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一、虚拟语气在条件状语从句 中的用法(if条件句)
条件从句 If 从句的谓语形式

现在 过去

did / were
had done 1. did / were

主句的谓语形式 would/could/should/ might +V.(原) would/could/should/ might+have+p.p. would/could/should/


2. should do 3. were to do

might + V.(原)

虚拟语气假设条件句型注意点: 1.假设条件从句谓语动词发生的时间与主句 所假设的谓语动词不一致,叫做错综条件 虚拟语气。主句和从句的谓语动词要依照 假设的时间而顶。 If the weather had been finer, the crops would be growing still better. If you had followed the teacher’s advice, you wouldn’t be in hospital.

二、时态变化 现在: 过去时 (did/were) 1. wish 过去: 过去完成时 (had done) + 宾语 从句 未来: would/could/might+V. should

2. would rather that --

现在: 过去时 过去: 过去完成时 未来: 过去时

3. as if /though + 从句

现在: 过去时 过去:过去完成时

4. Even if /though +从句

现在: May/might +V. 过去:过去完成时

5. If only …(要是…就好了) If only I knew his name! If only we had followed your advice!

If only I could see him again!
? 要是我们的父母能和我们住在一起就好了。 ? 要是我没错过火车就好了! If only our parents could live with us! If only I hadn’t missed the train!

三.It’s (about/high) time +that --过去时
Sb Should do


四.用(should) + V原形的结构
1 表示要求,命令,建议的虚拟语气。
1.宾语从句 I drop caps.

这些动词后面的宾语从句要使用虚拟语气 用法。即从句中的动词 使用should + 动词原 形,或者将should省略。

以上动词相应的名词构成的名词性从句 (包括主语从句,表语从句和同位语)也 要使用虚拟语气。从句中的动词形式一样。

order, advice, suggestion, proposal, demand, request, desire

2. It’s necessary /strange/ natural/ important + that --- 从句中的动词要用虚拟,即 (should)+动词原形

3.在in case, for fear (that), lest等引 导的从句中,谓语动词用 “should+动词原形”

五.without和but for 构成虚拟。(but for要不 是) ? Without sunlight, people’s life would be different from today. ? But for your help, I wouldn’t have finished the work. ? Without your help, I would have failed. ? But for water, it would be impossible to live in the desert.

六. 某些简单句的固定句型: Heaven help him! God bless you!

May you succeed!
Long live the People’s Republic of China!

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