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Unit 6 Do you like bananas?单元综合测试




1.I like_________ (香蕉).

2.Does your sister like_________ (汉堡包)?

3.He eats eggs for_________ (早饭).

4.Girls like_________ (蔬菜)and fruit.

5.Liu Xiang is a running_________ (明星). B)用括号里所给单词的正确形式。 6. My mother eats_________ (strawberry) and bread for breakfast. 7.Tom_________ (like) chicken and oranges. 8. Do you like_________ (tomato)?

9. We like_________ (health) food.

10. Mary has good_________ (eat) habits. C)用方框内所给的词或短语填空,每词限用一次。

have, dinner, apple, 1ike, lots of 11. Do you like_________ ?

12.I don't_________ a brother.

13. Do you eat fruit for_________ ?

14. Her brother eats_________ bread every day. 15. My sister_________ chicken.



1.He like.s oranges.(改为否定句) He_________ _________ oranges.

2.Tom and Mark like chicken.(改为一般疑问句)________ Tom and Mark______ chicken?

3. Does your father eat carrots for dinner?(作否定回答)__________________________.

4.She doesn't like apples.(改为肯定句) She_________ _________ .

5.He eats an egg for breakfast.(用they代替he改写句子) They______ ______ for breakfast.


6.让我们吃冰激凌吧! Let's have_________ .

7.他喜欢沙拉吗? _________ he_________ salad?

8.他不喜欢米饭。 He_________ _________ rice.

9.早饭我喜欢吃汉堡包。 I like hamburgers_________ _________ .

10. 那位运动明星吃很多健康食品。That sports star eats_______ _______ healthy food. 综合能力


( ) 1. He_______ like bananas. A. is B. doesn't C. not D. don't

( ) 2. The boy likes_______ vegetables.

A. lot of B. a lot C. a lots of D. lots of

( ) 3. The running star eats_______ food.

A. health B. healthy C. healthing D. unhealthy

( ) 4. She likes eggs and bananas_______ breakfast.

A. of B. at C. for D. on

( ) 5. Tim_______ apples. But I_______ milk.

A. like; like B. like; likes C. likes; likes D. likes; like

( ) 6. Let's_______ some rice!

A. eat B. to eat C. eating D. eats

( ) 7. I don't like_______ .

A.egg B.tomato C. milk D.pear

( ) 8. —_______ you_______ apples? —No, I don't.

A. Do; like B. Does; like C. Can; like D. Do; likes

( ) 9. —Do his brothers like math? —_______ 。

A. No, we don't B. Yes, he does C. Yes, they does D. No, they don't

( ) 10. Cindy is_______ .

A. sports star B. a sports star C. a sports stars D. a sport star


I am Danny. I 11 a brother,Eric.I have five 12 and two oranges every day, He 13 four bananas and three 14 every day. I like 15 , but he l6 . He doesn't like salad, 17 I don't,either(也).What about my parents? My father 18 broccoli(花椰菜 ), but

My 19 doesn't.What 20 you?

( )11. A. am B. Have C. like D. has

( )12. A. banana B. Orange C. bananas D. salad

( )13. A. is B. Likes C. has D. have

( )14. A. orange B. Hamburger C. strawberries D. broccoli

( )15. A. tomato B. a tomato C. tomatoes D. some tomatoes

( )16. A. Do B. doesn't C. Like D. is

( )17. A. but B. And C. Or D. for

( )18. A. Likes B. Have C. like D. does

( )19. A. friend B. Sister C. Mother D. uncle

( )20. A. of B, are C. Do D. about 五、阅读理解(15分) Gina和她的朋友要去野餐,请下面对话,写出她们所需要买的食品。

Gina: Let's have a picnic(野餐). Tom: That sounds good. Francisco: I like hamburgers, bananas and milk. What about you, Mary? Mary: I like strawberries and chicken. Do you like chicken? Gina: Yes, I do. I like eggs and tomatoes, too. What about you, Tom? Tom: I like carrots and oranges. And my favorite drink is orange. Do you all like orange?

G, F and M: Yes, we do. Tom: OK. Let's go shopping.

