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( )1.A.Here you are B.Of course not C.What a pity!

( )2.A.That sounds good B.l'm glad you enjoy it C.l think so

( )3.A.Thank you B.With pleasure C.Not at all ( )4.A.Usually B.Sometimes C.Twice

( )5.A.So does mine B.Me,neither C.Not really


( )6.How does Mary usually English?A.By listening to the tapes B.By working with friends C.By watching English movies

( )7.Where is the hospital?A.On the left B.Next to the bank C.ln front of the bank

( )8.What does Tom's brother want to be ?A.A teacher B.An astronaut C.A waiter

( )9.Which girl is Lucy's sister ?A.The one under the tree B.The one on the boat C.The one at school

( )10.How often does Jim go to the library?A.Twice a month B.Two or three times a week C.Two or three times a month


( )11.Where is Linda from?A.France B.Japan C.New Zealand

( )12.How often does Mike write to his pen pal?A.Once a week B.Twice a month C.Once a month

( )13.When did Mike and Linda become pen pals?A.ln March 2011 B.Before March 2011 C.After May 2011

( )14.What happened to Linda in March 2011?A.She had an accident B.She lost her father C.Her mother was badly ill

( )15.What will Linda do during the summer holiday?A.Move to a new school B.lmprove her English C.Visit Mike


( )16.Who is Mr Green?A.The writer's father B.Bruce's teacher C.The writer's neighbor

( )17.What does Bruse look like?A.Fat and strong B.Tall and thin C.Short and fat

( )18.What does Bruse want to be ?A.A pilot B.An engineer C.A computer programmer

( )19.Who bought a computer for Bruce?A.His father B.His mother C.His uncle

( )20.How long did Bruce spend in playing computer games at first?A.One hour a day B.Two hours a week C.Three hours a week


See a doctor The place of the conversation : Hospital. The job of the young man :A 21.____.

The time to go to bed :After22._____every night. The thing the man does every night :23.___at home.

The illness of the man :24._____. The advice given by the doctor :Have a good rest and go to bed before25. _____at night.



( )1A.He likes sports B. He is tall and thin C. He is looking at a map

( ) 2A. That sounds great. B. Sorry to hear that. C.I don’t think so.

( )3A With pleasure. B Have you are C. Thanks a lot.

( )4A.You’d better not. B. Have a good time C Good luck to you.

( )5A.Go ahead .B NO,I Don’t like it C. Thanks , but I’m full.


( )6.What does Anne want to be ?A.A teacher B A scientist C.An actress ( )7.Were is Bob’s father?In the kitchen B.In the living room .C.In the library. ( )8.How much is Alice’s skirt?It’s fifty-four dollars. B. It’s forty-five dollars.. CIt’s Jean’s

( )9Whose book is this?It’s Lucy’s. B.It’s Jim’s .C.it’s jean’s ( )10. When will Tim’s father be back home?At three p.m.

B.At six p.m. C.At nine p.m.


( )11.What’s the relation of the two speakers?Teacher and student .B. Doctor and patient .C .Parent and teacher.

( )12.Who is ill?A, Tom’s mother. B Tom’s grandmother. C Tom.

( )13.Where is tom going?A.The hospital B.The school.C.Paris

( )14.How long will Tom be away? A. Seven days. B. More than one week. C. One month.

( )15.Which subject isn’t Tom good at?A.Science.B.English.C.Math.



( )16.What’s the most important for students according to the passage?A. Studying well .B. Keeping in good health.


( )17 .Who should students stay with on the way home?A.Parents.B.Friends.C.Teachers.

( )18. When should students be careful? A.Crossing the street B.Using the Internet.CTaking the school bus.

( )19. What should students do when an online friend asks them to go out and meet him?Call the teacher and ask for some

advice.Never use the Internet and break down the friendship between them. Let their parents know first and listen to their advice.

( )20.If students don’t have any important things to go out, where should they stay? A.At school. B. At home C. In the bedroom.



