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( )1. A . wash TV B. watch TV C. such TV

( ) 2. A. with his mother B. with his father C. with each other

( ) 3. A. next Sunday B. next sunny day C. next Saturday

( ) 4. A. skating B. swimming C. swing dance

( ) 5. A. twice a week B. a nice week C. once a week

二、听对话,选择正确的答语。每小题念两遍。(共5题; 每小题1分,共5分)

( ) 6. A. Once a year B. Twice a year C. Three times a year

( ) 7. A. Take a walk B. Do some washing C. Do some cleaning

( ) 8. A. She doesn’t like bananas. B.She never eat bananas C. She used to eat bananas.

( ) 9. A. She is a TV fan. B. She is a film fan. C. She is a sports fan.

( ) 10 A. How to teach children B . Fast food C. Their children’s bad habit.

三、 听对话,回答第11至15小题。对话念两遍。 (每小题1分,共5分。)

( ) 11. How many people are there at least in Alice’s family?

A. Three B. Four C. Five

( ) 12. What does Alice’s father sometimes do on weekends?

A. Reading B. Fishing C. Shopping

( ) 13. How often does Alice’s mother go shopping?

A. Once a week B. Twice a week C. Three times a week

( ) 14. What do Alice and her brother do?

A. They are workers. B. They are shop keepers. C. They are students.

( ) 15. How often does Alice play computer games?

A. Never. B . Often C. Almost not.

四、听短文,回答第16至20小题。 短文念两遍。(每小题1分,共5分。)

( ) 16. How many days are most American shops open a week?

A. Two days B. Five days C. Seven days

( ) 17. Which of the following is true?


A. All Americans have two-day weekends.

B. No Americans have two-day weekends.

C. Most Americans work five days a week.

( ) 18. When do people spend their time in different ways?

A. Before the weekend B. After the weekend C. During(在…期间) the weekend

( ) 19. What do many American families do during the weekend?

A. Repair their houses B. Take part in sports. C. Go shopping.

( ) 20. What does this passage mainly tell us?

B. Americans’ weekends. B . Americans’ weekdays. C. Weekdays are busy.



( )1. I forgot to bring an um__lla. A.rbe B.bre C. ber D. epb

( ) 2. I am reading a ma___ne. A.agzi B.gaiz C. gzia D.gazi

( ) 3. There are lots of infor_____. A.amtion B.mation C.matoin D. tion

( ) 4. The ser____ is good. A.viec B. ceiv C.vcei D. vice

( ) 5. We had a dis___ion. A.cuss B.ucss C. cus D. ucs


( )1. Did Daming meet _____ this morning?

A. someone interesting B. interesting someone C. interesting anyone

D. anyone interesting

( )2. He is not _____ to go to school.

A. enough old B. old enough C. young enough D. enough young ( )3. I think Chinese people are ________ than Japanese.

A. more friendlier B. friendlier C. much friendly D. more friendly ( )4. Kitty is the oldest ______ the three girls.

A. in B. of C. at D. than

( )5. ---Excuse me , sir. _______ is it to the nearest supermarket?

----About 15 minutes’ ride by taxi.

A. How often B. How much C. How long D. How far

( )6. --- I think Tom is the youngest student in our class.

---- I think so. But who is the second ______ one?

A. young B. younger C. the youngest D. youngest


( )7. She can speak English _______ American.

A. so best as B. as well as C. as better as D. so well as

( )8. Everyone is try ______ best to win the game.

A. my B. your C. their D. her

( )9. ---Which is _______, the sun, the moon or the earth?

---- Of course the sun.

A. smaller B. the smallest C. bigger D. the biggest

( )10. ______ do you think is the fastest runner in your class?

A. Which B. Who C. What D. Whose

( )11. -----Wuhu is a beautiful city.

------Yes, and I feel ________ to live there.

A. comfortable B. worried C. afraid D. tired

( )12. I wanted ______ an actor when I was ten years old.

A. to become B. become C. became D. becoming

( )13. ----______ do you ______ of the sports shows?

----They’re interesting.

A. How; think B. How ; about C. What ; like D. What ; think ( )14. Yao Ming is famous _______ playing basketball.

A. to B. as C. for D. between

( )15. Han Han is a popular writer. His new book will ______ this September.

A. come up B. come in C. come out D. come on


Most children like ____ TV. It’s very interesting. By ______ TV they can ______ a lot, learn a lot and know many ______ about their country and the world. Of course they can also learn _______ the radio (无线电). But they can learn better and more easily _____ TV, because they can hear and watch at the same time, but they can’t see _____ over the radio. TV helps _____ children’s eyes. TV helps to open their minds(智力) too. They learn newer and better ways of _____ things. Many children watch TV ____ weekends. But some students watch TV every night. They usually go to bed very late. They can’t have a good rest.


( )1. A. watches B. watch C. to watch D. watched ( )2. A. watching B. watched C. watches D. to watch ( )3. A. see B. to see C. saw D. sees ( )4. A. thing B. things C. something D. anything ( )5. A. in B. at C. over D. to ( )6. A. at B.in C. on D. to

( )7. A. nothing B. anything C. something D. things ( )8. A. to open B. opens C. opening D. opened ( )9. A. do B. does C. doing D. done ( )10. A. at B. in C. on D. to 四、阅读理解(共20小题;每小题1分,共20分)


( )1. From the form , we know ____ habits may be the best. A. Tina’s B. David’s C. Jack’s D. Linda’s ( )2. What does Tina never do ?

A. She never exercises. B. She never drinks milk. C. She never eats vegetables. D. She never eats junk food. ( )3. How often does Jack exercise?

