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_____年_____班 姓名_________


Ⅰ. 单项选择。(20分)

( ) 1.In Australia, “ Good on ya, mate!” means _______!

A.Well done B.Good morning C.How are you

( )2. The U.S.A. is _______ country.

A.an English-speaking B.an English-spoken C.a speaking-English

( )3.American English is different _______British English _______ spelling.

A.from; on B.from; in C.with ; in

( )4.Beijing opera is _____ ____ many foreigners.

A.enjoy;by B.enjoying;by C.enjoyed;by

( )5.—Would you like to see the film “The Lord of the Rings”?

---Of course. I can?t wait ____ it.

A.see B.seeing C.to see

( )6._____ people all over the world enjoy Disneyland.

A.Million of B.Millions of C.Five millions

( )7.My parents always encourage me ____ English.

A.learn B.to learn C.learned

( )8.—When ___ you ___ for Beijing? ----This evening.

A.do;leave B.are;leaving C.did;leave

( )9.—I hope you can succeed ____ up your own company. --Thank you.

A.on setting B.in set C.in setting

( )10.She was glad to make herself____.

A.understood B.to understand C.understanding

( )11.We ____ to the U.S.A. tomorrow.

A.flew B.are flying C.fly

( )12.He has gone to England ____.

A.at business B.on business C.in business

( )13.Maria is practicing ____ Chinese with her classmates.

A.speaking B.to say C.to speak

( )14._____ of the time,I can understand my English teacher,but sometimes I can?t.

A.The most B.Many C.Most

( )15.—Which e-mail English means “see you”? --_____.


( )16.—Tomorrow I?m flying to Hainan. --_____.

A.Thank you B.Have a good trip C.Best wishes!

( )17.Tom is flying to Disneyland this afternoon.I?ll____.

A.see off him B.see him away C.see him off

( )18.Generally ____ ,the more careful you are,the fewer mistakes you will make.

A.speaking B.speak C.spoken


( )19.Tom found a bag ____ his way home.

A.in B.on C.by

( )20.I just said hello ___ you.In Australia,people say “g?day”instead ___“hello”.

A.to;/ B.to ;of C.to;to

Ⅱ. 情景交际。(5分)从方框中选出适当的句子补全对话。

A: I think the best way to learn English well is to remember the words.


A: Why?

B: That?s just one way, is the best way to learn English well?

B: From my point of view(观点),speaking you will improve your English greatly. A: Yes,that?s for sure.


Ⅲ. 完形填空。(10分)

A Frenchman went to visit New York. He didn?t know English. When he New York, he a bus to a hotel.

It was Sunday. The Frenchman went out for a walk. As he went the street, he suddenly thought of his way back. So he decided to write down the name of the street. On the wall near the corner of the street, he saw some English words. He wrote them down in his notebook. “Now I know the name of the street,” he said to . “It?ll be easy for me to the hotel.” He walked for a long time in the city, then he felt tired and wanted to go back. He took the notebook out of his pocket and the name of the street to a young man. The young man read the words, but he didn?t know what the Frenchman wanted. The Frenchman decided to ask . He stopped an old man. The old man read the words but he didn?t know what the FrencThen the Frenchman saw a young woman. The young woman knew French. When the Frenchman showed her words in his notebook and asked where the street was, the young woman ,for in the Frenchman?s notebook, there were only three words, “One Way Street”— it was not a 2

street name.

( )26.A. reached to B. got C. arrived in

( )27.A. had B. took C. drove

( )28.A. along B. across C. away

( )29.A. a policeman B. the man C. himself

( )30.A. come to B. walk to C. return to

( )31.A. read B. put C. showed

( )32.A. himself B. someone C. others

( )33.A. too B. either C. neither

( )34.A. a little B. some C. many

( )35.A. cried B. laughed C. thought

Ⅳ. 阅读理解。(25分) (A)

More than 6 000 languages are spoken on the earth today.Many of these languages are spoken by small groups of people.On the other hand,over 200 languages are spoken by one million or more people.Chinese is a language spoken by the largest number of people in the world.But English is most widely spoken in the world.

English is spoken by more than 400 million people as their first language.It is spoken by most people in the U.S.A.,Great Britain,Canada,Australia and New Zealand.And it is also used very widely in many other countries of the world.

Look at the back of your watch.You may see the English words “Made in China”, “Made in Japan”,or even “Made in Germany”.

English is the first language in none of these countries.Why are English words written on it?That is because in the modern world English is widely used for business between different countries. 根据短文内容,判断正(T)误(F)。

( ) 36. More than 200 languages are spoken on the earth today.

( ) 37. Many of these languages are spoken by small groups of people.

( ) 38. English is a language spoken by the largest number of people in the world.

( ) 39. Chinese is most widely spoken in the world.

( )40.English is spoken as their first language by people in the U.S.A.,Great

Britain,Canada,Australia and New Zealand.


Paul was a teacher at a school in a big city in the north of England.He usually went to France for a few weeks during his summer holidays. He spoke French and German very well.But one year Paul said 3

to one of his friends, “I?m going to have a holiday in China.But I don?t know how to speak Chinese.So I?ll go to evening classes and have Chinese lessons for a month before I go.”He studied very hard for a month.And then his holidays began and he left for China.

When he came back from China,his friends asked him, “Did you have any trouble with your Chinese when you were in China,Paul?”

“No.I didn?t have any trouble with it,”said Paul, “But Chinese did!”


41. Where did Paul usually have his holiday? ________________________________________

42. What language did Paul know very well? _________________________________________

43. Where was Paul going to have his holiday one year?_________________________________

44. Was Paul good at learning Chinese?______________________________________________

45. Did Paul have any trouble in fact?________________________________________________


A young man was walking through a supermarket to pick up a few things when he noticed an old lady following him around the supermarket. Thinking nothing of it, he went on.. Finally he went to the checkout line (结账处), but she stopped in front of him “Beg your pardon?” she said, “I?m sorry if my staring at (盯着看) you has made you feel uncomfortable. It?s just because you look just like my son, who I haven?t seen for a long time."

