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Unit 1 Playing Sports Topic 1 I’m going to play basketball.

be going to do/will/shall do see sb doing / do play basketball/table tennis cheer sb on

have a baseball game against/ play against play with

prefer/preferred/prefer doing/prefer doing to doing/prefer to do quite a bit/a lot/ few/little seldom

favorite/like…best prefer/like…better grow up dream scientist/artist/composer… in the future begin/start by oneself check pay attention to


go cycling/… twice a week spend some time/money on sth./(in) doing sth. half an hour

learn be good(better) at/do well in sth./doing there be going to be/there will be

be sure that句子/to do

how long each time/each other be good/bad for why/because around/all over the world

popular/be popular with be famous for/as this afternoon

make him strong/keep her healthy/help them relax

a good way to do last/next arrive in/at get to excited/exciting

It’s adj. that 句子 It’s too bad that…/It’s a pity that…

for long/for a long time leave for the day after tomorrow/the day before yesterday a lot of/lots of/many/much/a lot/some

watch the game/movies join sb./ join团队/组织/join in/take part in

how often talk about week/week day/weekend plan/plan to do. collect/collection

information table

prepare/prepare for sth. go skating/… with the help of

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