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1. Excuse me, do you know how to _______ (发音) this word?

2. I have made lots of m_______ in my English exam. I am afraid I may fail it.

3. I am afraid you haven’t _________ (认识到) your problem. Think about it.

4. A: I am very sorry that I was late for class, Sir. B: It doesn’t m______. Be earlier next time.

5. My little brother is a_______ to speak in public. He is very shy.

6. Jim, you are supposed to write __________ (完整的) sentences. OK?

7. Do you know the _______ (秘诀) of become a good language learner?

8. We had learned about 3,000 English words by the end of last ______.(学期)

9. Should we help the people who are in t_______? They need us.

10. This kind of cloth feels very _______(柔软的). I want to buy some.

11. She is not able to d______ with her problem. After all, she is only seven.

12. I won’t go with you ________(除非) you buy me some chocolates.

13. Sometimes we should learn to r________ our problems as challenges.

14. It is our _______(责任) to keep our planet clean and green.

15. Was there anything that _________(影响) your decision?

16. Jim and I are real friends. We hope our f________ can last forever.

17. Take your time, Lily. Don’t _______(丧失) your patience.

18. Boys. ______(正视) your problems and solve them together.

19. 20. Could you please tell me the _________ (差异

21. I was shocked when I heard the _______(死亡22. A: Do you know what ______(引起 B: Maybe the rain.

23. 24. My teachers are all _______(有耐心的25. 26.

27. Class, don’t _______(浪费28. 合法的)

29. ), most students have mobile phones.

30. I want to be a volunteer in the hospital. It will be a good _________(经历) for me.

31. My sister has already joined the League.(团) Now she is a league m______.

32. I have written to my pen pal for several time. But I haven’t got any r_______.

33. This is an order. As a soldier, you must o______ it.

34. I guess I must try my best to study hard to a_________ my dreams.

35. She took part in the 400-meter ________(赛跑) and got first.

36. Finally, she _______ (成功) in persuading her parents to buy her an oppo real.

37. Look over there. Martin _______(指着) to the hill and shouted loudly.

38. Robert gave away all his money to ________(医疗的) research.

39. This little girl is only three years old. But she can dress h_______.

40. We have got p______ of rain this year and the crops grow very well.

41.I have a _______(圈子) of good friends. We often spend time together.

42.We want Lily to ________(代表) our class in the school speech contest.


43.Put three chair in the room and put away the ______(其余的).

44.After a heavy snow, all the hills are c_______ with snow.

45.Don’t swim in this river, it’s very d______.

46.There are many mistakes in your homework. C______ them and hand in tomorrow.

47.Jimmy hurt both of his ______(膝盖) while running. He can’t walk now.

48.We can finish this task by ourselves. But it’s very kind of you to ______(提供).

49.I have asked Linda to my birthday party, but she r_______.

50.Class Five are going to have a _______(野餐) this weekend.

51.Father d______ the glass on the floor and it broke in pieces.

52.We all need to study hard to get good grades in the _______(最终的) exam.

53.Mrs. Smith is very w______ about her boy. He’s been away for three days.

54.I found a red purse outside the school gate. Who can be its o_______?

55.We need to be hurry. The dark clouds are gathering in the s_______.

56.If you fall behind, do your best to c_______ up with your classmates.

57.Don’t make so much n_______ in the room, Boys. I’m trying to sleep.

58.There was a strong ________(风) last night. Some glasses are broken.

59.Jim lives next to me. He is my next-door n________.

60.It is reported that three _______(猴子) escaped from the local zoo last night.

61.This fish s_______ terrible. Can it be eaten?

62.How many _______(手指) do we have, class? Ten, of course.

64.This house is made of ______(石头

67.Remember all these rules by ________(心70.My friends _______ (暗示

). They are hardly ever tired.

73.I don’t know what you are __________(期待) for? It’s all over.

74.These apples taste very s______. I like to eat them.

75.That poor old man will soon die because of his lung(肺) c_______.

76.The GDP of China is _________(增加) rapidly every year. That’s good.

77.People who smoke has a higher ______(风险) of getting lung cancer.

78.This is the _______(主要的) idea of this article. Do you agree?

79.For your next vacation, why not ______(考虑) visiting Paris?

80.Deyang is a young and l______ city. I like my city.

81.Everyone went to the party, ________(包括) those who are not so familiar.

82.I hope to visit Eiffel T______ some day in the future.

83.Notre Dame Cathedral is one of the most famous c_______ in the world.

84.Could you please t_______ this article into Chinese? I don’t know much English.

