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八年级英语训练题 编制:张福彦 使用时间:2013—10 C2YY 班级:



1.There are many outdoor(户外的) a ______ in spring.

2.My mother didn’t have e______ money,so she couldn’t buy the coat.

3.We must w ______ when the traffic light is red.

4.He t _______many photos in Beijing last year.

5.I didn’t take an u ______ so I got wet in the rain.

6.I want to go on vacation but I can’t d _______ when to go.

7.We must keep d ________to improve our writing skills(写作技巧).

8.I d________the sweater because it is out of the style(过时).

9.Can you find some d________between the twin brothers?

10.She ate n________but some bread at the party.


1.We decided_______ (go) to the beach near our hotel.

2.I really enjoy_________ (walk) around the town.

3.We wanted ___________(walk) up to the top.

4.My family__________(go) to the beach every summer.

5.Did you have a great time___________(talk) in groups?

6. Lucy usually_ ______to school early. But today she ________to school late. (go)

7. ---Where did you______ (study) last night?

---No, I__________(help)my mother_______(clean) the room.

8.Do you feel like __________(drink) some orange?

9.Our teacher often keeps us __________(read) English in the morning.

10. It’s very interesting _____ ( feed) the pets.



The only problem was there was__________ to do in the evening ______read.


I _________ or my parents, ____________ for myself.


We __________ over an hour_______ the train _________ too many people.


Then we walked ______________ before getting to the top.


_____________in our class __________ a bag __________with some food and water.

6.我的腿如此劳累,以至于我想停下来。 My legs were_______ tired _________I wanted to stop.

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八年级英语训练题 编制:张福彦 使用时间:2013—10 C2YY


1.Did you enjoy yourself last night?(同义句转换) Did you ________________ last night?

2.Do you want to come here?(同义句转换)______ you _______ to come here?

3.We rode bicycles to Gegetwon.(同义句转换) We went to Gegetown .

4.I wonder what life was like here in the past.(同义句转换)

I ___________ what life was like here in the past.

5.He did some sports last week.(改为否定句) He _________ sports last week.

6.What do you think of the TV play?(同义句转换) ______ do you _______ the TV play?

7.Why don’t you come to join us?(同义句) ___________ come to join us?


( )1.________Monday afternoon we rode bicycle to Gegetown. A.On B.In C.At D.Of

( )2.I had ____useful umbrella when it rained. A.a B.an C.\ D.the

( )3.Our teacher often keeps us_____classroom every day,so we must keep our classroom .

A.clean,clean B.cleaning,cleaning C.cleaning,clean D.clean,cleaning

( )4.—What is your mother like? —

A.Very fat. B.She likes playing volleyball C.She liked running D.Thanks

( )5. The only problem was there was nothing much to do in the evening _____ read.

A.and B.so C.then D.but

( )6. She is new here,so she has _______friends at school.

A, much B. Few C, little D. A little

( )7.—Help ______to some fruits. —Thank you. A. yourself B. your C. you

( )8—I am going to London for a holiday next month. —_________!

A. Have a good time B. It’s terrible C. Good job D. What a pity

( )9. You’d better not read today’s newspaper because there is _____ in it.

A. nothing special B. anything new C. Everything important D. Something interesting

( )10.We are going to Beijing. Can you ____________when the train will leave ?

A. look for B. find for . C. find out . D. to see

( )11.He had to retire(退休)early_____poor health.

A,as a result B.because C.so D.because of

( )12.What bad weather it was! We decided _______ A: to go out B. not to go out C. to not go out D. not going out

( )13.I felt _____________when I heard the __________ news.

B. exciting; excited B. excited; exciting C. exciting; exciting D. excited; excited

( )14.—I feel tired and sleepy. —Why not stop____ for a while? A. rest B. to rest C. resting D. rested

( )15. Mrs Brown is nice. Every day she tried to cook __for me during my stay in Canada.

A. something different B. different something

C. nothing different D. different everything

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八年级英语训练题 编制:张福彦 使用时间:2013—10 C2YY

( )16. He did not write _________,though(尽管)he had _______________.A. careful enough; enough time B. carefully enough; enough time

C. enough careful; enough time D. enough carefully; time enough

( )17. Everyone in my class __________the poor boy without parents.

A. want to help B. want helping C. wants to help D. wants helping

( )18. At first she __________ like maths,but now she ______________.

A. didn’t; did B. doesn’t; does C. doesn’t; did D. didn’t ;does

( )19. What did the foreigners____their vacation?

A.think of B.Think for C.Think over D.Think 0f as

( )20.When I______ at the hotel,it was very late.

A, got B. reached C. arrived D. reach for

( )21.—She didn’t come to school yesterday,did she?

—____,though(虽然)she was not feeling very well.

A. No,she didn’t B. Yes,she didn’t C. No,she did D. Yes,she did

( )22.---Jack, is there __________ in today’s newspaper? ---No,nothing.

A. anything important B. Something important

C, important anything D. Important something

( )23.---Why don’t you go out to play, Rose?

---I’m afraid I can’t. I have much homework _______.

A. do B. does C. doing D. to do

( )24.The problemis _________ difficult ________ students can solve them.

A. so; and few B. so; that little C. so; that few D, so; that a little

( )25.I have ____________ homework to do and I’m _______ tired now.

A. much too; too much B. Too much; too much

C. much too; much too D. Too much; much too


Last Sunday we had a great trip .My father bus .In the middle of the mountain there the water .It was warm .There people got together ,and they were very

1. A. go B. goes C. went D. to go

2. A. get B. got C. got to D. arrived

3. A. by B. on C. in D. took

4. A. on B. with C. in D. into

5. A. is B. was C. were D. are

6. A. ugly B. beautiful C. awful D. delicious

7. A. friendly B. friends C. busy D. tired

8. A. nice B. terrible C. bad D. great

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八年级英语训练题 编制:张福彦 使用时间:2013—10 C2YY

9. A. happy B. unhappy C. friendly D. interesting10. A. cold B. hot C. fun D. funny


Most American families like to have a vacation in summer. Summer is a good season for vacation. It is often hot in July and August.

Children do not go to school in those two months. Some people like to stay at home, read books, or watch TV. Many families take their lunch to eat at a place with many trees or a nice lake. Some people have enough time and money to travel to other countries like France, Japan and Australia. They usually fly to these countries. Many families travel by car or train to see interesting places in their own countries. Their favorite cities are New York, Chicago, Miami, San Francisco and Los Angeles.

Not everyone likes to go to busy cities. Some families travel to mountains or beautiful valleys.

( )1._____ is a good season for vacation. A.Spring B.Summer C.Autumn D.Winter

( )2.Some people like to stay at home during their vacation. They don’t _____.

A.read books B.visit their friends C.watch TV D.go to work

( )3.Many families like to have their lunch _____ during their vacation.

A.in the office B.near a cinema C.near a big factory D.near a nice lake

( )4.If you have _____, you can travel to other countries.

A.money and friends B.friends and time C.money and time D.food

( )5.Which of the following is “芝加哥”? A.Chicago. B.New York. C.Miami. D.Los Angeles.



Where did you go on vacation? Who did you go with? How was the weather? What did you do there ? How was your vacation?

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