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( )1. A . wash TV B. watch TV C. such TV

( ) 2. A. with his mother B. with his father C. with each other

( ) 3. A. next Sunday B. next sunny day C. next Saturday

( ) 4. A. skating B. swimming C. swing dance

( ) 5. A. twice a week B. a nice week C. once a week

二、听对话,选择正确的答语。每小题念两遍。(共5题; 每小题1分,共5分)

( ) 6. A. Once a year B. Twice a year C. Three times a year

( ) 7. A. Take a walk B. Do some washing C. Do some cleaning

( ) 8. A. She doesn’t like bananas. B.She never eat bananas C. She used to eat bananas.

( ) 9. A. She is a TV fan. B. She is a film fan. C. She is a sports fan.

( ) 10 A. How to teach children B . Fast food C. Their children’s bad habit.

三、 听对话,回答第11至15小题。对话念两遍。 (每小题1分,共5分。)

( ) 11. How many people are there at least in Alice’s family?

A. Three B. Four C. Five

( ) 12. What does Alice’s father sometimes do on weekends?

A. Reading B. Fishing C. Shopping

( ) 13. How often does Alice’s mother go shopping?

A. Once a week B. Twice a week C. Three times a week

( ) 14. What do Alice and her brother do?

A. They are workers. B. They are shop keepers. C. They are students.

( ) 15. How often does Alice play computer games?

A. Never. B . Often C. Almost not.

四、听短文,回答第16至20小题。 短文念两遍。(每小题1分,共5分。)

( ) 16. How many days are most American shops open a week?

A. Two days B. Five days C. Seven days

( ) 17. Which of the following is true?


A. All Americans have two-day weekends.

B. No Americans have two-day weekends.

C. Most Americans work five days a week.

( ) 18. When do people spend their time in different ways?

A. Before the weekend B. After the weekend C. During(在…期间) the weekend

( ) 19. What do many American families do during the weekend?

A. Repair their houses B. Take part in sports. C. Go shopping.

( ) 20. What does this passage mainly tell us?

B. Americans’ weekends. B . Americans’ weekdays. C. Weekdays are busy.



( )1. Today, we have en___h food to eat. A.oug B.guo C. uog D. gou

( ) 2. The re__lt of the test is good. A.us B.su C. usl D.lus

( ) 3. She never goes to the den____ for teeth cleaning. A.tits B.tist C.tsit D. tst

( ) 4. A good friend is like a m___or. A.ir B.ri C.irro D. irr

( ) 5. I am sim___ to my mother. A.ilar B.liar C. aril D. ila


( )1. The fashion show is _______. I don’t enjoy it.

A. interesting B. boring C. important D. healthy

( ) 2. ----When ____you ____ for school yesterday morning? -----At half past six.

A. does; leave B. did; leave C. did; left D. does ; left

( )3. ---- _____ did you go last Saturday? ----- I went to the zoo.

A. How B. When C. Where D. Why

( )4. ---- Jack, who helped ____ make the model plane?

-----Nobody! I made it all by ______.

A. your; my B. your ; mine C. you ; myself D. you ; mine

( )5. What bad weather it was! We decided _____ .

A. to go out B. not to go out C. to not go out D. not going out

( )6. ----_____ do you go to the Children’s Palace? ---- Once a week.

A. How many B. How often C. How much D. How old

( )7. I don’t think fast food is good for our health, so I ____ go to MacDonald.

A. hardly ever B. always C. usually D. often


( )8. I can’t eat any more food. I am _______.

A. busy B. hungry C. full D. serious

( )9. --- You seem to like watching TV very much. Which ____ do you like best? ---- Lucky 52. I like Li Yong very much.

A. program B. screen C. progress D. description

( )10. Is William’s lifestyle ______ David’s ?

A. the same B. same as C. same to D. the same as

( )11. This is my elder brother. He is two years ____ than me.

A. old B. older C. younger D. larger

( )12. We all think we are tired after the long work. Let’s stop _____ a rest.

A. have B. to have C. having D. to having

( )13. ----What does your new English teacher look like?

----- She is a pretty lady ______ long hair.