Food and Drink

Francisco hamburgers bananas 21.____________

Mary 22. ____________ chicken

Gina eggs 23.____________ chicken

Tom 24.____________ oranges 25.____________


根据下列表格中的内容,写一篇短文,介绍Alice一家对所给食物的喜(Ⅴ)恶(×)。不少于40词。 Father Mother Alice

Apples × Ⅴ Ⅴ

Ice—Cream × Ⅴ Ⅴ

Chicken Ⅴ × ×

My name is Alice. ___________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________


基础知识 词汇直通车 基础知识 l.bananas 2.hamburgers 3.breakfast

4. vegetables 5.star 6.strawberries 7.likes 8. Tomatoes 9.healthy

10. Eating 11. apples 12. have 13. dinner 14. lots of 15. like

句型训练场 1. doesn't like 2.Do, like 3.No, he doesn't. 4. likes apples

5.eat eggs 6.ice-cream 7. Does, like 8.doesn't like 9. for breakfast 10. lots of

综合能力 单项选择 1-5 BDBCD 6-10 ACADB

完形填空 11.B句意为:我有一个哥哥,叫Eric。



14.C 15.C




19. C

20. D. What about you?意为“你怎么样呢?”,是固定搭配。

阅读理解 21. milk 22. strawberries 23, tomatoes 24. Carrots 25. orange 书面表达

My name is Alice.1 like apples. My mother likes apples, too. But my father doesn't like them. My mother and I like ice-cream,But my father doesn't like it.My father likes chicken. But my mother and I don't like it.

Unit 7 How much are these socks?单元综合测试




1.—How m________ are the trousers? —50 yuan. 2. The shorts are 75 d________ . 3.Come and b________ your clothes at Xin Hua Clothes Store.

4.—We have sweaters at a very good p________ . —only $30. 5. The skirt is on s________ for $40.


6.1 want a________ (黄色)skirt.

7.The green________ (毛衣)is $99,

8.He can't________ (买得起)the red skirt.

9.The girl has a________ (小的)hat.

10. Mr Cool's Clothes Store________ (卖)pants for¥30.



1.这件白色T恤衫85元。 This________ ________ is eighty-five yuan.

2.这双黑鞋卖60元。 The pair of________ ________ ________ 60 yuan.

3.看看我们的服装店。 Have a________ ________ our clothes store.


The red pants are________ ________ for only 20 yuan.

5.我们以极好的价格卖我们的衣服。We_______ our clothes_______ very good_______ .


¥12 $15 10¥


( )6. I want a sweater.

( )7. —How much is it? —It's $15.

( )8. —What color do you want? —Blue. I want blue pants.

( )9. —How much are they? —They're¥ 10.

( )10. We have bags for only¥12.



( )1.—________ is this T-shirt? —It's seven dollars.

A. What B. How C. How much D. What color

( )2. —________ ? —Yes, please. I want a bag.

A. Can you help me B. Can I help you C. How are you D. What do you want

( ) 3. —Thank you. —________ .

A. No, not thank you B. Thank you, too C. Me, too D. You're welcome

( ) 4. These black trousers________ eighteen dollars.

A. is B. Am C. are D. can

( ) 5. They have sweaters________ a very good price.

A. in B. At C. on D. of

( )6. We have T-shirt________ red,green and white________ only¥ 18.

A. is; is B. in; in C. for; on D. in; for

( )7. —What can I do for you ? —I need to buy________ shoes.

A. pair of B. pairs of C. a pair of D. two pairs

( )8. The blue sweater is too big . I want a________ one.

A.long B.nice C.short D.small

( )9. Have a look________ my white shoes! A. on B.in C. at D./

( )10. The socks are cheap(便宜的), I’ll________ it.

A.like B.bring C.sell D.take


Next to(靠近) the No.l Middle School is a school store. It's not 11 but it

has 12 0f school things (学习用品). D0 13 like books, erasers, pens 14 color pencils? They're on 15 sale. Big erasers are only one yuan 16 and the small one is 0.5 yuan. Those color pencils are only 17 two yuan. I want the yellow pencil sharpener(卷笔刀). It is 18 a good price. I'll take it. Do you need some school things for 19 ?

20 to this store!

