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1.现在进行时表示现在正在进行或发生的动作,也可表示当前一段时间内的活动或现阶段正在 进行的动作。

2.现在进行时的肯定句基本结构为be+动词。切记有两部分组成,缺一不可,这一点但必须牢 固记牢。




疑问词+ be + 主语 + 动词ing? 如:What are you doing? 你正在做什么?


疑问词 + be + 动词ing? 如: Who is singing over there? 谁正在那儿唱歌?

6 动词加ing的变化规则


(2)以不发音的e结尾,去e加ing,如:make-making, taste-tasting


stop-stopping sit-sitting get-getting run-running forget-forgetting begin-beginning

(4)以ie结尾的动词,改ie为y加ing ,如:die--dying lie--lying




sing ____dance_____put____see____buy_____love______live____take____come____get_____

stop_____ sit ____ begin_____ shop_____


1.The boy ________ ( draw)a picture now. 2. Listen .Some girls ________ ( sing)in the classroom .

3. My mother __________ ( cook )some nice food now. 4. What _____ you ______ ( do ) now?

5. Look . They _________( have) an English lesson . 6.They ________(not ,water) the flowers now.

7.Look! the girls ________________(dance )in the classroom .

8.What is our granddaughter doing? She ________(listen ) to music.

9. It’s 5 o’clock now. We _____________(have)supper now

10.______Helen____________(wash )clothes? Yes ,she is .


1. They are doing housework .

一般疑问句:__________________ 否定句: _________________

2.The students are cleaning the classroom .

一般疑问句:__________________ 否定句: _________________

3.I’m 对划线部分进行提问)_____________




时间状语:now, look, listen,It’s …o’clck,

1. What are you _________(do) now? I _________(eat) bread.

2. It’s nine o’clock. My father_________(work) in the office.

3. Look, the boy____________(put) the rubbish into the bin.

4. ________he______(clean) the classroom? No, he isn’t. He__________(play).

5. Where is Mak? He_________(run) on the grass.

6. Listen, who_________(sing) in the music room? Oh, Mary_______(sing) there.


1. Tom can speak Chinese. ________ 2. We have four lessons. ________

3. I watch TV every day. _____________ 4. She works in a hospital. ________

5. Kitty and Ben have lunch at about twelve. _________________

6. His father can help them. ___________ 7. Danny, open the door._________

8. They watch TV in the evening. _________________________


1. The boy is playing basketball.

否定句:_________________一般疑问句:_____________肯定回答:______否定回答:__________ 对“is playing basketball”提问:_____________ 对“ The boy”提问:_______________

2. They are singing in the classroom.

否定句:_______________一般疑问句:___________肯定回答:________否定回答:__________ 对“are singing ”提问:___________ 对“ in the classroom”提问:_____________


1.What________you_________(do)?2.I___________(sing) an English song.

3.What________he____________(mend)?4.He____________(mend) a car.

5.______you__________(fly) a kite?Yes,_______. 6.______she___________(sit) in the boat?

7.______you_____________(ask) questions? 8.We_______________(play) games now

八. 选择填空。

错误!未找到引用源。1. Some are _________ in the river and some are _________ games.

A. swiming, playing B. swimming, plaiingC. swimming, playing D. swimming, plaing

2. Look! The boy students are ___ football while the girls are ________.

A. playing, dance B. playing, dancingC. play, dancing D. play, dance

3. He_____ to do his lessons at fight every evening

A. is beginning B. is beginning C. begin D. begins

4. ________ he _________ on well with his friends this term?

A. Dose, gets B. Dose, get C. is, getting D. Is, geting

5. Mr. Smith ______ short stories, but he ______ a TV play these days.

A. is writing, is writing B. is writing, writes C. writes, is writing D. writes, writes

( ) 6. I _______ to the cinema. I _________ there every Sunday.

A. go. go B. am going, go C. go. am going D. am going, am going

7. Look. they _________ a good time, _________ they?

A. have, do B. have, don't C. are having, are D. are having, aren't

8. You ________about the future (将来) now, ________you?


A. don't think, don't B. aren't thinking, aren't

C. don't think, do D. aren't thinking, are

九。. 用一般现在时或现在进行时填空。

1. Miss

Guo us Chinese this term.

She a very good teacher. She


with Lily

2. Listen! Who 错误!未找到引用源。

(read) English? Han Meimei is. She often the evening.

十 一般现在时和现在进行时练习题

1. Who _____ over there now? A. singing B. are sing C. is singing D. sing

2. It’s eight o’clock. The students ___ an English class. A.have B.having C.is having D.are having

3. Listen! The baby ____ in the next room. A. crying B. cried C. is crying D. cries

4. Look! The twins _____ new sweaters. A. are wearing B. wearing C. are wear D. is wearing

5. Don’t talk here. Grandparents _____. A. is sleeping B. are sleeping C. sleeping D. sleep

6. Tom is a worker. He _____ in a factory. His sisters _____ in a hospital.

A. work/ work B. works/ work C. work/ works

7. Who _____ English best in your class? A. speak B. speaks C. speaking

8. Mrs Read _____ the windows every day. A. is cleaning B. clean C. cleans

9. We ____ music and often ____ to music. A. like/ listen B. likes/ listens C. like/ are listening

10. She _____ up at six in the morning. A. get B. gets C. getting

11. On Sunday he sometimes ____ his clothes and sometimes ____ some shopping.

A. wash/ do B. is washing/ is doing C. washes/ does

12. The twins usually ___ milk and bread for breakfast, but Jim ____ some coffee for it.

A. have/ have B. have/ has C. has/ have

13. My father always __________(come) back from work very late.

14. The teacher is busy. He __________ (sleep) six hours a day.

15. Listen! Joan _________(sing) in the classroom. She often ________ (sing) there.

16. _______ your brother _____(know) Japanese?

17. Where __________ you __________ (have) lunch every day?

18. The girl _______(like) wearing a skirt. Look! She _____(wear) a red skirt today


一. 略

二. 1 is drawing 2 are singing 3 is cooking 4 are doing 5 are having

6 aren’t watering 7 are dancing 8 is listening 9 are having 10 Is washing

三、1 Are they doing housework? They aren’t doing housework.

2 Are the students cleaning the classroom? The students aren’t cleaning the classroom.

3 What are you doing in the playground?

4 What is Tom doing in his study?


四、1 doing am eating 2 is working 3 is putting 4 Is cleaning. is playing

5 is running 6 is singing is singing

五、1 Tom is speaking Chinese. 2 We are having four lessons.

3 I am watching TV every day. 4 She is working in a hospital.

5 Kitty and Ben are having lunch at about twelve. 6 His father is helping them. 7 Danny is opening the door. 8 They are watching TV in the evening


七、1 are doing 2 am singing 3 is mending 4 is mending 5 Are flying I am

6 Is sitting 7 Are asking 8 are playing


九、1 teaches, is , talks, talking, is talking 2 is reading, reads

十、1-6 CDCABB 7-12 BCABCB

13 comes 14 sleeps 15 is singing, sings 16 Does know

4 17 do have 18 likes, is wearing

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