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1. 同学们普遍认为作业的确过多,没有时间做自己想做的事情。

?t have 2. 也有同学认为作业是必要的,它可以帮助学生学得更好。

us to learn better.

3. 就作业问题,谈谈自己的看法和建议。

I think it?s OK to have some homework, but we also need time to learn more from nature.

So I hope the teachers will choose proper homework for us, but not too much.

1. 本周末我们将进行春游,春游是为了休息和放松,也是同学之间相互交流的


spring outing is also a good chance for us to talk to each other.

2. 春游不是去花钱,大家应自备饮水和食物。

We are not going to spend much money, so we should get food and water ready for ourselves.


3. 路途和游玩中大家应相互关照和帮助。

We should take care of each other and help each other on the way out or at the playing places.

I don??t be too tired and also we can save some money.

1. 近来,越来越多的同学拥有手机。 2. 一部分同学认为手机可以用来联系家长、同学,还可以听音乐、照相。

students think that use them to parents and classmates.

3. 又有一部分同学认为每天跟家长、同学在一起,没有必要用手机联系,手机对我们的学习有影响。

But think that we don?t need to talk with parents and classmates with mobile phones, because we meet them every day.

And mobile phones may influence our study.

4. 就学生买手机问题,谈谈自己的看法和建议。

1. 随着人们生活水平的提高,人们对健康问题越来越重视。



2. 专家对青少年的调查发现有95%的学生喜欢吃垃圾食品,他们认为这些食品很好吃,而且方便携带。

But 95% teenagers like to eat junk food. They think 3. 越来越多的孩子身体变得越来越差,这令家长、老师等非常担心。 4. 假如你市学校英语报的小记者,请你对此写一篇报道,并发表自己的看法。 If you want to keep healthy, eat more vegetables and fruits every day and take more exercise.


China has the largest number of bicycles.(总起句) Bicycles are still popular all over the world because of their outstanding advantages.(优点) It?s convenient to go to school or go to work by bike. It can help people keep healthy to ride often. However(转折,引出缺点), with the development of economy, more and more people buy cars. The exhaust gas(废气) from cars pollutes the air. More and more cars have brought heavy traffic problems. I prefer riding bicycles 3

because it is cheap and keeps the air clean.(观点)


Wearing school uniforms has both In my opinion, it make us students feel proud of their schools. Also, students will value(价值) and history of their schools.


However, some students dislike them because of the simple colors, boring designs and bad quality.


So I think people should improve the quality of the school uniforms.


① 20% (twenty percent of the …)----活动少(don?t often do sport);体质差(not

healthy, be weak in health)

②50%-----作业多(have too much homework);

学业压力大(feel stressed too much; under too much pressure)

③30%----- 父母要求严(be strict with sb.);

相互沟通少(don?t often talk with sb.)

Our class has made a survey—— “Don?t keep your worries.” Here are the 4

results. About fifty percent of the students in our class are worried about their homework and studies(学业). And they feel stressed too much. About thirty percent of the students think their parents are too strict with them. They don?t often talk with their parents. The other twenty percent of them say they are weak in health. They complain that they almost have no time for their hobbies or exercise.

建议1) So I hope that our teachers will give us less homework. And I advise our

parents to allow us to spend some time with our parents doing outdoor


建议2) I think our teachers should give us less homework to do. And our parents are supposed to talk with us often. In this way, we will be happier.

网上购物(shopping online)的利弊是我们十分关注的,根据下列信息,对此做个发言。

1. 好处:方便,不用排队。

Shopping online is a new way of shopping. It has a lot of advantages. Firstly, it is very convenient. You can shop whenever you like in the online shops. You do not have to queue. Secondly, the goods(货物) that you buy through the Internet is much cheaper than those in the department stores..

2. 不足:看不见实物,不能享受和朋友一起购物的乐趣…

Of course, there are some disadvantages, too. You can not see the real goods or check their quality before you decide to buy them. Besides, you can not enjoy the 5

happy time of walking around the shops with your friends.

假如你是一名初三学生,名字叫李华。你家附近原来有一条清澈的小河, 两岸长满了红花绿草。孩子们夏天常到河里游泳。但是前年在小河的附近,建了一座工厂,每天向河里排放大量的污水。现在,河水发臭,花草枯死。请你给报社编辑写封信,反映此情况并呼吁采取措施解决这一问题.信的开头和结尾已经写好。

I?m a middle school student. I?m writing this letter to tell you something about the pollution in the small river near my home. clean river near my home, and many plants grew in the banks. In summer, kids is polluted and all the plants have died. I think we must do something to stop the pollution. So I urge the government to do something to stop the river from being polluted. We need a beautiful environment.


