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Unit 3 Why do you like koalas2

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Unit 3
Section A

Why do you like koalas?

2005.3.10 Thursday, 1234

Unit 1 VII.
Dear Bill, Thanks for your letter. I want to be your pen pal. I think Toronto is very interesting. I hope I can be there to visit you. I’m from China. I can speak Chinese and a little English. I’m 15 years old and my birthday is in September. I have a sister and a brother. My sister is a teacher and my brother is a driver. I love them very much.

Unit 2 IX
Dear Rose, I want to invite you to fly kites with us on Sunday. Here is how you can find us. We’ll fly kites in People’s Park. You know where it is , don’t you ? After you go into the park by the gate, walk straight till you come to a small bridge. Cross the bridge and turn left. After walking for a while you’ll come to a hill . Walk around the hill. There you will see a lake. We’ll fly kites in the open field by the lake. I’m sure you can find us easily. Do come! Yours,

Zhu Hua

In our world, there are many amazing things. When fish sleep, they keep their eyes open. Elephants are the biggest on land, but they walk on tiptoe. Snakes don’t have ears, but how can they “hear”? They “hear” with their tongues. A giraffe has a very long neck, but do you know there are only seven bones in its long neck and it may be the tallest animal in the world? Dogs can smell things well and ants can smell things as well as dogs can. A tortoise can live up to 150 years. We all know animals are quiet, friendly and clever. Some are scary , dangerous and fierce. Whatever animals they are, we should protect them, because they are the part of the nature and they make our life interesting, lovely and wonderful.

1. T_______ are the most dangerous animals in the world, igers I think. 2. P________ are the animals that only live in China. andas 3. A large grass-eating animal which has a long neck, I think, is the g_________ iraffe 4. The d olphin is one of the cleverest animals,living in ________ the sea and looking like a fish. 5. Many families have d_____ as their pets. ogs 6. Why do you like k_______? Because they’re fun. oalas 7. The biggest animals on land are e___________. lephants 8. P__________ live in very cold places. enguins 9. A large meat-eating animal of the cat family, living mainly in Africa. It is the l ion ______. 10. In our world, blue w________ are the biggest. hales

a zoo animals

















tiger elephant

[`taig?] [`elif?nt]

老虎 大象 考拉 海豚 熊猫 狮子 企鹅

dolphin panda lion penguin giraffe

[`d lfin] [`p?nd?] [`lai?n] [`pe?gwin] [d?i`ra:f]


tiger elephant giraffe panda koala lion penguin monkey

tigers elephants giraffes pandas koalas lions penguins monkeys

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