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? 1. 通过……方式,如:? by 还可以表示:“在…旁”、“靠近”、“在…之前”、“用、”“经过”、“乘车”等, 如:

I live by the river.

I have to go back by ten o’clock.

The thief entered the room by the window.

The student went to park by bus.

? 2.

如:The students often talk about movie after class.

? 3. 提建议的句子:

①What/ how about +doing sth.?

如:What/ How about going shopping?

②Why don’t you + do sth.?

如:Why don’t you go shopping?

③Why not + do sth. ?

如:Why not go shopping?

④Let’s + do sth. 如: Let’s go shopping.

⑤Shall we/ I + do sth.?

如:Shall we/ I go shopping?

4. a lot 许多 常用于句末

如:I eat a lot. 我吃了许多。

5. too…to 太…而不能

常用的句型 too+adj./adv. + to do sth.

如:I’m too tired to say anything. 我太累了,什么都不想说。

6. aloud, loud与loudly的用法





如: He read the story aloud to his son.


②loud可作形容词或副词。用作副词时,常与speak, talk,


如: She told us to speak a little louder. 她让我们说大声一点。

③loudly是副词,与loud同义,有时两者可替换使用,但往往 含有令人讨厌或打扰别人的意思,可位于动词之前或之后。

如: He does not talk loudly or laugh loudly in public. 他不当众大声谈笑。

7. not …at all 一点也不 根本不


( not经常可以和助动词结合在一起,at all 则放在句尾)


如: I am / get excited about going to Beijing.=

9. ①

如: The party ended up singing.

如:The party ended up with her singing.

10. first of all 首先

to begin with 一开始

later on 后来、随

11. also 也,

也 ()

12. make mistakes 犯错

如:I often make mistakes.

make a mistake

如: I have made a mistake.

笑话;取笑(某人) 如:Don’t laugh at me!

14. take notes 做笔记,做记录 喜欢做…乐意做… 过得愉快

如:He enjoyed himself.

16. native speaker 说本族语的人

17. make up 组成、构成

…其中之一 如:

对于某人来说)做某事… 如:It’s difficult (for me ) to study English.

句中的it 是形式主语,真正的主语是to study English



22. unless 假如不,除非 引导条件状语从句

如:You will fail unless you work hard..

I won’t write unless he writes first.


如:I dealt with a lot of problem.

担心某人/ 某事

如:Mother worried about his son just now.

如:I was angry with her.

26. perhaps = maybe 也许

27. go by (时间) 过去

如:Two years went by.

28. 看见某人正在做某事 看见某人在做某事 )

如: She saw him drawing a picture in the classroom.她看见他正在教室里画画。

29. each other 彼此

30. regard… as … 把…看作为….

如:The boys regarded Anna as a fool.

31.too many 许多 修饰可数名词 如:

too much 许多 如:

much too 太 如:

32. change… into… 将…变为…

如:The magician changed the pen into a book.

如:with the help of LiLei =with LiLei’s help

34. compare … to … 把…与…相比

如:Compare you to Anna, you are lucky.

如:Last summer I went to Beijing.

This year I’


? 1. ? 否定形式:

? 如:

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