( )11. A. big B. small C.long D. good

( )12. A.lot B. lots C. Many D. much

( )13. A. I B.they C.you D.we

( )14. A. but B. too C. all D. or

( )15. A. in B. at C. on D,/

( )16. A. one B. every C. each D. sale

( )17. A. for B. on C. in D. of

( )18. A. in B. at C. on D. for

( )19. A. you B.your C.my D.yourself

( )20. A. Come B. Welcome C. A or B D. Please


根据Mr Green商店里的价目表,选择正确答案。 Mr Green's Clothes Store Clothes Color Price Socks white, blue $4

Trousers black, red $11

Sweater red, white $8 T-shirt green, black $7 Hat black, red $6

( )21. Which is the cheapest(最便宜的) ?

A. Hat. B. T-shirt. C. Socks. D. Sweater.

( )22. How much are two pairs(条) of trousers and a hat?

$22 $28 $14 $18

( )23.You can buy_ at Mr Green's Clothes Store.

A. black trousers B. a blue sweater C. a green hat D. a green shirt

( )24. You like red and you only have $7. You can buy_.

A. a sweater B. a hat C. socks D. trousers

( )25. You only have sixteen dollars.You can buy_.

A. a sweater and a pair of trousers B. two T- shirts and a pair(双) of socks

C. two pairs of trousers D. two sweaters



_________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________


基础知识 词汇直通车 1. much 2.dollars 3,buy 4.price 5.sale

6. yellow 7.sweater 8.afford 9.small 10. sells

句型训练场 1. white T-shirt 2.black shoes are 3.look at

4. on sale 5.sell,at,prices 6-10 CDAEB

单项选择 1-5 CBDCB 6-10 DCDCD



12.B lots of=a lot of,既可接不可数名词,也可接可数名词复数,意为“许多……”; many和much也表示“许多”,many修饰可数名词复数,much修饰不可数名词。

13.C 14. D在疑问句或否定句中,表示并列关系用or。

15.D on sale意为“减价销售”。

16.C 17.A 18.B 19.D

20.C come to...和welcome to...都可表示“欢迎来到……”故选C。

阅读理解 21-25 CBABD


A:Can I help you? B: Yes, please.I want a T_shirt for my son. A: What color do you want?


A:Here you are!

B:How much is it? A:It's 49 yuan. It's on sale. B: I'll take it. Thank you.

A:You're welcome.

Unit 8 When is your birthday?单元综合测试 基础知识



A B C D ( )1.October 1st.

( )2.June 1st.

( )3. January fifteenth

( )4.September 10th

( )5.December 25th

B)根据句意及首字母提示补全单词。 6.W_________ is your birthday? 7. We have an art f_________ every year.

8.—H_________ birthday! —Thank you. 9. We have a school t_________ on Tuesday.

10.—How o_________ are you? —I'm J3.




_______ _______ your mother's birthday?


His_______ _______ is on October 20th. E


That boy is 15_______ _______ .


We have_______ _______ in March.


School trip is on_______ _______ .


A: 6._______ his name? B: His name is Yao Ming. A: 7._______ is his birthday? B: His birt,hday is on 8._______ 12th. A: 9._______ 10._______ is he? B: He's 32.



( )1. _______ is your birthday?

A. What B. When C. How old D. Where

( )2. _______ birthday is on April 11th.

A. My sister B. She C. My sister's D. I

( )3.—_______ ? —I'm 12.

A. How much is it B. How old are you C. How many are you ( )4.My birthday is on_______ .

A. May 3rd B. May 2th C. May D. the third D. How are you

( )5. Annie's date of_______ is August 9th.

A. day B. Birthday C. birth D. school

( )6. _______ is on January 1st.

A. Children’s Day (儿童节) B. Spring Festival(春节)

C. National Day(国庆节) D. New Year's Day(元旦 )

( )7. —When is the English Party? —_______ on April 19th.

A. It B. It's C. Its D. They're

( )8. —Do you_______ a volleyball game at your school?

—Yes, we do.

A. likes B, play C. have D. do

( )9. There are twelve_______ in a year.

A. years B. Days C. week D. months

( )l0 .—Do they have_______ art festival? —Yes, they do.

A.an B.a C./ D.the


Good morning, boys and girls. 11 Meg. I'm Twelve years 12 .I have a brother 13 a sister. My brother is nine and my sister is 14 four. I like hamburgers and salad. My brother likes 15 and my sister likes ice-cream. We . 16 a lot of sports things. We all like tennis. Today is my 17 birth-Day. It's January 21st. There's a big cake 18 the table. How 19 is it? Do you know? It's seven 20 . Come to my mother's birthday party and have the cake with us.