( )1A Certainly you are B Sure.Hold on,please. C I’ll do that

( ) 2.A Good idea B Yes,please C of course it is

( )3A I like noodles. B Tomato and beef noodles,please C I don’t like noodles.

( ) 4A Sure B No,you can’t C That’s right

( )5A Never mind B you are welcome C I’m sorry


( )6What are they talking about?A School life. B Summer holiday C Shopping

( ) 7.How often does Mike ring his mother up?A Once a day B Once a week C once a month

( ) 8.When will they arrive at the airport?A About 8:30 B About 9:30 C About 10:30

( )9.Where does the conversation take place?A In the restaurant. B In a hospital C. In a cinema


( )1.Where could the conversation happen?A In a shop B In a hospital C In s library

( )2.What’s wrong with the man?A He got a bad cold. B He felt difficult to fall asleep. C He felt unhappy most of the day. ( )3.How long has the young man been like this?A For about two years. B .For about two months. C .For about two weeks ( )4.Which season did the young man feel wores?In spring B.In autumm. C.In winter

( )5.What did the woman ask the man to do?To take some medicine. B. To burn away his worries C. To take more exercises.


( )1.Where did the Greens do before they went home?A. Climb the snow mountain B Climb a hill C Go hiking ( )

2.When did the Greens get home?A .In the morning . B In the afternoon. C.In the evening

( )3.What happened when the Greens wanted to come into the bedroom?AThey heard someone talking in the bedroom. B. They saw someone sitting in the bedroom. C.Someone closed the door before they got home

( )4.Who was in the bedroom? ATwo men B. A tall man C. No one

( )5.What did Mr.Green forget to do? AClose the door B.Turn off the radio C. Close the windows.


21.A.Money B. Collecting C. Good hobbies22.A.students B.villagers C. Old people 23.A.thing B.charity

C. Others24.A.students B.relationship C.parents 25.A.healthy hobbies B.healthy body C.teachers



( )1 A.I’m sorry to hear that. BNever mind C.Better not.

( )2 A. Some coffee, please. B.Yes,I ‘d like tea better.C.I think coffee is delicious.

( ) 3 A.Congratulations B.No,of course not C.Thank you.

( )4 A,YES, I’d love to. B.That’s all right.C.Yes,there is.

( ) 5 A.Call me.please.B.8861896C.Hold on ,please.


( )6 How long has the man been here?A.For five years B.For Fifteen years. C For Fifty years.

( )7What;s the girl’s hobby?ACollecting old pictures. BMaking kites .C.Collecting stemps

( )8Who is a doctor?ABob’s father B.Bob’s mother C. Bob’s brother.

( )9Where doed the boy often use a computer?A.At school B.At home . C,At friend’s

( )10 What will the weather be like tomorrow?A Windy B Cloudy C.Rainy.


( )11 What is the man looking for?A.A pair of football shoes .B.A pair of sport shoes. C.A pair of basket ball shoes.

( )12.What color does the man like?A.Red B.Blue C.White

( ) 13.Which are the most expensive shoes? A.The blue pair. B.The red pair. C.The white pair.

( )14 .How much are the blue pair of shoes? A150yuan B140yuan C100yuan

( )15.Why does the man buy the white pair of shoes? A.Because they are beautiful . B.Because they are comfortable

C.Because they are cheap and good.


( )16.How old is Lucy?A.Thirteen. B.Fourteen C.Fifteen

( ) 17How many friends came to Lucy’s beithday party? A.Three B.Four C.Five .

( ) 18 What present does Sally give Lucy?A.A birthday card B A box of chocolates C.Some flowers

( )19.Who comes from Australia?A.Sally B.Kate C.Betty

( )20.What do they do in the party? A.Tell stories B.Sing and dance C.Play computer games.



( )1 . A.She’s 15. B.She’s my sister . C.She’s in the room.

( ) 2 . A.In a week . B.For a week . C.After a week.

