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2012新版新目标英语七年级Units 1

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七年级下册英语月考试题Units 1-4



( )21. My sister likes playing the guitar, but she can’t play ______.

A. nice B. good C. well D,OK

( )22. —Are you good ______ swimming?

—Yes, and I think I can help kids ______ it.

A. with; in B. with; with C. at; with D.with, at

( )23. He wants ______ the English club.

A. to join B. to be C. be in D. join

( )24. My father can’t play ______ basketball. He can play ______ piano.

A. the; the B. /; / C. the; / D./; the

( )25. She usually ______a shower at 8:40 p.m..

A. goes B. wants C. takes D gets

( )26. My brother doesn’t like playing basketball _______ watching TV.

A. and B. but C. or D. so

( )27. He ___ at 6:00 in the afternoon.

A. go home B. go to home C. goes home D goes to home ( )28. Can you ____ Chinese ,T om?

A. talk B. say C. tell D. speak

( )29. He ____ his homework ____ Sundays.

A. doesn’t , on B. don’t do, in C. doesn’t do, on D. don’t do, on

( )30. -----What time____Cindy____her homework?

------At seven o’clock..

A.does,does B.do,do C.do, does D.does,do

( )31.____ late. It’s your first day to work.

A. Don’t to be B. Don’t be C. Don’t D. No ( )32.Can you help me ________ my English?

A.with B.of C.learning D.about

( )33.--- ________is it from here to the village?

--About two kilometers.

A.How long B.How much C.How many D.How far

( )34.Please call me ________ 8989766.

A.in B.at C.about D.with

( )35.He can’t meet his friends today because he _______ do homework.

A. has to B. need C. have to D. don’t have to

( )36.It takes about _______ walk from my home to school.

A ten minute B. ten minutes C. ten minute’s D. ten minutes’

( )37.--______ does it take you from the hotel to the hospital? --Half an hour.

A. How long B. How far C. How many D. How soon ( )38.It takes me half an hour _____ my homework every day.

A. do B. does C. to do D. doing

( )39. Is it easy the students in the village to school?

A.for,get B.for,to get C.to,get D.to,to get

( )40.Don’t eat too much ice-cream.It’s not good your teeth.

A.about B.in C.to D.for



Tom has a happy family.In the___41___he gets up at 5:30.He___42___a shower and then he eats breakfast at 6:00___43___.His parents get up at 5:00.They do some jogging and take___44___.Then they___45___breakfast.

In the afternoon,Tom___46___home at 4:30.His parents come home at 5:30.They have dinner at ___47___.In the evening,Tom likes___48___TV.But his parents ask him to do ___49___homework first.He___50___to bed at 9:00.

( )41.A.morning B.afternoon C.evening D.night

( )42.A.take B.have C.takes D.haves

( )43.A.clock B.o’clock C.clocks D.o’clocks

( )44.A.shower B.showers C.shower’s D.showers’

( )45.A.have B.eats C.has D.eating

( )46.A.come B.comes C.go D.going

( )47.A.four thirty B.five fifteen C.six D.five

( )48.A.watches B.watch C.watching D.see

( )49.A.he B.his C.Tom’s D.Tom

( )50.A.goes B.go C.going D.to go



People travel to work in different ways. Some people go to work on foot because they live near their work places. Some people go to work by bike because they live farther away, or they like riding bikes. They think it's good for their health. Today more people have private (私人的) cars, so they can go to work in their cars. In the south of China, many people even go to work by boat because water is around their houses. Will people go to work by plane? I think so, if necessary(如果必要的话).

根据短文内容, 判断下列句子正(A)、误(B)。

51. All people like to go work by bike.

52. Some people think it's good to go to work by bike.

53. Today more people drive to work.

54. In the north of China, many people go to work by boat.

55. The writer thinks some people will go to work by plane if necessary.


Tony and Anna are brother and sister. They are Americans. Tony likes sports very much. He can play soccer, basketball and volleyball. Anna likes music(音乐) very much. She can’t play ball games. But they both(两者都) like playing on computers.

