most popular最受欢迎的

42. By using the Internet通过使用因特网

43. Such as诸如……

44. Start doing something = start to do

something开始做…… 45. Before it’s too late


46. Watch TV for over 2 hours = watch TV for more than 2 hours


47. Go to the dentist去看牙医

48. A 16-year-old high school student一

个16岁的高中学生 49. Teeth cleaning牙齿的清洁 50. Almost every day几乎每天 51. A few times a year一年几次 52. Shopping center购物中心 53. Start with…. 以……开始

54. So start exercising before it’s too late!

开始锻炼,为时不晚。 55.Old habits die hard.旧习难改。

U 3

1. play better than somebody


2. sing more loudly\ clearly than

somebody 唱得比某人更大声\清楚 3. run faster than somebody


4. jump much\ a little higher than somebody

跳得比某人高得多\ 高一点儿

5. work much\ a little harder than somebody


6. be much less hard-working 更不努力得多 7. be much more hard-working努力得多

8. get up earlier than somebody


9. work as hard as somebody


10. be as friendly as somebody


11. the singing competition yesterday


12. sing so well唱得如此好 13. Which one…?哪一个? 14. the one with shorter hair


15. want to win想赢

16. the most important thing最重要的事情

17. learn something new学新东西 18. have cool clothes穿漂亮衣服 19. be talented in (doing)something


20. do the same things as somebody (do) 和某人做一样的事情

21. be the same as somebody和某人一样

22. truly care about somebody


23. make somebody laugh让某人大笑 24. a good listener一个好的倾听者

25. enjoy studying together喜欢一起学习

26. be different from…与……不同

27. help to bring out the best \ worst in somebody


28. get better at something\ doing

something变得擅长于做…… 29. be better at something \ doing

something than somebody


30. broke my arm把我的手臂弄折了 31. feel better感到更好了 32. talk about and share everything


33. be similar to…与……相似 34. a friend who is similar to me


35. a friend who is different from me


36. weekend student helper周末学生助手

37. primary school小学 38. have a good grade in English


39. get more information获得更多信息

U 4

good / well – better - best many / much – more - most bad / badly/ill – worse - worst little – less- least

old—older/elder- oldest/eldest far – farther / further – farthest/furthest

1. the best movie theater 最好的电影院

2. be close to = be near to

= be not far from 离……近 3. buy tickets quickly非快地买票 4. the shortest waiting time


5. the most boring songs最乏味的歌曲 6. be new in town新来镇上 7. pretty bad相当差劲

8. think of = think about 考虑,想到 9. show one’s talents展示某人的才艺

10. more and more popular越来越受欢迎

11. around the world = all over the world

= all through the world 全世界 12. have one thing in common


13. try to do something努力做某事 14. look for寻找

15. sing the most beautifully唱得最漂亮 16. be up to you to do something


17. play a role in doing something在……

之中起重要作用/ 扮演重要角色

18. get a very good prize得到很好的奖励

19. for example例如 20. in fact 事实上

21. the best place to go to on weekends 周末的最好去处

22. meet my friends接朋友/和朋友见面 23. the street performers街道表演者

24. the place where you can enjoy your

time你可以玩得高兴的地方 25. one of the small coffee shops

最小的 咖啡店之一

26. get a big plate of dumplings for only

five yuan 花5元买一大盘饺子 27. take walks = take a walk

= go for a walk散步

28. the long waiting time长长的等待时间

29. don’t’ worry!别着急 30. be in a fun part of town


31. an excellent piano player


32. the most creative act.最具创意的表演

33. play the guitar upside down


34. keep dropping the balls不断地掉球

35. thanks for telling me!谢谢你告诉我。

U 5

1. hope to do something 希望做…… 2. expect to do something期待做…… 3. plan to do something计划做…… 4. join sb (in something参加某人的… 5. talk show 脱口秀 6. sports show 体育节目 7. talent show 才艺展 8. game show 游戏节目 9. soap opera 肥皂剧

10. scary movies 恐怖电影 11. action movies 动作电影

12. come out 出版,(花)开(太阳等)出来

13. be ready to do something 准备做…… 14. try one’s best to do something


15. a symbol of Chinese culture


16. another cartoon character


17. one of the main reasons


18. dress up like a boy


19. take her father’s place to fight in the

army 代替父亲的位置去参军打仗 20. play Mulan’s role well


21. do a good job in the movie


22. show her love for her family, friends

and country

向家人,朋友和国家显示了她的爱23. see something enjoyable


24. have a discussion about TV shows.

