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The Kingdom of Netherlands

This is Dutch geographic location

Some descriptions
? The Kingdom of Netherlands is located in northwestern Europe, near the North Sea, Germany and Belgium. ? It’s known for the seawall, windmills, tulips and tolerant social atmosphere. ? Netherlands has the most beautiful spring in the world and a high degree of mechanization of agriculture. ? The world‘s largest port is Rotterdam(鹿特丹). ? It has more than 20 million bicycles, and it has the most per capita bicycles in the world. ? Holland‘s Human Development Index(人类发展指数)ranked 4. The top three are Norway, Australia, the United States. In addition China ranked 101.

Luxembourg flag

French flag

Dutch flag from top to bottom by the red, white and blue three equal rectangles connected together. Blue symbolizes happiness of the people; white symbolizes freedom, equality,; red represents revolution.

Russian flag
It is difficult to distinguish them.


Amsterdam is the capital of Netherlands, and it’s the economic and cultural center .Many large Dutch institutions have their headquarters here, including Philips , ING and other seven corporate headquarters of Fortune 500 . National Concert Hall, Dutch royal palace, Van Gogh Museum are also here.


The seawall
? Throughout the lowlands, a quarter of the land less than 1 meter above sea level, a quarter of the land below sea level, there are more than 1,800 km long coastal sea dam and riverbanks. Thirteen centuries of reclamation(开垦) of about 7,100 square kilometers of land, equivalent to onefifth of the country‘s land area. Territory of rivers, mainly the Rhine(莱茵河), the Maas River. Northwest Littoral Department has IJsselmeer.

The seawall

In ancient times, there is a beautiful young girl who living in the majestic castle, three warriors all fell in love with her, and one send her a crown, one gave her a sword, another sent her a gold. But she does not love any one of them, so she prayed to Flora . Flora deeply believe that love can not be forced, so she turn crown into flowers, sword into leaves, gold into roots, so together became a tulip. ? This is a legend about tulip. ?

? In the Netherlands tulips are the most widely planted flowers, and the national flower .Tulips symbolize beauty, grandeur, luxury and success.



People often call Netherlands "windmill country“ . The largest wind wings up to 20 meters. Original purpose is grinding grain, coarse salt, tobacco, oil. It is precisely because these windmills keep water, drainage(引流), protecting two-thirds of the land from the threat of destruction . So the second Saturday of May each year is windmill Day, on this day, all the country's windmills rotate together , the whole nation are celebrating.


windmills are the fairy-tale romance.

Dutch Culture
Did you know there are nearly 1,000 museums in the Netherlands ? The Netherla

nds is the largest country in the world per capita museums, And the most famous is Van Gogh Museum and the National Museum of the Netherlands. The Netherlands is the world's first same-sex marriage and euthanasia Legalized(安乐死合法化) in the country. Drug has been legalized throughout the country, but only marijuana(大麻).

Van Gogh self-portrait

Starry Night

According to the latest statistics, this piece of land has a population of 16 million, and yet there are more than 20 million bicycles, and this figure does not include unregistered bicycles. I think the reason apart from people’s choice, there is actually a beautiful scenery.

Google's real picture

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