( )3A.Don’t be angry. B.It’s OK. C.I’m sorry.

( )4A.Yes,I do. B.Good idea. C.No,I don’t want to join it.

( )5A.In 1876. B.In America. C.A foreigner.


( )6.Who got the fewest points? A.Amy. B.Daniel. C.Tom.

( )7.What season does Mike like better? A.Spring B.Autumn C.Winter.

( )8.What does Daniel’s father do? A.A doctor. B.A teacher. C.A worker

( )9.When did Simon come here? A.On Tuesday B.On Monday C.On Wednesday

( )10.How many people will go to the park? A.Two B.Three C.Four


( )11Where does Henry’s wife want to go? A.America. B.Japan. C.China

( )12How will they make the trip? A.By sea. B.By air C.By bike

( )13Why do they want to travel by sea? A.It’s safer. B.It’s faster. C.It’s cheaper

( )14What does Henry’s wife worry about? A.Who’s going to look after the garden? B.Who’s going to look after the 3

children? C.Who’s going to look after the dog?

( )15. Why can’t Henry ask his neighbors’help? A.Henry can’t get along well with his neighbors B.His neighbors are at home on holiday. C.His neighbors want to travel on holiday.


( )16What did the small shop sell? A.A lot of clothes. B.A lot of food. C.A lot of jewelry.

( ) 17Who was trying to take away a necklace? A.A thief. B.A customer. C.A client.

( ) 18How did the owner plan to do when he caught the thief? A.Call the police. B.Throw him out of the shop. C.Kill him ( )19How many people are there in the thief’s family? A.3. B.4. C.5

( )20.Why did the owner agree that the thief pay for the necklace? A.Because he wanted to sell the necklace.

B.Because he felt sorry for the thief and wanted to have less trouble. C.Because he hated the police.


When did Du Fang see the doctor? 21 _________ What’s wrong with her? She has 22.________

Doctor’s advice : ① To 23. ________ to keep healthy ② Not to 24._______ ③ Not to 25.________ in the evening.



( )1A Take the No.3 bus B I’m glad to help you C No,I don”know

( )2A Yes,it is B NO it doesn”t C I don”t know

( )3A I had a headache B Watching TY C My mother was ill

( ) 4A Twice a week B One hundred yuan C Last mounth

( )5A For three years B 3 years ago C In 3 years


( )6 What does the sign mean? A B C

( )7How much is T’s skirt? A 120 dollars B 12 dollars C 50 dollars

( )8What may the boy do next Sunday? A Play football B play the piano C piay chess

( )9where is the science labs? A Behind the library B In front of the library C Next to the library

( )10Why can”t the boy go to D’home to study? A Because he asks D on the phone B Because he stuies with D C. Because he always gets noisy


(11)What are they going to do this Satuiday?A Have a swim in the pool B See a movie at the cinema C Have a picnic inthe park

(12)How are they going tu the park?A By bus B By bike C By taxi

(13)Who have invited L and J to have dinner on Saturday night? A .M B .T C . M and T

(14)Where does T want to go after dinner?A dance hall B. Classroom C.Office

(15)When are they going to see the new paintings?On Saturday B. On Sunday morning C. On Sunday afternoon


(16)When did M go to Australia?A. Last year B Last month C This year

(17)How many days did M spend in Australia?A . Fourteen days B Six mouths C. Sixteen days

(18)How long did M stayed in Sydney?One week B. Two weeks C.Three weeks

(19)What did M do in the morning in Sydney? AHe stuied in a school B. He went to places of interest C. He practiced speaking English

(20)What classes did M have in Sydney? A Chinese B. English C. Japanese


Which city will L return from? 21.__________The place that L will work at in the city 22.A_____________

Who will L stay with? 23.Her_______________The thing that the boy does in the morning when he camps

24.Go__________The thing that J is going to do this summer 25.Going to the________with his parents




1、A. Yes,he has. B.No, he didn’t C.No, he is a lazy boy.

