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unit 3 教案

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Module 3 Unit 3 Revision


编写人:宋美燕 周立丽 审核人:张双霞 高三英语组 2013.11.8

I. 重点单词:

1. vi. & n.鞠躬;弯腰

2.n.小说;adj.新奇的 _____________ adj. 小说家

3. n.出生地;故乡

4. n.作者;创始人

5.n.故障;毛病 ___________ adj.没有错误的,无缺点的,完美无瑕的; ________________ adj.有错误的,不完美的,有缺陷的

6.n.账目;理由;v 认为;说明;总计有

7.__________v.许可,允许;n.许可证→________________ n.允许;许可证

8.vi.漫步,徘徊 ________________ 想知道;奇迹

9.n.冒险;奇遇 _____________ adj. 有冒险精神的,大胆开拓的


11._______adv. 事实上,实际上 certainly;actually (同义词)


13.___________ vt.发现;n.地点;斑点

14n.(戏)一场;场面;景色 _______________ 风景;景色(自然风光)


16.adj. 难以置信的 __________ v. 相信,信任

______________ n. 信任,信仰。信念

17.________ vi.凝视;盯着看 _____________ 怒目而视

18.n.急躁,不耐烦→ n.耐心→.有耐心的;n.病人 II.重点短语:

1.________________ 抚养;培养;教育;提出

2.________________ 前进;(用于祈使句)可以;往下说

3.________________ 偶然;无意中;不小心= __________; ___ purpose故意地

4.________________ 盯着看;凝视

5.________________ 导致;做出解释

6.________________ 与此相反;正相反

7.________________ 冒险

8.________________ 衣衫褴褛

9.________________ 关于;至于

10.________________ 说实话

11.a bet打赌

Module3 Unit3 Revision 课上案

编写人:宋美燕 周立丽 审核人:张双霞 高三英语组


1. fault n. 缺点;错误,过错;故障 vt. 挑剔,指责 faulty adj.有缺点的;不完善的 faultless adj.不可挑剔的



It’ s one’ s fault 是某人的过错

[练习] 按要求翻译或填空。

1). It was _______ _______ (他的过错) that we were late.

2). I have no fault to find _______ (介词) your work.

3). 她总是找我的茬儿。


2. seek vt.& vi. (sought, sought) 寻找;探索;寻求


seek ___________ sth./sb. 寻找某人/某物 seek ______________试图做某事 seek happiness/ comfort/ wealth/ success追求幸福﹑安逸﹑财富、成功

[练习] 用所给词的适当形式填空。

1). I think it’s time we ________ (seek) legal advice.

2).They are seeking ________ (change) the rules.

3. amount n.数(量);总额 vi.(to)合计;接近


a (large/small) amount of (large/small) amounts of + n

_______ (large/small) amounts [作状语]大(少)量地

amount ___________... 共达??,合计??

[练习] 用amount的短语翻译或所给词的适当形式填空。

1).During the earthquake, a large amount of damage _______ (do) in a very short time.

2). Large amounts of money _______ (spend) rebuilding the temple.

3).At that time, small amounts of land _______ (use) for keeping animals.

4). Food was provided _______ _______ _______ (供应多少不等).

5).The total cost of repairs _______ _______ (供应多少不等) US$100.

4.scene n.(戏剧)一场;现象;场面;景色

the scenes在幕后;暗中

______ the scene在现场;当场;在台上

the scene出场,登场

(1)The students were able to go _________________to see how programs were made.


(2)Firefighters were immediately.







①The night scene in Shanghai is quite beautiful. __________________________________ ②They stopped to admire the scenery of the mountain._____________________________ ③The view from the top of the hill is wonderful ___________________________________

5.permit v.许可;允许;准许;n.通行证;许可证;执照

(1) permit sb______ sth./permit ______ sth.允许某人做某事/允许做某事

permit sb.sth.允许某人做某事


allow sb. to do sth. /allow doing sth.允许某人做/允许做

(2)ask (for) permission请求许可

permission未经许可 one’s permission征得某人的许可

give sb. permission to do sth.允许某人做某事

(3).We are not permitted________ noise in the office.