A. at B. for C. with D. of

( )14. ----Kate enjoys music very much. What about you?

----- Me, too. I like ____ dancing ____singing.

A. all ; and B. as ; as C. both ; and D. both ; or

( )15. _____ he exercises every day, ____ he is very healthy.

A. Because ; so B. Because ; though C. Because ; / D. Though ; /


What do the people usually do on weekends? Some people like to _____ at home, but others like to go out for a walk or play football. Mr. Smith _____ hard in a factory during(在…期间) the _____. On the weekends, he usually _____ the same thing. On Saturday he washes his car and on _____ he goes with his family to a village(村庄) by car. His uncle and aunt _____ a farm there. It isn’t a big one, but they always have _______ things to do on the farm. The children help with the animals and give them some ______. Mr. and Mrs. Smith help in the field. At the end of the day, they are all _____ and Mr. Smith’s aunt _____ them a big meal.

( )1. A. play B. stay C. be D. so

( )2. A. works B. does C. makes D. studies


( )3. A. day B. year C. week D. month

( )4. A. does B. do C. make D. has

( )5. A. Friday B. Saturday C. Thursday D. Sunday

( )6. A. has B. have C. bring D. find

( )7. A. much B. many C. any D. no

( )8. A. cakes B. rice C.food D. fruit

( )9. A. hungry B.angry C. full D. happy

( )10. A. gives B. puts C. makes D. done



The exam comes in July. When the exam finishes, the summer vacation begins. Boys and girls have two months to rest. The summer vacation is the best part of a year for most children. The weather is usually good. They can swim, go to summer camp or visit other places with their parents.

We all know that the beaches are good places to relax. Some children are lucky to live near the sea. They can enjoy the sea at any time. But for the children who live far from the sea, they go to the beaches for only one or two weeks with their parents.

Why do children like spending their summer vacation on the beaches? It is because they like the sand(沙滩), the sun , the cool wind and the salt(盐) water. There are a lot of new things to see, nice things to eat and exciting things to do.

( )1. School children usually have exams ______.

A. in July B. before July C. after July D. by July

( )2. How long is the summer vacation ?

A. Two weeks B. Two months C. Three months D. One or two weeks

( )3. Why do children like the summer vacation?

A. Because the weather is good. B. Because it is long.

C. Because they have lots of activities and the weather is good.

D. Because they can go to the beaches.

( )4. Children who live near the sea can enjoy the sea_______.

A. any time they want B. for one or two weeks C. two months D. one month 4

( )5. Which of the following is TRUE?

A. Children like going to the beaches only because they can see lots of new things.

B. Most parents can take their children to the beaches and they can enjoy the sea at any time.

C. Parents like the summer vacation best.

D. Children can swim and enjoy the sand, wind and water on the beaches.


Xiao Lin’s father is ill(病了) . His mother must look after(照顾) him at home. So she says to her son,”Go to the hospital(医院) and ask a doctor to come to us, Xiao Lin.”

“OK,” says the boy,”But where is the hospital?”

“In the town,” answers his mother.

Then Xiao Lin leaves his house. He gets to a fork(岔路口) . He doesn’t know if he turns right or left. He stands there. Just then a farmer drives a carriage(马车) and comes.

“How far is the town from here?” asks Xiao Lin.

“Two kilometers,” says the farmer.

“May I take your carriage?”


“Thank you very much,” Xiao Lin is happy and gets on the carriage. Half an hour later the carriage doesn’t get to the town.

“How far is the town from here?” Xiao Lin asks again.

“Four kilometers,” says the farmer.

“Why is the town father(更远) now?”

“The carriage is going in the opposite direction(相反方向.)”

( )6. Xiao Lin must ask a doctor to come because _______.

A. his father is busy. B. his mother must look after his father.

C. the town is not far . D. he often goes there.

( )7. _______, so he stops at the fork.

A. Xiao Lin wants to have a rest. B. Xiao Lin doesn’t know the way to the town

C. Xiao Lin wants to wait for the carriage D. Xiao Lin must go to the town by himself

( )8. Half an hour later Xiao Lin is farther from the town because ______.