2、A..Yes, please help me. B.Thank you very much. C..I’d like to buy a coat.

3、A.. Really? B. All right.. C.Never mind.

4、A..You’re welcome B.Thank you. The same to you. C. I’m fine,thanks.

5、A.. He is a doctor. B. He is very well. C. He is forty-three.


6、Why was the boy late?He lent his bike to others. B. His bike was stolen. C. His bike broke down..

7、What are they talking about?A. The man’s work.. B. The man’s homework. C. The man’s health.

8、What’s the correct time?A. 2:35 B. 2:25 C. 1:25

9、How did Mr. Sun like the journey?A. Interesting. B.Terrible. C.Very much..

10、Who won the first prize in the English speech comepetition?A.Rose and John. B. John and Mike. C. Rose and Mike.


11、What are they talking about?A. Their favorite sports. B. A sports meeting. C. Long jump.

12、What is Amy interested in?A. Jumping. B. Running. C. Swimming.

13、Who runs the fastest in Amy’s class?A. Amy. B. Steven. C. Lily.

14、How did do in the sports meeting last year? AHe won the fiest prize in running. B.He won the fiest prize in the high jump.

C.He won the fiest prize in the long jump.

15、Why can’t Steven take part in the ports meeting this year? A.Because he hurts his legs. BBecause Lily hurts his legs.

C.Because he is disqualified.


( )16、What’s worong with Jack? A. He hurt his leg. B. He hurt his arm. C. He hurt his head.

( )17、Way did the doctor he might never get well? A.Because he seemed to have given up. B.Because they did’t have good medicine. C.Because his father was poor.

( )18、Who is Buth? A. A football B. A golf star. C.A baseball star.

( )19、How did Jack’s father tell Babe Ruth about his son’s story? A.On the phone. B. On the Internet. C.On Tv station..

( )20、When did Young Jack out of the hospital? A. Aftre a few weeks. B. A fter a few days. C. After a few months.



( )1. A. You are welcome. B. I’m sorry. C. Thanks

( )2. A. Russia. B. China. C. Canada

( )3. A. For an hour. B. In an hour. C. An hour ago

( )4. A. Of course not. B. Yes,I do. C. No,I don’t

( )5. A. Good idea. B. I’m sorry. C. That’s funny


( )6. What color is the woman’s new car? A. Red B. White C. Blue

( )7. Which subject is Tom’s favorite? A. Geography B. Chinese C. English

( )8. How many students took part in yesterday’s Speech Contest? A. 30 students B. 20 students C. 10 students

( )9. Whose birthday party will be held?A. Susan’s B. Jack’s C. John’s

( )10. Where did the man go during his holiday?A. England B. Australia C. Japan



11. What are they doing now?A.They are having a class at school. B.They are making a phong call. C.They are talking in a restaurant

( )12. Why didn’t Liu Mei go to school today?A.Because she was too late. B.Because her mother was ill.

C.Because she had an accident.

( )13. When and where did the accident happen?A.On her way to school yesterday morning.

B.On her way home yesterday afternoon. C.On her way to school this morning.

( )14. What was the weather like then? A. It was fine B. It was windy C. It was rainy.

( )15. Who took her to see doctor?A. Nobody B. Her father C. Her mother.


( )16. Where does Billy go early every morning?A. To a shop B. To a post office C. To a park

( )17. Who gives Billy something?A. A girl B. A boy C. A woman

( )18. What does Billy bring back home ?A. A piece of meat B. A newspaper C. A letter

( )19. When does Billy bring all the letters to the writer?A,Before the writer has breakfast B.While the writer is having breakfast C.After the writer has breakfast.

( )20. How does Billy do when he sees the bus coming? A.He barks B.He runs inside the houseC.He runs to the bus.


一. 听句子。

( )1.A .Coca--Cola B.Noodles C.Tomatoes

( )2.A.That’s OK. B.Thank you. C. Congratulations to you,too.