对电视节目进行讨论 25. Expect to learn a lot from talk shows 期待从脱口秀中学到很多知识 26. a great way to relax一个放松的好方式 27. a friend who is similar to you


28. a place where you can enjoy time一

个你可以享受快乐时光的地方 29. good movies showing right now


30. most of the movies on right now 大


31. one very famous symbol in American

culture 美国文化中一个非常著名的象征 32. the black mouse with two large round

ears 这只有着大而圆的耳朵的黑老鼠 33. over 80 years ago 80多年前 34. first appeared in the cartoon


35. when this cartoon came out…


36. the first cartoon with sound and music

第一部有声配乐卡通 37. the man behind Mickey


38. became very rich and successful


U 6

1. take singing/ acting lessons


2. a cooking school 烹调学校 3. study medicine at a university


4.the old man and the sea by Hemingway


4. write articles写文章

5.send them to magazines and newspapers

把它们发送给杂志社和报社 5. make the soccer team 组建足球队 6. make resolutions下定决心 7. make promises to somebody


8. make a New Year’s resolutions


9. make a weekly plan for schoolwork


10. make my family happy让家人高兴 11. make your life easier


12. make yourself a better person


13. different kinds of resolutions


14. be able to keep resolutions


15. be too difficult to keep太难而不能坚持 16. plan for the coming year为来年作计划

17. plan to do something计划做… 18. promises you make to yourself


19. promise themselves…向自己许诺…… 20. improve our lives改善我们的生活 21. improving my physical health


22. improve my relationships with my

family 改善我与家人的关系 23. get good grades获得好成绩 24. get a lot of exercise得到很多锻炼 25. get back from school从学校回来

26. learn another foreign language学习另 一种外语,学习第二外语 27. be not for somebody不适合于某人 28. a kind of promise一种许诺

29. tidy my room整理我的房间 30. the most common kind最普通的一种

31. at the beginning/ start of …在…的开始

32. write down something写下…… 33. start an exercise program


34. eat less fast food吃更少的快餐 35. have to do with self-improvement



have one thing in common


37. have to find more time to study


38. a time for making resolutions


39. my own personal improvement


40. take up a new hobby养成新的习惯 41. sound difficult 听起来困难 42. computer science 计算机科学 43. a job that’s fun 有趣的工作 44. move to somewhere 搬到某地去 45. learn how to teach children


46. finish high school and college first


47. grow up 长大

48. go to a soccer camp参加足球训练营 49. be sure about something 对…很肯定

50. make sure… 保证…… 51. try one’s best to do something


U 7

1. live to be 200 years old 活到200 岁 2. live on the earth居住在地球上 3. live on a space station 生活在空间站


23. help to do something帮助做…… 24. get bored变得厌倦

25. make robots look more like humans

4. live with somebody 和某人生活在一起

5. use the subway less更少使用地铁 6. very big and crowded非常大而拥挤 7. prediction about the future


8. a book about future一本关于未来的书

9. in the future在未来

10. be more crowded and polluted


11. be in (great) danger


12. have to do something不得不做…… 13. fly to other planets飞到另外的星球 14. play a part in saving the earth


15. blue skies蓝色的天空

16. spend time together on weekends


17. fly rockets to the moon飞火箭到月球

18. an apartment across the street from here 这条街道的对面的公寓 19. watch movies about the future


20. human servants人类仆人

21. do jobs like working in dirty or

dangerous places

做那些在又脏又危险的地方的工作 22. do simple jobs over and over again

使机器人看起来象人类 26. disagree with somebody


27. agree with somebody同意某人的意见 28. If buildings fall down with people

inside…要是楼房倒塌,把人压在里面… 29. look for …寻找……

30. at some point, …在一定的时候,…… 31. do the same things as we can


32. keep a bird养鸟

33. look less smart看起来没有那么漂亮 34. take a holiday度假

35. the meanings of words单词的意思 36. fresh water淡水 37. clean air清新的空气 38. clean the kitchen打扫厨房 39. fly up in to the sky飞上天空 40. in the world在世界上 41. pretty far from …离……相当远