( )11. A.I’m B.My name C. He's D. She's.

( )12. A. young B. / C. big D. old

( )13. A. but B. And C. or D. so

( )14. A. No B. yes C. only (仅仅 ) D. about

( )15.A. a tomatoes B. Tomato C. one tomatoes D. tomatoes

( )16. A. has B. Have C. sound D. are

( )17. A. Mother B. Mothers C. mother's D./

( )18. A. in B. Under C. at D. on

( )19. A. much B. Many C. some D. old

( )20. A. fens B. Yuans C. dollars D./


Today is November 8th. It's Gina's birthday. She is twelve. Jim, Kate and Bill are her friends. They want to buy some presents(礼物) for Gina. They go to the store near(在附近) the school. There are lots of things in the store. They buy a big cake(蛋糕), two boxes of color pencils, a pencil case and some nice books. They want to buy two dolls(玩具) for Gina, but the dolls are too dear(贵).

( )21.—How old is Gina today? — _______.

A. 12 B. 13 C. 14 D. 15

( )22.Gina has _______friends.

A. three B. Four C. two D. only one

( )23. _______is near the school.

A. Their home B. A factory C. The store D. The farm

( )24.They buy _______for Gina.

A. a big cake B. two boxes of color pencils

C. a pencil case and some nice books D. A, B and C

( )25. — When is Gina's birthday? — _______

A.Today B.It's Gina's birthday C.November 8th D.Sorry,I don't know


根据下表所提供的信息,写一篇40词左右的短文介绍你的朋友汤姆,文章的开头已给出。 Name Tom Birthday September 8th

Age 13 Phone umber 59596811 Sports he likes tennis and basketball Food he likes hamburgers,eggs and chicken

I have a friend. His name is Tom. _______________________________________ __

______________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________.


基础知识 词汇直通车 1-5 BAECD 6. When 7.festival 8.Happy 9.trip 10. old 句型训练场 1. When is 2.brother's birthday 3.years old 4. basketball games

5.April 12th . 6.What's 7.When 8.September 9.How 10.old 综合能力 单项选择 1-5 BCBAC 6-10 DBCDA

完形填空 11-15 ADBCD 16-20 BCDAC

阅读理解 21-25 AACDC

书面表达 I have a friend. His name is Tom. He is13 years old. His birthday is on September 8th. His phone number is 59596811. He likes tennis and basketball. He plays them every day. He likes hamburgers, eggs and chicken. He often eats them.

Unit 9 My favorite subject is science.单元综合测试




1.—What's your f________ subject? —Math. 2.I am from China.l speak C________ . 3.Tis the third day of a week.

4.W________ is after Tuesday. 5. Our classes f________ at 4:30 pm every day.


6. We have English, math and________(科学)on Monday.

7. Math and music are my favorite________ (科目).

8. Many students in our class like________ (地理).

9.We don't have classes on________ (星期六).

10. Are you________ (空闲的)this afternoon?



1.他最喜欢的运动是打篮球。 ______ ______ ______ is playing basketball.

2.今天是11月20日,星期四。 It’s________ ,________ 20.

3.我喜欢数学,因为它虽然难,但很有趣。I like math because it's______ ______ _____ .

4.赵老师总是和我们一起玩游戏。 Mr Zhao always______ ______ ______ us.

5.周五我非常忙。 I'm very busy________ ________ .


6.Her favorite color is blue.(对画线部分提问) ________ her favorite_______ ?

7. My brother likes math because it's interesting.(对画线部分提问)

________ ________ your brother like math?

8. Mr Huang is my favorite teacher.(对画线部分提问)______ _____ your favorite teacher?

9.They have P.E on Monday and Friday.(对画线部分提问)______ do they_____ P.E.?

10. art, I,is,very, think, interesting.(连词成句) _____________________. 综合能力


( )1.—What's________ favorite color? —Her favorite color is green.

A. your sister B. your sister's C. yours sister D. yours sister's

( )2. ________ does she like Chinese? ________ it's fun.

A. What; / B. What; Because C. Why; Because D.Why; /

( )3. My favorite________ is Friday, because we have P.E.

A. date B. color C. week D. day

( )4. ________ is your favorite teacher? My favorite teacher is Mrs Li.

A. Who B, What C. When D. How

( )5. ______ do you have music? -We have music______ Tuesday and Thursday.