( )3.A.It does n’ t matter. B.What’s wrong? C.I’m sorry.

( )4.A.On Monday. B.At weekends. C.From Monday to Friday.

( )5.A.With pleasure .B.You’re welcome. C.It does n’t matter

二. 听对话。

( )6.Where are they? A.In a car. B.At home. C.In the street.

( )7What does the man think of the football players in Daqin? A.Famous. B.Energetic. C.Friendly.

()8.Who have been to the park? A.Alice. B.Tom C.Both.

( )9.What will Bob do this afternoon? A.Go shopping B.Clean the shop C.Have his hair cut

( )10.What are they talking about? A.The computer B.The game C.The camera

三. 听对话。

( )11.What’s Sam’s favorite food? A.Chicken sandwiches B.Bread C.Beef sandwiches.

( )12.Who is the woman? A.Sam’s mother B.Sam’s aunt C.Sam’s sister.

( )13.How did Sam’s father go to work? A.On foot B.By bus C.By car.

( )14.What does Sam’s father do? A.A teacher B.A worker C.A doctor


( )15.Where does Sam want to go after breakfast? A.To the hospital B.To the park C.To the cinema

四. 听短文。

( )16.Why does young people like Hip-hop dancing? A.Because it’s very interesting. B.Because it’s very easy to learn C.Because they can invent their own moves.

( )17.Which country did Hip-hop dancing first begin? A.China B.America C.England

( )18.Where was Hip-hop dancing first seen? A.In the movies B.In the streets C.In the old schools.

( )19.What did the young black people use to dance at that time? A.Legs and heads B.Arms and shoulders C.A and B. ( )20.When did Hip-hop dancing become popular all over the world? A.In the 1980s B.In 1983 C.30 years ago.




( )1 A .I’d like to go. B.Sure,I’ d love to. C.It’s wonderful

( )2 A.An hour ago. B.For an hour. C In an hour.

( )3 A.School B.home C.In an hour

( )4 A Because I love to exercise. B Because I like to watch movies. C Because I love it

( )5 A You are so lucky B You’re welcome C I hate piano


( )6 What does Helen’s brother look like?A .A round face and big eyes. B. A thin face and bing eyes. C. A round face and small eyes.

( )7Hao many desks are there for the parents? A.Sixteen B.Twenty-five. C. Twenty-six

( )8.When does the train leave? A.At 10 o’ciock .B.At 11 o’ciock.C.At 8 o’ciock.

( )9What color are Lin Yuan’s roller-skaters? A.Black B.Brown C.Red ( )10 Where are there? A.At home B.At school C. In the open air


( )11 What’s wrong with Ann? A She is worrying about her brother. B She is worrying about her math C. She is worrying about her health

( )12 Why can ‘t Ann ask her teather for help? A Because she is afraid of the math teacher. B. Because the teacher is always busy.

C. Because the teacher doesn’t Ann

( )13What will Ann do with hei math? A .Find a tutor.B.teach herself on the Internet.C Won’t learn it

( )14When is Ann’school over every afternoon? A. At 5:00p.m B.At 6:00p.m C At 7:00p.m

( )15When will the tutor teach Ann? A On Tuesday and Saturday afternoons. B. On Tuesday and Sunday afternoons. C. On Tuesday and Saturday mornings.


16 When did speaker come to China? A.Last month. B Two years ago. C.Five years ago

( )17What does the speaker do? A .A student. B .A teachers C .A manager

( )18Where is the speaker from? A England B france C.America

( )19 Why don’t the students give the foreign teacher and advices? A.They like their tercher’s teaching .B.They think it’s not polite. C They dong’t like their tercher’s teaching

( )20What the speaker talking about? A. Differences betweeb cultures. B.How to ba a good teacher. C. How to get along well with others.




(一) 听句子

1.A.Apple B. Tomato C. Swimming

2.A. By plane B.Cars C. Transportation.

