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综合英语 unit 4测试

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Test for Unit 4 People Around You


1. 格林一家_________________________ 2. 开车去市中心______________________

3. 家庭成员_____________________4. 主修经济学________________________

5. 对、、、感兴趣6. 给某人打电话 _________________________

7. 专业歌手___________________8. 一位名人____________________________

9. 同某人聊天相似的兴趣爱好___________________________

11. No kidding!______________ 12. get married _______________________

13. in the south of England__________________ 14 drive a taxi_________________

15.I am studying at Foreign Language Primary School. ________________________________ II. 根据首字母补全句子 15’(主要根据本单元所学)

1. city. It is really great.

2. .

3. 4. actor. Every one knows him.

5. busy today.

6. I don’That’s boring.

7. my Saturday night films.

8. shop. We can have a drink there.

9. comes first and the first name comes last.

10. tells the boy not to eat too many sweets. It’s bad for teeth.

11. a history teacher in a school.

12. in the classroom. There are no other students.

Ⅲ. 选择15 ’

1 -- Are these ____ coats?

-- No, they aren't. ________ are here.

A. your, Ours B. your, We C. you, Ours D. you, Our

2 ________ interesting book the girl has!

A. How B. How an C. What a D. What an

3 My father is a ______. He works in a hospital.

A.teacher B.doctor C.farmer D.soldier

4 You don’t like the picture. I don’t like it, ______.

A.too B.also C.either D.still

5 It’s about ______ walk from my house.

A.ten minute B.ten minutes’ C.ten minute’s D.ten minutes


6 It’s time for bed. Please ________ your shoes and clothes, Tom.

A. put on B. look after C. look at D. take off

7 me your pencil ?

A. borrow B. lend C. return D. keep

8 dogs does the young man have?

A. How much B. How long C. How often D. How many

9 on the playground.

A. am B. is C. are

10 tall the building is !

A. How a B. How C. What D. What a

11 It’ A. Why not you B. Why don’t C. Why don’t you D. Why you not

12 I’d like A. two bottle of milk B. two bottle of milks

C. two bottles of milks D. two bottles of milk

13 -- What does your father do ?


A. He’s reading B. He goes to work C. He’s a reporter D. He likes sports 14 .

A. tired B. good C. well D. happy

15 are over there.

A. I, You B. my, Yours C. me, You D. mine, Your

IV. 句型转换 10’ (对划线部分提问)

_______________________________________________? (对划线部分提问)

________________________________________________? rulers are Jim’s. (对划线部分提问)

________________________________________________? (对划线部分提问)


5. Lucy and Lily aren't in the same class. (改为同义句)


V 完型填空 10 A

Mr. Smith lives in the small village, but he works in an office in a big city. He goes to the same way.

him. Mr. Smith has not met him before. The man says,“ ” to him and then to talk to him. The man says, “Yourisn’t interesting, is it? You get on the same train at the morning and you always sit in the same seat and read the 2

same newspaper.” When Mrthis, he puts his newspaper down, turns around and ___9___ to the man angrily, “How do you know all that about me?” “Because I’m ___10___ sitting in the same seat behind you,” the man answers.

( )1. A. family B. house C. village D. home

( )2. A. seeing B. look C. reading D. finding

( ) 3. A. before B. behind C. beside D. next to

( ) 4. A. Sorry B. Thanks C. Hello D. Goodbye

( ) 5. A. refused B. stops C. ordered D. begins

( ) 6. A. life B. work C. office D. child

( ) 7. A. one B. every C. this D. yesterday

( ) 8. A. hears B. listens C. finds D. feels

( ) 9. A. asks B. says C. tells D. talks

( ) 10. A. never B. hardly C. always D. sometimes

VI 阅读理解20 A

Mr. Brown is the manager of an office in London. He lives in the country and comes to work by train. He likes walking to his office if it doesn’t rain, because it gives him some exercise.

One morning he was walking along the street when a stranger stopped him and said to him.

"You may not remember me, sir, but seven years ago I came to London without a penny in my pockets. I stopped you in the street and asked you to lend me some money, and you gave me five pounds, because you said that you were willing to take a chance so as to (为了) give a man start on the road to success.

Mr. Brown thought for a few minutes and then said, "Yes, I remember you. Go on with your story."

"Well," answered the stranger, "are you still willing to take a chance?"

56. Mr. Brown ______.

A. lives in the city of London B. works in an office

C. walks to London every day D. is a train driver

57. Mr. Brown likes walking because ______.

A. he is a good runner B. he wants to be healthy

C. he wants to save money D. he wants to help others

58. Mr. Brown walks to his office ______.

A. every day B. when he goes to work early

C. when it doesn’t rain D. when it rains

59. What do you think about the stranger?

A. Perhaps he is a clever but lazy man.

B. He knows Mr. Brown very well.

C. He is one of Mr. Brown's neighbors.

D. Mr. Brown knows him.

60. Which of the following sentences is true?


A. Mr Brown is not kind-hearted.

B. The stranger got another five pounds at last.

C. Mr Brown is will not give the stranger five pounds.

D. Mr Brown believes the stranger very much.


B.根据短文内容, 判断下列句子正(T)、误(F)。

Almost everyone likes dogs, and almost everyone likes to read stories about dogs.

I have a friend. He has a large police dog named Jack. Police dogs are very clever. Every Sunday afternoon my friend takes Jack for a long walk in the park. Jack likes these long walks very much.

One Sunday afternoon a young man comes to visit my friend. He stays a long time. He talks and talks. Soon it is time for my friend to take Jack for his walk. But the visitor still stays Jack becomes very worried. He walks around the room several times and then sits down in front of the visitor and looks at him. But the visitor pays no attention. He goes on talking. Finally Jack gets angry. He goes out of the room and comes back a few minutes later. He sits down again in front of the visitor, but this time he takes the visitor’s cap in his mouth.

( )①The young visitor stays a long time.

( )②Jack becomes worried because he wants to eat something.

( )③Jack sits down in front of the visitor because he wants to show the visitor how clever he


( )④The visitor goes on talking and pays no attention to Jack.

( )⑤Jack goes out of the room with nothing, but comes back with the visitor’s cap in his mouth.

Ⅷ. 作文 15

以My life at the weekend 为题写一篇小短文。(要说明每件事发生的时间。不少于50字。)


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