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.Have you ever been to

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Tom gets up early,then he washes his face carefully. His mother usually prepares the breakfast. And his father often does morning his exercises. They have breakfast together. Father and mother go to work. Tom goes to school by bus .

1,who has read“the story about LeiFeng?” 2,who has helped somebody in trouble? 3,who has broken a cup? 4,who has been to shanghai? 5,who has swim in winter? 6,who has lost a wallet? 7,who has used computer? 8,who has seen a doctor? In the month?

Free talk

be → was → were → been hear → heard → heard sing → sang → sung use → used → used see → saw → seen forget → forgot → forgotten stop → stopped→ stopped write → wrote → written …

show 1. My English writing is good, but I need to improve my
listening skills.

Fill in the blanks with the words given. understand decide rent improve

2. I don’t understand . Could you explain that again,

3. That’s a special cinema. It only shows foreign films.
4. Have you decided what you want to do after school?
n. 电影

adj. 外国的

5. You can

rent bicycles at the

amusement park.




Been to an aquarium

Been to a zoo
Been to a museum

1,make a survey for traveling abroad.

2, Find some articles for interesting places.

Have you been
to Singapore?

Things I have known Place Populatio n Language

The new things to me

Food Places of

Location: Where is Singapore?

Location: in Southeast Asia

It’s to the south of Malaysia

1.Singapore is a big country in Europe. ( T or F ) 2.It’s good to see lions and foxes during the day time. ( T or F ) 3.Why is Singapore a wonderful place to take holiday for many Chinese tourists? 4.What food can you find in Singapore? 5.What is the best time to visit Singpore? 6.What’s the meaning of the sentence“…you won’t have any problem finding rice…”

Read the first sentence of each paragraph .
Guess: What does the writer think about Singapore?

Have you ever been to Singapore? For many Chinese tourists, this small island in Southeast Asia is a wonderful place to take a holiday. On the one hand, more than three quarters of the population are Chinese, so you can simply speak Putonghua a lot of time. On the other hand, Singapore is an English-speaking country, so it’s also a good place to practice your English! southeast n. 东南 wonderful adj. 极好的 take a holiday 休假;度假 population n. 人口 on the one hand 一方面 on the other hand 另一方面 quarter 四分之一 three quarters 四分之三

Have you ever tried Chinese food outside of China? Maybe you fear that you won’t be able to find anything to eat in a foreign country. In Singapore, however, you’ll find a lot of food from China; you won’t have any problem finding rice, noodles, or dumplings. However, if you’re feeling brave, Singapore is an excellent place to try new food. Whether you like Indian food, western food, or Japanese fo

od, you’ll find it all in Singapore if you look! fear v. 害怕;担心 brave adj. 勇敢的 have problem doing 做某事与困难 dumpling n. 饺子;汤团 excellent adj. 卓越的;极好的 noodle n. 面条(常用复数)

Indian adj.印度的;印度人的

Most large cities have zoos, but have you ever been to a zoo at night? Singapore has a night zoo called the ‘Night Safari’. It might seem strange to go to a zoo when it’s dark. But if you’ve ever been to a zoo during the daytime, you might understand why this zoo is so special. A lot of animals only wake up at night, so this is the best time to watch them. If you go to see lions, tigers, or foxes during the daytime, they’ll probably be asleep! At the Night Safari, you can watch these animals in a more natural environment than a normal zoo. Safari n. 旅行;狩猎远征 Night Safari 夜间野生动物园(新加坡) dark n. 黄昏;黑暗 fox n. 狐狸 environment n. 环境 natural adj. 自然的;自然界的

One great thing about Singapore is that the temperature is almost the same all year round. This is because the island is so close to the equator. So you can choose to go whenever you like—spring, summer, autumn, or winter! And, of course, it’s not too far from China! temperature n. 温度

all year round 一年到头;终年 (=all year long) all day long / round 整天 all night long / round整夜 equator n. 赤道 whenever conj. 无论如何 spring n. 春天 autumn n. 秋天

Read and tell the main idea of each paragraph with your own words.

Whenever = no matter when However = no matter how

Whatever = no matter what
Wherever = no matter where

This is the best time to do sth 是干某事最好的时间.


Eg. This is the best time to plant trees. This is the best time to prepare lessons.

If you have a chance to go to Singapore, what will you do?

Write down three or more things you have learned.

1.Recite and copy the new words and expressions.(必做题)
2.Write an ad for your hometown or for a place you have been to. Include details about why people should visit it. Eg : Have you ever been to …?(选做题)

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