3. A. They are beautiful B. I like them C.Yes, they are.

4.A. You must play jokes. B. That is good C. You should have some hot water first.

5.A. Window. B. It is quite sunny C. It is very delicious.

(二) 听五组对话

6.How much did Tina’s dress cost ? A. $40.99 B. $4.99 C.$499

7. What does the boy want to be when he grows up ? A. A doctor. B. A pilot C. A,businessman

8. How many people are there ? A.Four. B.Three C. Two

9. Where is Mr. Black? A.In the classroom. B.In the hospital. C. In the shopping center .

10. Why is the man late? A. He lost his car keys. B. He left the car keys inside the car. C.He left the car keys at home.

(三) 听一段对话。

11.What are the tow speakers talking about? A. A story. B.A letter C. A book.

12. Who is the writer of this story? A.Tom B.Jack C.Mary.

13.Who should the beginning part talk about? A.Tom’s partents B.Tom’s sisters. C. Tom.

14.What does the man think of the second part? A. It’s interesting. B.It’s too short. C.It’s perfect.

15.What should the last part talk about ? A. Jack’s parents B. Tom’s trip. C. Mary’s opinion.


16.Where is the 30th Olympics held? A. In London B.In Beijing C.In SyDney.

17.How many colors does thes the emblem have ? A. Four B.Five C.Six

18.What does the emblem mean? A It means London B. It means the 30th Olympics will beiong to everyone in the world. C.It means thee people in London will enjoy 2012.

19.When will the tickets start to be sold? A.In 2011 B.In 2012 C.We don’t know

20.How much is the tickets?

A.All the tickets’ price is less than 20 pounds. B.At least half of the tickets’ price is less than 20 pounds. C.At least half of the tickets’price is more tha 20 pounds.



1( ).A.Thank you B.You,too C.Are you sure?

2.( ).A Not bad B..Have a nice holiday! C. How terrible!

3.() A.Last year. B.For Three years. C.Twice a day.

4().A.Go straight ahead B.It’s quite far C. Five minutes’walk.

5. ()A. In the evening B. It was great. C. Goog idea.


6.(图片题 略)

7.()How long has the man been in zibo? A..For three years. B.For thirteen years. C. For thirty years.

8.()What can we know about the bag? A.It’s empty. B.It’s small C.It’s old..

9().How many languages does M speak? A.Tow B.Three C.Four.

10.()Why is it a goog time for the students to plant trees? A.They have no class. B.They like to plant trees in the afternoon.. 9

C.The soil is easily to be dug after rain.


11()How many years are Hong Kong’s Return? A.14 years . B 15 years C.16 years.

12( ) Where is the party held? A.In yhe Shiji Grand Hotel. B.In the Shijia Grand Hotel. C.In the Shilin Grand Hotel. 13( )Who will take part in the party? A.Zhao Tong. B.Lin Tao. C.Zhao Tong and Lin Tao.

14( )What will Zhao Tong do at the party? A.Play the piano. B.Play the violin. C.Sing some songs.

15( )What time will the party start? A.At 8:00 am. B.At 4:00 pm C.At 8:00 pm.


16( )Who was left in he house when the man and his wife went out? A.Their dog. B.Their cat C.Their son.

17( )Where did the man and his wife want to go? A.Their parents’home B.Their daughter’s home C.Cinema

18( )How did they go to the cinema that evening? A.On foot B.By bike C.By car.

19( )Which door was open when they returned home? A.The front door B.The back door. C.Neither.

20 ( )What did they lose? A.Money. B.Jewelry. C.Nothing.


( )22.A.7:00 .B.7:12 C.7:20( )23.A.three days B.only one day C.a week

( )24.A.A hat B.The sunglasses C.An umbrella( )25.A.going fishing B.going swimming C.going boating. (十六)


( )1.A.English,of course B.Chinese is easier C.l can speak both

( )2.A.No,l won't B.l remember C.Yes,l will

( )3.A.Don't worry about it B.Sorry to hear that C.Sorry,l have no idea

( )4.A.Who are you ? B.Sorry,she isn't in C.What's that?