A. Never. B. Every day. C. Twice a day D. Twice a week ( )4. How long does David sleep every day?

A. For five hours B. For six hours C. For seven hours D. For eight hours ( )5. What does Linda do twice a week?

A. She has vegetables and milk B. She eats junk food and fruit


C. She exercises and eats heathy food. D. She eats junk food and plays sports.


Mr. and Mrs. Wilson lived in a big city, and one summer they went to the country for

their vavation. They enjoyed it very much, because it was a quiet and clean place.

One day they went for a walk early in the morning and saw an old man. He was sitting

alone in the warm sun in front of his house. Mr. Wilson asked him,“Do you like living in a

quiet place?”

The old man said,“Yes, I do.”

Mr. Wilson said,“What are the good things about it?”

The old man answered,“Well, everybody knows everybody. People often come and see

me, and I often go and see them. And there are lots of children here.”

Mr. Wilson said,“That’s interesting. And what are the bad things?”

The old man thought for a few minutes and said,“Well, the same things, really.”

( )6. Where did Mr. Wilson live?

A. In a city. B. In a county. C. In town. D. In Beijing.

( )7. Why did they like the country?

A. Because it was far. B. Because they had a farm in the country.

C. Because it was quiet and clean. D. Because it was near.

( )8. Was the old man their uncle?

A. Yes, he was. B. We don’t know. C. I think so. D. Certainly.

( )9. What were the good things about the country in the old man’s opinion ?

A. Everybody knew each other. B. Everybody didn’t know each other.

C. It was clean and quiet. D. It was nice.

( )10. Did the old man think the good things and the bad things in the country were the


A. No, he didn’t. B. Yes, he did. C. I don’t know. D. I don’t think so.


Tom , Jean, Jack and Lucy are talking about the movie theaters in the city.

My name’s Tom. I go to Movie Palace twice a month. It’s about two kilometers from


my home. The service is good. But the price of a ticket is a little expensive. I never go to

Moon Cinema. It’s about 10 kilometers from my home.

I’m Jean. I go to Moon Cinema more often. There are often new movies on show and

the screens are big. Most importantly, the price is cheap. It’s always half the price for

students , about 30 yuan. I go there once a week.

I’m Jack. I live about 5 kilometers from Moon Cinema and 8 kilometers from Movie

Palace. I think the seats in Moon Cinema are hard and the music is too loud. So I prefer to

go to Movie Palace. I go to Movie Palace once a month.

I’m Lucy. I prefer to go to Movie Palace. It’s in the center of the city and is very

modern. I like shopping and there are some shopping centers around. I go there once a


( )11. Who goes to a cinema once a month?

A. Tom and Jean. B. Jean and Jack. C. Jack and Lucy. D. Lucy and Tom.

( )12. How much is a full-price ticket in Moon Cinema?

A. About 50 yuan. B. About 100 yuan. C. About 30 yuan. D. About 60 yuan.

( )13. Why does Tom never go to Moon Cinema?

A.The ticket is expensive. B. The seats are hard.

C.The screens aren’t big. D. It’s far from his home.

( )14. Jack’s home is _____ kilometers farther from Movie Palace than Tom’s.

A. 3 B. 5 C. 6 D. 10

( )15. Which of the following is Not true?

A. Tom thinks the service in Movie Palace is good.

B. Jean and Jack prefer Movie Palace to Moon Cinema.

C. Lucy likes Movie Palace because she can go shopping.

D. Movie Palace is in the middle of the city.

D(任务型阅读) 阅读短文,根据材料内容回答下列问题

Should friends be different or the same? Different people have different ideas. The

following is what four of my classmates say.

My name is Susan. I am outgoing. I like to have friends who are similar to me. Both my

best friend Linda and I like traceling. We went to Italy with our families last summer

vacation. We stayed there for two weeks. Next year we want to go to Paris.

My name is Mary. I like to have friends who are different from me. My best friend

Betty is shorter and more outgoing than me. I am quiet and I like reading very much. Betty


likes sports and she plays ping-pong well.

I’m Peter. I like to have friends who are like me. It can be very helpful. I’m a little quiet

and my good friend Rick is quiet,too. Sometimes I don’t know what to do with my

problems and he can tell me what I should do, because he knows about me better than

people who are different from me.

I’m Bill. I have both kinds of friends. I think it is important. That makes my life more


1. How long did Susan stay in Italy?

2.What kind of sport is Betty good at?

3.Who is Peter’s friend?

4.Why does Bill think it’s important to have both kinds of friends?

5. How many of the four think friends should be the same?

五、阅读短文,选词填空,每空一词,每词只能使用一次。 (每空1分,共10分。)

Hua Lin, a Chinese boy of 13 years old,likes eating snacks(零食) very much. His (奶油饼干). Sometimes he can eat three packs a day.” I like ” he said.

Now in China there are many children like Hualin. They also enjoy snacks. It’s a ’(营养) from these things, and if

they don’(肥胖的)


律的) meals instead of too many snacks, and have a good breakfast. Then they should what your bodies need. Some students also like fast food, like McDonalds or KFC. They ’t drink too

many sugar(糖)drinks or eat too much fried food.

If they can do as the experts say, they will be healthier. They won’They will have enough energy.

1.__________ 2.__________ 3.__________ 4.___________ 5.___________

6.__________ 7.__________ 8.__________ 9.___________ 10.___________

六、 汉译英(共5小题;每小题1分,共5分。注意标点符号和大小写。)

1. 我决定和我的父亲去北京。


2. 你最喜欢的电视节目是什么?我最喜欢的电视节目是才艺节目。


________________________________ ______________________________________

3. 我比你更勤奋。


4. 你认为Miller’s 怎么样? 我认为它有最差的服务。

________________________________ _____________________________________

5. 你期待能从肥皂剧中学到什么?





Last week we did a survey of the readers about good places in our city. And this is what we learned.

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