42. fall down倒塌

U 8

1. turn on the blender打开食物搅拌器 2. turn off…关掉(电器等) 3. cut up the banana 把香蕉切碎 4. cut the turkey into thin pieces把火鸡

切成薄片(cut… into pieces) 5. make banana milk shake/ fruit salad/ a

cheese sandwich/ 做香蕉奶吸/水果沙拉/奶酪三明治

6. pour something into…把……倒进… 7. put something in /into / on…把……

放到……里面/ 上面

8. put another piece of bread on top再放


9. put this into a bird把这个塞进鸟肚子里

10. peel three bananas剥三个香蕉 11. Russian soup俄罗斯汤 12. add some water 加些水

13. cook them for 30 minutes烹调30分钟

14. cook for another 10 minutes


15. cook it at a very high temperature


16. One more thing… 还有一件事…… 17. forget to do something忘记做……

18. First,… Then,… Next,… Finally,…首


19. half a cup半杯

20. popcorn machine爆米花机器 21. plant a tree种树 22. dig a hole挖一个洞

23. take out a book from the library


24. a piece of bread 一片面包 25. traditional food 传统食物 26. on special holidays在特殊的节日 27. a time to give thanks for food


28. the main dish of this meal


29. in the autumn/ spring/ winter/ summer

在秋天/春天/冬天/夏天 30. at this time这时

31. the first travelers from England who

come to live in America about 400 years ago ——400多年前第一批从England来America 居住的旅人 32. have/ live a long, hard winter…


33. in the next autumn在第二年的秋天 34. mix




something together把…混合在一起 35. fill... with…用……把……装满 36. be filled with…充/ 装满了…… 37. be full of…充/ 装满了…… 38. serve it to your friends


39. everything you need你需要的一切 40. the reasons for this special day


41. eat rice noodles for breakfast


42. one by one一个接一个

43. cover… with… 用……把……盖上

44. It’s time to do something.该做……了。

U 9

1. prepare for an exam 为考试做准备 2. have an exam参加考试 3. go to the doctor/ the party


4. have the flu得流感

5. come to my party来参加我的聚会 6. too much homework太多的作业 7. go bike riding去骑自行车 8. last fall去年秋天

9. not… until…直到……才…… 10. hang out with us 和我们起出去闲逛 11. might have to meet their friends


12. study for a math test为测试做准备 13. the day before yesterday前天 14. the day after tomorrow后天 15. look after the sister照看妹妹 16. accept an invitation接受邀请 17. make an invitation作出邀请 18. turn down an invitation

= refuse an invitation拒绝邀请 19. help to buy some of the food


20. take a trip to Wuhan 到武汉去旅行 21. at the end of this month在这个月底 22. be glad to help out with any of the

party preparations


23. go back to the US 回到美国 24. by this Friday到本周五止 25. look forward to doing something


hear from somebody收到某人的来信

U 10

1. go to the party 参加派对 2. tomorrow night明晚

3. plan to do sth. 计划做某事 4. on




morning在周五晚上/ 下午/上午 5. half the class半个班的同学 6. leave early to study for the test


7. be bored with the party games


8. order food from a restaurant


9. make a lot of money挣许多钱 10. make some food做吃的 11. make mistakes犯错

12. too lazy to cook太懒惰而不做饭 13. stay at home呆在家 14. give sb. sth. 给某人某物 15. give advice to your friends


16. advice




problems就常见的问题给学生建议 17. get enough exercise进行足够的锻炼 18. get an education获得教育 19. get advice from an expert


20. be/ feel upset感到沮丧

21. wear smart trousers穿漂亮的裤子 22. look the worst看起来最糟 23. take a taxi乘出租车 24. have enough time to study


25. have a lot of worries有许多担忧 26. have a lot of problems with their


27. travel around the world环球旅行

28. be famous around the world闻名于世

29. keep them to themselves


30. talk to other people告诉他人

31. be worried about something for days


32. walk three miles to school each day


33. keep thinking总是想

34. in the end= finally

= at last最后,终于

35. share my problem


36. in the future在将来

37. discuss your problems讨论你的问题

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