85.This box looks heavy. But it’s empty and it’s l_______.


86.Our parents p______ us with food and money. We must remember.

87.The man who likes _______(航行) must have many dreams.

88.Let’s not stop here. let’s c_______ our topic and discuss it.

89.It’s _______(报道) that an traffic accident caused ten people dead.

90.Good night and sweet d_____, my friends.

91.Mr. Green is our football c_____, he is very strict with us.

92.I don’t who is who. They have very _______(相似的) faces.

93.This bottle is f______ with oil. Don’t drop it.

94.It’s a great p______ to lie on the beach on such a lovely day.

95.That poor old lady can’t hear anything. She is d______.

96.That little boy is b______. He can’t see anything.

97.Can you ______(想象) what our world will be like in 1,000 years?

98.When you leave, remember to s______ down the computer.

99.Jim, we need some more water. Go and f______ some for me.

100.Who was the telephone i______? By Bell.

101.These oranges are very ______(酸的). I don’t like them.

102.Tea was invented long long ago in a______ China.

103.Did you _______(注意到) who left this bag here?

104.This factory p______ 2,000 machines last year.

105.We all had a _______(令人愉快的106.These things are useless. T_____ them away.

107.We ar

) and smart. 109.It is said that Jesus Christ _______(创造

112.This bicycle is made of ______(114.China is ________(发展

116.All the students r______ to the dining room to have lunch after class.

117.I can’t get in the house. It’s l______.

118.There is nothing in my pocket. Look, it’s e______.

119.My father and mother got m______ in 1988 and gave birth to me next year. 120.This is not a normal box. It has ______(魔力)

121.The air is very clean and f_____ in the morning of the country.

122.You bought the bicycle? Who _______(借) you the money?

123.Sir, I’m sorry you can’t p____ your car here.

124.Soldier must obey o______. Do you think so?

125.I was always w________ how she can study all the subjects well?

126.Your effort(努力) l______ to the success.

127.I am very sorry to t______ you. But I do need someone. Can you?

128.People s_____ hands when they meet for the first time in Asia?


129.Don’t be so anxious. Sit down and make yourself r________.

130.The plane will l______ on the airport in ten minutes.

131.This glass is f_____ of water. Be careful.

132.How many _______(刀) do we need when we eat west food?

133.There is a beautiful house ______(在……旁边) the post office.

134.There are some _______(谜语) in this book. Can you guess them out?

1. a test? 你怎么为考试而学习?

2. the teacher for help 通过向老师寻求帮助

3. reading aloud ?大声阅读来练习发音怎么样?

4. I don’t know 我不知道怎么用逗号 特殊疑问词+to do

5. join an English club to practice speaking English?你为什么不参加英语俱乐部

练习英语呢?a. why don’t you=why not b. join+人/党派/团体 join in+活动c. practice doing sth

6. I don’t have a partner . 我没有搭档一起练英语。

类似句型 I don’t have a paper to

7. She that 她补充说和朋友们交谈一点都没有帮助。

8. We something and then 在某些事情上我们越谈越起劲,最后干脆用中文说。


18. deal with each challenge in our education with the help of our teachers. 作为年轻人,在老师的帮助下尽力处理好受教育过程中面临的每个挑战是我们的职责。

19. We can’t solve a problem by a friendship. It’s 我们不能以中断友情来解决问题,这样对朋友不公平。

20. I the dark.我以前怕黑。

21. But now I’m 但是我现在对运动更感兴趣。

22. He interested in studying. 他过去对学习不感兴趣。

23.I’mthe dark/insects.我怕黑(昆虫)。


, she made a :to send him to a boys’ boarding school.




27. She also told me my father with us, he was watching me, and would good I do. 她也叮嘱我说虽然父亲已不在我们身边,他仍在天国关注着我,并且总为我做的每件好事感到自豪。

28. I’ve tried to make my mother我努力想让母亲更多地注意到我(的存在/我的进步)。

, and didn’t to help him.


doing homework.他们不是做作业而是闲聊。

late at night.



(圆梦)。 39. I

47. You would also rather 你与其去参加聚会,不如待在家看本好书。

48. She doesn’her friends 她不想让朋友们失望。

49. You always


when they have to meet new people.


51. Whose volleyball is this? It must Carla.(=must be Carla’s).It has her name on it.


52. Don’t (不要让昨天耗尽太多的今天)往事不堪回首(追忆),一切向前看。


5 青少年应该被允许自己挑选衣服。 31. They talk

something(strange)the homes in our neighborhood.