They like eggs, bread and milk for breakfast. For lunch, Anna likes eating vegetables and fruit, but Tony likes chicken and fish(鱼). They both like hamburgers. But they don’t like ice cream or dessert.


( )56. Anna is Tony’s _____ and they are _____.

A. sister; Chinese B. sister; Americans C. friend; Americans

( )57. Tony likes ______ and he can play ______.

A. sports; tennis B. music; basketball C. sports; volleyball

( )58 Tony and Anna both like _____.

A. vegetables B. soccer C. playing on computers

( )59. For breakfast, they like _____.

A. eggs, bread and milk B. vegetables and fruit C. chicken and fish


( )60. They don’t like _____ or _____.

A. ice cream; vegetables B. ice cream; dessert C. hamburgers; dessert


In many English homes people eat four meals a day. They have breakfast at any time from seven to nine in the morning. They eat porridge(粥) eggs or bread and drink tea or coffee at breakfast. Lunch comes at one o’clock. Afternoon tea is from four to five in the afternoon and dinner is about half past seven. First they have soup, then they have meat or fish with vegetables. After they eat some other things, like bananas, apples or oranges. But not all English people eat like that. Some of them have their dinner in the middle of the day. Their meals are breakfast, dinner, tea and supper and all these meals are very simple.

( )61. Many English people have ______ meals a day.

A. two B. three C. four D. five

( )62. People may have _______ for their breakfast according to the passage.

A. tea and eggs B. hamburgers and tea C. coffee and salad D. eggs and fish

( )63. People have lunch at _______.

A. any time B. nine C. five D. one

( )64. People don’t have _______ for their dinner.

A. bananas and apples B. soup and meat C. meat and fish D. porridge

( )65. Most Englishmen have dinner ________.

A. at one B. at any time C. at noon D. in the evening


My sister Cindy Green is an English teacher.She is 26 years old.Cindy speaks English and Chinese very well.She can play the piano,play soccer and swim.She often plays soccer with her students.She is good with them,and the students like her very much.

Cindy is in Flower Music Club.She goes to the club on Sundays.There she helps the kids with the piano.

( )66.Cindy can ________.

A.play the violin and swim B.play the guitar and play soccer

C.play the piano and play soccer D.play basketball and swim

( )67.Cindy often plays ________with her students.

A.the piano B.the guitar C.baseball D.soccer

( )68.How many languages can Cindy speak? ________

A.Two B.Only one C.Three D.Four

( )69.Cindy is a ________in Flower Music Club.

A.student B.teacher C.runner D.singer

( )70.Cindy ________in the club.

A.plays soccer B.speaks English

C.helps the kids with the piano D.plays the guitar




1.I like __________(跳舞) and playing the guitar.

2. She is Chinese, but she __________(说) English very well.

3. How many __________(小时) are there in a day?

4. Who are your ___________(最好的) friend?

5. It’s about twenty __________(分钟)walk from here to the post office.


Jerry: Hey, Ben! How’s your new school?

Ben: It’sI don’t like their rules.

Jerry: Yeah? What

Ben: No, we don’t. We can’t wear.


Ben: No, we can’t, and we can’t eat

Ben: Maths, science, history, geography, computer science …And we have to study English. It’s to study French and Spanish, too.

1.__________ 2. __________ 3. __________ 4. __________ 5. __________

6. __________ 7. __________ 8. __________ 9. __________ 10. __________



One day a little girl goes shopping with her mother.They wait for the bus to take them to the store.When the bus comes,the mother takes some money out of her bag and buys the tickets.They sit down and look out of the window.They buy some new shoes and sweaters.They also buy nice hats.Then they go back on the bus and get home at 4:00pm.

1.Where does the girl go one day?

2.Who does the girl go there with?


3.How do they go there?

4.What do they buy there?

5.What time do they get back home?






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