( )5.A.That's all rignt B.The same to you C.That's great


( )6.Who won the prize?A.Tobby B.Xie Jialin C.Tommy

( ) 7.What are they talking about ?A.How to learn English.B.Learning English is difficult C.The trouble in learning English

( )8.Where does the woman live ?A.Jinan B.Zibo C.Liaocheng

( )9.Which color does the woman live?A.Red B.Black C.Blue

( )10.When will the party begin? A.At 7:30 B.At 7:20 C.At 7:10


( )11.What will they do this Saturday?A.Watch ball games B.Watch Shandong Opera C.Watch Beijing Opera

( )12.Who teaches Zhang Kai sing some sentence?A.Zhang Kai's father B.Zhang Kai's teacher C.Zhang Kai's grandfather

( )13.What time will they meet?A.At 2:00 in the afternoon B.At 2:30 in the afternoon C.At 3:00 in the afternoon

( )14.How will they go there ?A.By bike B.On foot C.By bus

( )15.Why can't they take some food?A.Because eating food isn't allowed in the theater B.Because they don't buy

C.Because food isn't delicious.





( ) 1 A Yes,please.B Yes,I would.C.No,I don’t like。

( )2 A.Me ,too B.No,I don’t think so.C.Thank you。

( ) 3.A. It’s 200 yuan. B.It’s red. C.It’s over there.

( )4Yes,she did.B.I’m sorry to hear that.C.That’s interesting.

( )5A.Nexer mind.B,OK,I will.C.You’re welcome.


( ) 6.How old is Jack? A.11 years old .B13 yaers old .C15 years old.

( ) 7.How many girls are there in the boy’s class?A.Twenty .B.Twenty –two. C Twenty-four.

( )8.Where has Mr. Li gone?A.He has gone home.B.He has gone to the library.C.He has gone to Mr. Wen’s. ( )9.What’s the weather like?A.Windy.B.Rainy.C.Foggy.

( )10.What day is coming?A.Children’s Day.B.Christmas Day.C.The birthday of the man’s daughter. 三听一段对话

( )11.What did Rose buy?A.A bike B.A car. C.A house.

( )12.How far is Rose’s house from the office?A.About 5 minutes’ walk.B.About 10 minutes’ walk. C.About minutes’drive

( )13.How did the man go to work today?A.By subway.B.On foot.C.By bus.

( )14.Why didn’t the man ride a bike?A.His bike was broken.B.He was too tired.C.He didn’t have a bike .

( )15.When will the man look for information about renting houses?A.This morningB.This afternoon.C.This evening.


16.How many means of transportation does this passage talk about?A,Two.B.Three.C.Four

17.Why do people take the train to have a trip?AIt’s so crowded.B.It’s the safest.C.It’s the slowest.

18.Which transportation costs the most? ABy ship.B.By plane. C.By train.

19.What can people do on the phone?A.Read books.B.Stretch legs.C.Make a phone call.

20,What does the writer like to take when he traves?A.He likes to take the ship.B.He likes to take the phone.

C.He likes to take the train.





( )1.A..ok..I want to have something to drink B.ok..I will go with you.. C.Sorry,I won’t.

( ) 2.A. I don’t like eating dumplings B.I like noodles very much C.I like the dumplings with vegetables

( ) 3.A He went to see his grandfather in the village. B He went to see a doctor yesterday. C He went shopping just now.

( ) 4.A She is very friendly to others. B She is a nurse. C She often works for ten hours a day.

( ) 5.A He works in a company. B He is an engineer. C He goes to work by bus.

(二) 听对话

( )6.Why is the man’s friend’s English hard to understand? A She comes form India. B She didn’t receive much education. C She hasn’t learned English long enough.

( )7 What’s the weather like in Zibo? A It’s fine B It’s windy and rainy C It’s cloudy.