时间:周六上午9点开始 地点:学校会议室。 活动内容:

1.每人带一本自己最喜爱的书,提供给同学选读。 2.每位同学需写出自己的书籍的简介。 3.活动中同学之间可交流读书的感受。 4.如下雪,活动改期。



Our class will have a reading activity next weekend.Each student of the class will take his favorite book to school.He needs to write something about the book.So the other students can choose what he likes.During the activity,students can share each other?s feeling about reading..The activity will start at 9 next Saturday in the school meeting hall.If it snows,we will put off the activity.I think the activity will encourage more students to read.


1. 休息好;帮家长做家务。

2. 每天学点新的知识,为下学期做好准备。 3. 进行适当的锻炼,保持身体健康。 4. 外出时要注意安全,按时回家。

5. 谈一两点你认为可做的事情或不可做的事情。

Fellow students, attention please.

We are going to have our winter vacation. I think we should have a good rest first. And we can do some housework for our parents. We should learn something new every day and get ready for the coming term. It is necessary for us to do some exercises to keep fit. Be very careful when you go out. Don't stay too late outside. And don't spent too much time on computer games.

假设你是Li Ming,晚上你去还书给史密斯先生,他不在家,你给他用英语留下便 条。内容如下:


1. 来还书正巧你外出;

2. 你上个月借给我的《命运》(Luck)昨晚读完;

3. 我有几个关于书中内容的问题要向你请教;

4. 我还想借一本类似的书,明天晚上再来:

5. 写一两句话表示对史密斯先生的感谢。

Hi Smith,

I came to return the book Luck but you happened to be out. You lent me the book last monthbut I didn't finish it until yesterday evening. I have a few

questions to ask about the book. It's really kind of you to offer me such useful English readings. You're very helpful to me. I wonder if you could lend me another book like this. I'd like to come again tomorrow evening.

Many thanks.


1. 现在是冬天,天气寒冷。 2. 穿足衣服,注意保暖。

3. 多参加锻炼和户外活动,保持健康。 4. 安排好学习和休息,不要熬夜。 5. 另外补充一两点过冬需要注意的事项。

It is winter now and it?s so cold. We need to wear enough clothes to keep our body warm. We?d better do more exercises and take part in outside activities to keep fit. We should arrange our studies and rest well. Don?t stay too late. Or you?ll be very sleepy in class. We must be very careful when it snows. It?s easy 8

to fall down and hurt yourself.

1. 王兰,15岁,武汉四中的一名学生。

1) Wang Lan is a student in No. 4 Middle School in Wuhan. She?s fifteen years old.

2) Wang Lan is a fifteen-year-old student in No. 4 Middle School in Wuhan.

2. 李宁,武汉市一中九年级八班的学生。

Li Ning is a student in No. 1 Middle School in Wuhan. She?s in Class 8, Grade Nine.

3. 她对英语很感兴趣。

1) She?s very interested in English.

2) She likes English very much.

3) She?s fond of English.

4. 她很喜欢运动和集邮。

She likes sports and collecting stamps as well.

5. 在所有学科里,她最喜欢英语。

Of all the subjects, she likes English best.

Of all the subjects, English is her favorite.

6. 她的口语很棒。

Her spoken English is very good/excellent/terrific.

7. 她会唱很多英语歌曲。

She can sing a lot of English songs.


She is able to sing lots of English songs.

8. 她想当一名记者。

She wants to be a reporter when she grows up/in the future.

9. 她很幽默,同学们都喜欢和她交朋友。

She is humorous, so her classmates want to make friends with her.

10. 她是校篮球队的运动员。

She is on the school basketball team.

She is one of the basketball players in her school team.

11. Tony有很多朋友。

Tony has a lot of friends.

12. 他经常和朋友一起看电影,聚会。(go to the movie, go to parties) He often goes to the movies or goes to parties with his friends.

13. 有时他们为了学习或其他的事发生争执。

Sometimes they quarrel about study or something else.

14. 但是很快又和好了。

But they become good friends again quickly.

15. 武汉是湖北的省会,是一个现代化大城市。

Wuhan is the capital of Hubei Province. It?s a large modern city.

16. 长江流经该市,以风景美丽而闻名。

The Changjiang River goes through the city.

Wuhan is famous for its beautiful scenery.

17. 武汉有许多名胜。


There are many places of great interest here.

18. 夏季很热,而且持续时间长。

Summer is the hottest season and it lasts very long.

19. 海伦有一个文具盒。它上面有一些漂亮的蝴蝶,很漂亮。

Helen has a pencil case. It looks very pretty with some beautiful butter flies.


There is a ruler and some pens in it.

There are some pens and a ruler in it.


There is a boy doing his homework in the classroom.


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