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七年级下7bUnit5 Integrated skills

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Unit5 Amazing things!

Integrated skills

一.Teaching aims

1. Knowledge aims

? To learn more about animal knowledge.

2. Ability aims

? To get relevant information from the listening material.

二.Teaching emphasis

? To get relevant information from the listening material.

? To use in the information that the meaning of the expression of complete

三.Teaching difficulties

? To get relevant information from the listening material.

? To use in the information that the meaning of the expression of complete.

四.Teaching method

? Free talk,

? Task-based teaching method,

? Group cooperative inquiry method,

五. Teaching aids

? Multi-media

六.Teaching procedures

Step 1 Lead-in

1.Ss answer the questions: What animals do you know? Do you love animals?

What animals are you fond of? What animals do you afraid of? Do you know any amazing things about animals?

2. Present the aims of this lesson.

Step 2 Presentation

Present the pictures of the four animals. Look, there are some animals. Do you know theirs names? Please say something about them.

Step 3 Listening

- 1 -

1. Listen to the tape, and finish Part A1. Ss write the numbers 1-4 in the boxes.

2. Listen to another tape and finish Part A2. Help Suzy complete her notes.

3. Ask some questions. Ss listen to the tape again and answer the questions.

1) How many bones does a giraffe have in its long neck?

2) What do snacks do in winter?

3) How long can camels live without water?

4) What are ants good at?

Step4 Practice

1. Ask Ss to complete the letter. Check the answers. Ss finish the letter and show the answers. Read it aloud

2. Explain some language points.

1) be afraid of sth/ doing sth.害怕(做)某事

Eg. 有一些女孩害怕蛇。Some girls are afraid of snakes.

她从不害怕在全班面前唱歌。She is never afraid of singing songs in front of the whole class.

2)be afraid to do sth. 害怕做某事

e.g. 我害怕怕这座山。I am afraid to climb this hill.

他害怕晚上出去。 He is afraid to go out at night.

3) be afraid that从句。 恐怕/害怕......

e.g. 恐怕要下雨了。I am afraid that it is going to rain.


My parents are afraid that I won’t win the match.

4) know about/ learn about/ read about知道。了解或读过有关某事物的情况。 e.g. 这个人的情况我一点也不知道。I know/ learn nothing about the man.


Did you read some stories about animals the other day?

Step 5 Consolidation

1. Do some exercises.

Translate the phrases: 1) 是我们的家干净

2)不再、、、、、、 3) 前几天

4) 听说 5)、、、怎么样?

6) 同时 7)骑自行车旅行


not…any more live without be afraid of know more about

1). People cannot ________________air. 2). Most children _______________snakes.

3) Children want to __________ animals in Science class.

4)I will ________be late for class__________________.

- 2 -

2. Ss finish the exercises and check the answers.

Step 6 Homework

1. To remember some important language points of the lesson.

2. To complete some exercise.

Blackboard design

Teaching self-examination:


- 3 -

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