A.making B.Made C.make D.to make

(4).I’m sorry,I can’t give you the telephone number without Mr. Smith’s________.

A.permission B.Allowing C.agreement D.performance

(5).She is a very gentle child,so she will never do anything that is not ________of by her parents.

A.admitted B.Reminded C.permitted D.approved

6. account vt.认为是;说明;总计有;n.说明;理由;账目;报道

account 说明(原因等);做出解释;占……(比例)


on no account绝不(置于句首时,句子部分倒装)


take account of/take...into account= (1) should you tell him.


(2)We delayed our departure ________ the bad weather.

A.because B.is due to C.on account of D.on this account

(3) Even scientists cannot completely ________the strange behaviors of animals before an earthquake.

A.account for B.make for C.call for D.go in for


1. by accident = by chance 偶然;无意中

[短语归纳] by + n. 短语:

by contrast 对比之下 by mistake 错误地 by hand 用手,用体力 by machine 用机器

[练习] 用by + n. 构成的词组填空。

1). I was in such a hurry that I took someone else’s umbrella ________.

2). These toys are made ______ instead of ______, so they are very expensive.

3). She had found the file ______.

2. to be honest = to tell (you) the truth = honestly speaking老实说;说实话


1). __________________, I have no time to do it. 老实说,我没有时间做这件事情。

2). __________________, I don't think we have a chance of winning.

说实话, 我认为我们没有获胜的可能.

[短语归纳] 英语中表示“??说”的短语:

__________ speaking一般来说 _________speaking确切地说 to be frank = frankly speaking____________ in general一般地来说 _______________换句话说 __________________更确切地说 to sum up概括地说 that is 也就是说

[练习] 用表示“??说”的短语填空。

1). ________, women live longer than men.

2). He got home late last night, _______ early this morning.

3). ________, I don’ t enjoy the performance.

3. bring up 培养;抚养;养育或教育某人;提出;呕吐某物


bring sb. up to be/as 培养某人成为 bring sb. up to do sth. 培养某人要??

[练习] 用bring的短语填空。

1). He was ______ ______ ______ ______ authority (从小就受到尊敬师长的教育).

2). He ______ ______ a good suggestion at the meeting.

3). She was so sick that she ______ ______ all that she had had.


bring about 引起,产生,带来

bring down 使倒下;降低;减少

bring in 引进;赚得;收(庄稼)

bring on 引起,导致;使……发展(或前进);提出……供讨论


1【教材原句】 Indeed,sir,I hope you’ll come here


【句法分析】 whenever 意为“在任何时候,无论何时”。(1)whenever,wherever,however 引导让步状语从句,相当于no matter when/where/how。(2)whatever,whoever,whichever,whomever 既可引导名词性从句,也可引导让步状语从句,在引导让步状语从句时相当于no matter what/who/which/whom。

1.(2010年高考上海卷)________you may have,you should gather your courage to face the challenge.

A.However a serious problem B.What a serious problem

C.However serious a problem D.What serious a problem

2.(2009年高考陕西卷)The how to book can be of help to ________wants to do the job.

A.who B.Whomever C.no matter who D.whoever

3.The magnificent tower must be saved,________ the cost!

A.however B.Whichever C.whatever D.wherever

2 【教材原句】 The next morning a ship.(P18)


【句法分析】1). be about to do …when… 正要做某事就??

2). be on the point of doing…when… 正要做某事就??

3). be doing…when… 正在做某事就在这时??

4). had just done sth. when... 刚做完某事就??

5). had hardly done…when… 几乎还没有做完某事就? …

[练习] 翻译句子。

1) 他正要出去时天下起雨来了。


2) 我刚做完试卷下课铃就响了。


3) 那个小孩正骑着车,就在这时,摔了下来。


4) .(2010年高考全国卷Ⅱ)Tom was about to close the window________ his attention was caught by a bird.

A.when B.If C.and D.Till

VI. 能力提升:


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