A. the farmer is afraid of him B. the farmer takes him to another hospital

C. the carriage goes very fast D. the carriage takes him to the opposite direction

( )9. Xiao Lin wants____________.

A. the farmer to take him to the town B. to know which direction he should turn to

C. to take the farmer’s carriage D. the farmer to tell him where the town is

( )10. The town is _______ kilometers away when Xiao Lin asks the farmer again.

A. two B. four C. six D. eight


Mr. Yang is a doctor. He cares a lot about not only other’s health but also his own(自己). He controls(控制) his weight(体重) carefully. To him, it is the most important thing to do if one wants to enjoy good health.

Mr. Yang controls his weight in two ways: exercising and not eating much. As a doctor, Mr. Yang is too busy to go to the gym(体育馆). He exercises by getting off the bus one or two stops(站台) early and walking the rest of the way to his office.

Besides , he doesn’t eat much. Mr. Yang has a special habit. When he buys a belt(皮带), he asks the salesperson to punch a hole(打洞) in the belt at 90cm from the buckle(扣) end of the belt, so that he can always remind(提醒) himself. He will stop eating if he feels the belt a little tight(紧). Mr. Yang thinks exercising doesn’t work as well as eating less.

( )11. Mr. Yang cares much about ______ besides other’s health.

A. money B. his work C. his health D. his friends

( )12. Mr. Yang controls his weight in _____way(s).

A. one B. two C. ninety D. many

( “it” mean in Paragraph 1?

A. To do exercise B. To be a doctor.

C. To walk to his office D. To control his weight.

( )14. Mr. Yang punches a hole in his new belt, because ________.

A. he is too heavy B. the belt is too long

C. he doesn’t like his new belt D. it can remind him not to eat too much

( )15. Which of the following is true?

A. Mr. Yang takes exercise at the gym.


B. Mr. Yang walks all the way to work.

C. Mr. Yang uses a belt to control how much he eats.

D. Mr. Yang thinks exercising is better than eating less in controlling weight.


Last summer vacation I went to Taiwan with my parents. Taiwan is really beautiful ! The weather is good. It is always warm and humid because the sea is around Taiwan. In the north(北方), it’s cold in winter, but in the south, it’s still warm in winter and you can enjoy the sunshine every day. The typhoon(台风) season is from June to October.

there. They are very tall and many of them are really old.

Sun Moon Lake(日月潭) is the largest natural lake in Taiwan. In the lake there are many kinds of fishes.

the small towns near the sea. Dumpings with shrimp(虾) in them are my favorite.

Taiwan , a beautiful island., I love it! I took many photos there. Would you love to see them?


16. The writer spent the summer vacation with __________.


17. The trees in the forest in A-li Mountain are ____________.

A. tall and old B. short C. new D. short and old

18. 将画线(B) 处句子翻译成汉语。


19. 画线(A)处句子有一处错误,请指出并改正。


20. 回答下列问题。

(1)What’s the weather like in Taiwan?


(2) Where did the writer spend his/her vacation? _____________________________ 7


SHE is one of the ______ girl bands(乐队). There are three sweet girls and all of them love ______. More and more people love them very much.

SHE has their first album(唱片) in 1999. but it didn’t sell very ________. The three girls still didn’t give up(放弃) their ______. They ______ harder and harder. _______ , their next album was good. Soon , they become very famous.

Of the three girls, Ella is the _______ outgoing. And Selina _______ the greatest smile . Hebe is the _________. The band have ________ fans undoubtedly(不容置疑地).

1.__________ 2.__________ 3.__________ 4.___________ 5.___________

6.__________ 7.__________ 8.__________ 9.___________ 10.___________

六、 汉译英(共5小题;每小题1分,共5分。注意标点符号和大小写。)

1. 他去哪里度假了?___________________________________________________

2. 他们通常在周末做什么?他们经常看电视。

________________________________ ______________________________________

3. Tom多久去看一次电影?他一月去看一次电影。

________________________________ _____________________________________

4. Tina 比Tara 更外向。 ____________________________________________

5. 好朋友就像一面镜子。





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