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Fill in each blank with the correct form of the words given.
support wear endangered pull down recycle

wearing 1.Why are you ________ a coat? It’s not very suitable for this hot weather. 2. Our school soccer them needs more support _______. They aren’t doing very well.

3. Pandas are endangered animals. There __________ aren’t many of them left.
recycle 4. It’s important to _______ paper to save the trees.

5. That apartment block is old and pulled down dangerous. It should be ___________.



1. People grow rice in the South of China. (改为被动语态) Rice___grown in the South of China. is _____ 2. My brother joined the army in 2002. (改为同义句) My brother ____ been in the army has ____ since 2002.

3. The children ate up all the apples. (改为被动语态) All the apples were _____ up by the ____ eaten children. 4. The young man goes to the cinema once a month. (对划线部分提问) go ____ ____ _____ he ___ to the cinema? How often does 5. To give is better than to receive. (用it做形式主语) ___ ____ better to give ______ receive. It is _____ than

6. Mr. Smith is a doctor. Mr. Green is a doctor, too. (改为同义句) and _____ Mr. Smith ____Mr. Green _____ Both ______. are doctors 7. James is an American student. (改为同义句) from _______. James comes from _____ America 8. To learn a foreign language well is not easy. (用it做形式主语) ___ ___ ____ ____ to learn a foreign It is not easy language well.

9. Farmers provide fresh vegetables for city people. (改为同义句) Farmers provide ____people _____ city _____ with ______vegetables fresh ________. 10. They built a new house last year.

A new house ____ ____ last year. was built

2a Listening

Review of units11-15 2a,2b
? conversation1 Chu: Tom, I have some questions about your country, Canada. Tom: Okay. What do you want to know? Chu: What are you supposed to do when you meet someone for the first time? Tom: You're supposed to shake hands. Chu: How about times? For example, when a party is at eight o'clock, do you go at eight o'clock?

? Tom: No, you can go about fifteen minutes late. Chu: OK. Is it the same for business meetings? Tom: Oh no. For a business meeting make sure you're on time. Chu: Mm. I heard that it's rude to make sounds when you eat. Is that true? Tom: Yes, it is. You shouldn't do it. Chu: One more question. Are you supposed to take a gift when you visit someone? Tom: Yes, it's polite to take a few flowers. Chu: Thanks. Now I'm ready.

? conversation 2 Ben: Excuse me. Could you tell me where the doctor's office is? Sue: Yes, it's on the second floor, beside the escalator. Ben: Mm. First I need to buy a book. Is there a bookstore around here ? Sue: sure. You can find Biblo Books on the fourth floor. Take the elevator.

? Ben: Oh, I also need to change some money. Sue: Yes .There's a bank on the first floor. It's right behind you. Ben: Good. I think that's everything. Oh no. There's one more place I need to go. Sue: Yes? Ben: Do you know where I can buy some shampoo? Sue: Yes, there's a drugstore on the third floor. Take the elevator. Ben: Thank you. You've been very helpful. Sue: You're welcome.

? conversation 3

Mom: We have to leave in half an hour. Is everything ready for the trip? Xiao li: I don't know. Mom: Well, have you packed the travel guidebook? Xiao li: Yes, I did. Oh! But I forgot the map.

? Mom: OK, pack the map. What about the camera? Xiao li: Yes, I have the camera. Mom: What's the noise? Have you turned off the radio? Xiao li: No, I'll do it now. Mom: And the towels. Have you packed the towels yet ? Xiao li: Yes, I packed the towels. Mom: What about the food? Did you pack the food? Xiao li: Yes, I've packed it already. Mom: Well, I think we're almost ready.

? conversation 4
Henry: Hi, Janet. Would you like to help save the environment? Janet: I don't know. What can I do? Henry: Well, first, you can start by turning off the lights. Janet: Yes, that's easy. Sometimes I turn on the lights without thinking. What's next? Henry: Second, you can ride a bicycle. Don't take a bus or a taxi if you don't have to.

? Janet: That will save money, too. What else?
Henry: Third, try to recycle paper.

Janet: Mm. Newspaper, magazines, mail, we
get a lot of paper at home. Good idea.

Henry: The fourth idea is turning off the
shower when you're not using it.

Janet: You mean, when I have shampoo in my

? Henry: Yes. Get wet. Turn off the shower. Put the shampoo in your hair and then turn on the shower and wash it out. Janet: Will that help the environment? Henry: Yes, we have to save water. And fifth, take a bag when you go shopping. Don't use plastic bags. Janet: OK. My parents do most of the shopping. I'll tell them.

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