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unit8 When is your birthday sectionA

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课题:My favorite subject is science. SectionA

课型:Listening and speaking

授课时间:2013年12月 日


①知识与技能目标:Get the Ss to learn the new words about subjects, three days and some description words.

Get the Ss to learn What questions and Why questions.

②过程与方法目标:Get the Ss to master how to talk about preferences and give reasons. ③情感态度与价值目标:Make the Ss to know the differences between China and English-speaking countries about the expressions of dates. 学会合理安排学习,作息时间;学唱星期歌song of the week


①教学重点:Get the Ss to read the new words about subjects, three days and some description words correctly.

②教学难点:Get the Ss to talk about preferences and give reasons.

using What questions and Why questions.

三、教法学法:Communicative Teaching Method,Autonomous Learning Method,Cooperative

Learning Method.




Listen to an English song about months and ask the Ss to say the words about months they hear. 自主展示、发现问题

1. Let the Ss discuss how to read and spell the new words about the four seasons,12 months.

2. Let the Ss talk about the use of the Ordinal Numbers, and then write down the ordinal

numbers from 1st to 12th in groups.



1.Ask the Ss to write the Ordinal Numbers from 13th to 31st in groups and summarize the rules of them.

2.Practice in groups: When is Women’s Day?\Teachers’ Day?.........

3.Talk about the dates in groups using the following sentences:When is your/her/his/ birthday? How old are/is you/she/he? and list the names,months,dates and ages.Then ask some of them to give a report.


当堂总结、反馈提高 Listen to 1b,2b and 2c.

Complete the exercises in“导学案”.


Write an article to introduce your parents about their birthdays, ages and hobbies.


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