( ) 8 Where are they talking? A In the street B At home C In a shop.

( )9 What is Mike doing? A He’s helping Jenny B He’s looking for Miss Black’s office. C He’s looking for Miss Black. ( )10 How many kinds of movies does the man like? A There B Two C Four

(三) 听一段对话

( )11 Why does Tom come to library? A To read some books. B To get a library card C To borrow some magazines.

( )12 What does Tom do? A He’s a teacher B He’s a worker C He’s a student.

( ) 13 Who does Tom live with? A .A Chinese family B His parents C His friends.

( ) 14 What’s Ton’s library card number? A It’s 1258 B It’s 2158 C It’s 5128.

( ) 15 Where are the science books? A On the first floor. B On the second floor C On the third floor.


( ) 16 What are the after-school activities for? A Learning to cook B Developing acting talent C Being a person with skills

( ) 17 How many clubs are there in the school? A 30 B 16 C 9

( )18 Who sets up the clubs for the students? A The scientist B A girl named Ann C The school and students.

( ) 19 What do students do in the future Star Club? A They only perform for fun C They make up shows for charity C They make money for performing

( ) 20 Which club helps kids know more about the world of science? A The Music club B The Chemistry Club C The Balanced Diet Club.



()1. A OK,here you are. B Give you . C .Wait a minute

()2.A I’am busy B yes please. C. Yes,I’d love to


( ) 3.A I had a headache. B.I got a prize C My mother was ill

( )4.A Thank a lot B The same to you C Me,too.

( )5. A I have no idea. B Warm C That’s OK


6.()How long has the woman kept the camera?A For three years. B For six years. C for eight years.

7()what does J’father do? A a doctor B A writer C An artist

8()What is the man’s phone number A 587-6658 B 587-6618 C 567-6618.

9()Where are the man and the woman taking? A in a bookstore B In a post office C In a restaurant

10()What are they talking about?A where animals B how to protect animals.C What animals should eat


11( ).where does the woman want to go? A Zibo People’s Park B.boshan park C he people’s park

12( )Which bus should the woman take ? A No.6 B.NO.16 C NO.60.

13( ).What bus the woman think of the city? A Dirty B Beautiful C Beautiful but crowded

14( )Why does the woman go to zibo people’s park?A because she wants to have a rest there.B because she wants to go and have a look at it.C Because she want to visit her son and his wife

15( ) Who are the two speakers?A a woman and a driver B a woman and a student C A woman and a policeman


16()What happened to the three boys in a cold day? A they lost their way .B They couldn’t find the house C They had to spend the night in the open air.

17.()what did the three boys ask the farmer to do?A To give them some water and food B to give them stay in his house for one night. C To tell them the way to walk out of the forest.

18() Why did one of the boys have to sleep sleep in the big house?A the farmer didn’t like the boy B one of the boys made a loud noise when he slept.C There wasn’t enough room in the farmer’house.

19() Who was the fist to sleep with the horses? A Tom. B Mike c Jack

20( ) Why were all the horses outside at the house door?A Because JACK drove them out of the house . B because the smell in the big house was really terrible .C Because the house didn’t like to stay with people at night.


(一) 听句子

( )1.A.Sure,here you are.B.No,you can’t.C.Yes,you can

. ( ) 2.A.Certainly.B.Have a good trip.C.Goodbye.

( )3.A.What a pity! B.Take it easy.C.I'm terribly sorry to hear that.

( )4.A.It’S not far from here.B.I don’t have time.

C.Go down this street,it's beside the Xincun Road.

( )5.A.Good idea.B.Why? C.Yes,Let’s go


( )6.How do the speakers feel about the concert? A.Wonderful.B.Boring.C.Relaxing

( )7. How did Ben go to work today? A.By bike.B.On foot.C.By bus

( )8.What did Mrs.Wang think of the journey? A.Interesting.B.Exciting.C.Awful.



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