A. What time; on B. When; on C. What time; in D. When; in

( )6. Today we________ English, Chinese, math________ art.

A. have; or B. on; or C. there are; and D. have; and

( )7.________ that we have music.

A. Have B. Having C.After D. Behind

( )8. Is Linda________ on Friday? -Yes, she works all night.

A. relaxing B. busy C. boring D. happy

( )9. They have math________ 9:00________ 10:00 every Monday.

A. at; on B. at; in C. at, at D. from; to

( )10. I don't like________ subject. I like to play________ my dog.

A. any; on B. any; with C. some, with D. all; with


My dear friend, let me 11 you something about my school day. I get up(起床) 12 6:30 in the morning and I go to school(去上学) at 8:00. I have science at 13 and then I have math at 10:00. 14 my favorite subject. I like math very much, because it's 15 . Mr Zhang is our math 16 .Ilike him.l eat 17 at 12:00 and then I have music at 13:00. I have history at 14:00.

I 18 like history because it is boring. But I 19 like art and I want to be an artist (艺术家). I have art 20 Monday.

( )11. A. to tell B. tell C. tells D, telling

( )12. A. on B. in C. for D. at

( )13. A. nine B. Ten C. eleven D. six

( )14.A.That B.That's C. English D. Chinese

( ) 15. A. Boring B, difficult C. Interesting D. beautiful

( )16. A. Teacher B. student C. subj ect D. friend

( )17. A. breakfast B, dinner C. supper D. lunch

( )18.A. not B. am not C, doesn't D. don't

( ) 19.A. very B. very much C. really D. a little

( )20. A. on B. at C. in D. of



My name is Jet. I'm 13 years old and in(居住)New

York.________________________(我最喜欢的科目是音乐).I don't like science because it's boring.I usually do my homework at 17:00and I go to bed at 21:00. My favorite teacher is Mr Green. Hi, my name is Victor. I'm 14 and my birthday is November 13th. Ms Martin is my favorite teacher. She teaches us math. I like math and music. I don't like science. It's boring.

I'm Ken. I like to swim and paint. I want to join the art club. I think art is very interesting. I don't like science. I think it's boring. So I don't like Thursday. We have science on that day.

My name is Selina. I usually go to school at 7 0'clock in the morning. I think

science is boring, but I like history. I want to visit China one day. I think China is very interesting.



23. Who don't like science? ___________________________________________ 24. What time does Selina usually go to school?_______________________________

25. Who's Victor's favorite teacher? _______________________________________


假如你叫Mary,是育英中学的一名中学生。下面是你们班某一天的课程表,请根据本单元所学知识和表格内容,给你的表哥Martin写一封信,介绍一下你对这天课程的看法。不少于50词。开头已给出,不计人总词数。 Monday

Time Subjects

9:00 to 9:40 Chinese

10:00 to 10:40 Math

11:00 to 11:40 English Lunch time

14:00 to 14:40 Music

15:00 to 15:40 Science

16:00 to 16:40 Art

Dear Martin,

It's Monday, October 12. I'm really busy


____________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________.


基础知识 词汇直通车 l.favorite 2.Chinese 3.Tuesday 4.Wednesday

5. finish 6.science 7.subjects 8.geography 9.Saturday 10. free 句型训练场 1. His favorite sport 2.Thursday,November

3.difficult but interesting 4.plays games with 5. on Friday 6.What's, color

7.Why does 8.Who is 9.When, have 10.I think art is very interesting. 综合能力提升 单项选择 1-5 BCDAB 6-10 DCBDB

完形填空 11-15 BDABC 16-20 ADDCA

阅读理解 21. My favorite subject is music 22.她教我们数学。

23. Jet, Victor, Ken and Selina. 24. She usually goes to school at 7 0'clock in the morning. 25. Ms Martin is his favorite teacher.

书面表达 Dear Martin,

It's Monday, October 12. I'm really busy today! At 9:00, I have Chinese. I don't like Chinese. It's boring. Then at 10:00, I have math. I like it very much because it's interesting and I like our math teacher, too. Next, at 11:00, I have English. It's my favorite subject. I like to speak English in class. At about 12:00, I have lunch. I often eat chicken and hamburgers for lunch. After lunch, I have music. It's

relaxing. I have science at 15:00. I like it because it's fun. At 16:00, I have art. I like art, too. What about you?

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