55. In my dream, I was swimming in paper. Maybe it means you’re afraid of too much homework. 在我的梦境里,我常在书山纸海中。或许那意味着你为过多的作业烦心。



. 罗莎喜欢安静柔和的音乐。

59. their own lyrics /music.


60. We prefer music that has great lyrics.我更喜欢歌词很棒的音乐。



(=Relax=Have a good time) on a Florida Beach!




warm clothes if you go there.







82. I’ll我将帮忙把城市公园打扫干净。

83. He looks sad. Let’s .(=Let’s make him happier.)


84. We’re (=establish; start) a food bank to help hungry people.




(=come up with) some ideas/a plan.


class. I’m (hand out) your test papers.同学们,请保持安静。我要分发试卷了。



吉姆(在外貌、性格等方面) 周一,他告诉电台 m. 他也挂(张贴)出的朋友告知自己的窘境(难处)。

children who

don’t have bikes. 了。

96. We can’t .


(1870s=eighteen seventies).电灯泡是什么时候发明的?电灯泡是1879年//(十九世纪七十年代)发明的。


in the dark. 黑暗中照明用。

100. I don’t sweet.

我不喜欢吃巧克力,味道太甜(腻)了。101. I lemons oranges. I like the sour taste.






tea when he was boiling



world’s favorite drinks was invented.





famous basketball players.


I got outside, the bus had already left.我出去的时候,汽车已经开走了。

you this morning? 你今天早上发生什么事情了。

112.My alarm clock didn’t我的闹钟没响。

113.I only just 我只是刚好赶上上课。


你能告诉我在Newtown是否有好的博121. .

124.My life a lot in the last few years. 在过去的几年里我的生活变化很大.

Yu Mei has changed a lot. 玉梅似乎变化很大.

126. You must always 你必须把药藏到小孩子们看不到的地方。 127、 a small stone.独木难支。

128、 the person who does not talk, and the dog that does not bark.


129、You can’ 真人不露相。

130、He who would do great things should not .一个好汉三个帮。

131. If I ’.如果我是你,我会改吃坚果。

132. l like places the weather is always warm. 我喜欢那些气候比较温暖的地方。

you speak French yourself, it’travel with someone who can you. 因此,除非你自己会讲法语,否则最好与一个能为你翻译的人一起去。


134.She by working in the after-school care centre at her

local elementary school. 她在当地的一所小学的课后辅导中心工作,使这个爱好得到较好的利

用 135. I feel good about helping other people, I get to spend time

doing what I love to do. 帮助别人不但自己感到快乐,而且我开始花时间做自己喜欢做的事了。


you, I can finish the work much more successfully..


1. 我们必须学会怎样把问题改变成挑战.

We must learn these problems challenges.

2. 在老师的帮助下,尽力处理教育中的每一个挑战是我们的职责.

It is our to try our best to each challenge in our education with the of the teachers.

3. 你过去很矮,是吗? You short, you?

4. 他的妈妈不能它的孩子的教育费用.

His mother couldn’t her child’s education.

5. 我认为十六岁的青少年不应该被允许开车.

I sixteen-year-olds should be to drive.


7.8.9. 10.If I You always good solutions people’s problems. 12.你应该喝大量的水并且向医生征求建议.

You should drink water and your doctor advice. 13.它不可能是约翰的, 对他来讲太小了.

It John’s , It’s small for him. 14.他可能在跑步赶汽车. He might to bus.

15. 我喜欢能伴唱的音乐. I like music I can 16. 你想要到那里去度假? Where would you like ?

17. 蔬菜对你的健康有利。 health.

18.我们需要想出一些主意。 some ideas.

19.你认为最有帮助的发明是什么? What 9


By the time I got

21. 当他到学校的时候,他意识到他把背包落在家里了。

he got to school, he realized he his backpack at home.

22.在愚人节这一天戴维发生什么事了?What April’s Day?

23. 你能告诉我怎样到达邮局吗?

24. 你被期望握手。You hands.

25. 当韩国人第一次见面时,他们应该做什么?

when they first meet?

26. 在瑞士,守时是非常重要的。

In Switzerland , it’s very important .

27. 我正期待着找到更多与我祖先有关的事情。

I am 28. 过去有很多海牛。 a lot of manatees.

29. 我们俩都不知道他的电话号码.

_______of us ______ his telephone number.

30. 艾尔斯山位于澳大利亚东南部.

31. 她想要与汤姆谈谈有关他在校学习的事.

32. 就在那时他似乎听到窗外有奇怪的声音


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