“It doesn?t matter;” answered the young man. “Is there anything I can do for you?”

“Yes,” she said, “as I?m leaving, can you say ?Good-bye, Mother?? It would make me feel so much better.”

“Sure.” answered the young man.

As the old woman was leaving; he called out, “Good-bye, Mother!”

As he walked to the checkout line, he saw that his total was $128.

“How can that be?” he asked. “I only bought a few things!”

“Your mother said that you would pay for her.” Said the shop assistant.


( ) 46. The young man went to the supermarket in order to

A. see his mother that he hadn't seen for many years B. see the clerk of the supermarket

C. buy a few things that he needed D. Have a walk


( ) 47.When the young man had got the things he wanted, he___________.

A. went to wait in the checkout line B. went out of the shop without paying

C. was stopped by the woman following him. D. stood after the woman to see who she was

( ) 48. When the old woman told the young man to say ?Goodbye, Mother'? to her, she "really

wanted _____.

A. to pay the money for the young man?s things B. to show the young man was very polite

C. him to collect more things for her D. to cheat the young man to pay for her

( ) 49. What happened to the young man when the old woman left the supermarket?

A. He thought the old woman was his mother. B. He had to pay for the old woman.

C. He had lost all his money. D. He became very happy because the old woman was like his mother

( ) 50. From this passage, we can infer (推断) that the old woman __________.

A. was the young man?s mother

B. had cheated the young man of his money.

C. was a mother who had lost her son very long

D. was a kind woman who helped the young man pay the money

Ⅴ. 词汇。(15分)


51. Linda’s ruler is _____ _____ _____ (和……相同) mine.

52. All the students like doing experiments _____ _____ (亲自) .

53. _____ (一句话),the boy is a honest student.

54. _____ _____ (至于) the hotel,it was very uncomfortable and far away from the sea..

55. Please let me know if you can’t (听懂) me.

56. What time is your ______(航班)?

(B) 根据首字母提示填上合适的单词,每空限一词。

between British English and American English.

in British English.


Ⅵ. 综合填空。(5分)


I?m Carol.Do you want to know how I s 60 English?Well,vocabulary(词汇) is the most i

new words I try to keep them in my mind.Then after one or two days,I still r 62 some of the words

Then I start to look them up in the dictionary.I don?t learn English just from English lessons at school.I

learn it in different ways.Of course I do a lot of reading.I read some istories in English.I also

speak a lot.To speak to myself is a good way.Many pdon?t like to do that.I like doing that.


65.Many students enjoy cartoon films in our school.(改为被动语态)

Cartoon films ________ _______ _______ many students in our school.

66.We speak English as a second language. (改为被动语态)

English _________ ________ as a second language _______ _______.

67.Rice is grown in the south by them. (改为主动语态)

They ________ ________ in the south.

68.At times we like to go swimming during the summer holiday. (同义句转换)

_______ we like to go swimming during the summer holiday.

VIII. 书面表达。(10分)



1. 自我介绍:名字叫李晓,来自中国湖北,15岁,中学生。

2. 请求帮助:自己正在学英语,想同外国人用英语交谈,感到困难大,知道不少英语单


Dear Henry,



Li Xiao


初四英语第一次月考试卷答题卡 _____年_____班 姓名_________

Ⅰ. 单项选择。(20分)

1.____ 2.____ 3.____ 4.____ 5.____ 6.____ 7.____ 8.____ 9.____ 10.____

11.____ 12.____ 13.___ 14.____ 15.____ 16.____ 17.____ 18.____ 19.____ 20.____ Ⅱ.情景交际。(5分)

21._______ 22.______23.______ 24.______ 25.______


26.____27.____ 28.____ 29____ 30.____31____ 32.____33 ____34.____ 35.____ Ⅳ. 阅读理解。(25分)


36._____ 37._____38._____ 39._____ 40._____

(B). 根据短文内容回答问题。(10分)






(C). 根据短文内容,选择最佳答案。(10分)




51.________ _______ ________ 52.________ __________ 53.________ ________ ________

54.________ _________ 55.________ 56.________

(B) 根据首字母提示填上合适的单词,每空限一词。

57.________ 58.________ 59.________



60._________ 61._________ 62.________ 63.________ 64.________

VII. 句型转换。(10分)

65._________ _________ _________ 66._________ _________ _________ _________

67._________ _________ 68._________


Dear Henry,







_______________________________________________________________________________ Yours,

Li Xiao



Ⅰ.1—5AABCC 6—10 BBBCA 11—15 BBACB 16—20 BCABB Ⅱ.21—25 BCAED

Ⅲ.26—30 CBACC 31—35 CCBAB

Ⅳ.(A)36—40 FTFFT

(B)41.He usually went to France for his holiday.。

42.He knew French and German very well.

43.He was going to China for his holiday one year.

44.No,he wasn’t.

45.Yes,he did.

(C)46—50 CADBB

Ⅴ.51.the same as 52.in person 53.In a word 54.As for 55.follow 56.flight

57.differences 58.autumn 59.tongue

Ⅵ.60.study 61.important 62.remember 63.interesting 64.people

VII.65.are enjoyed by 66.is spoken by us 67.grow rice 68.Sometimes

Ⅶ. 范文:

Dear Henry,

My name is Li Xiao.I am from Hubei,China.I am 15 years old.I am a middle school boy. I am learning English now.I want to speak English with foreigners,but I find it is very difficult.I know many English words,but I can not speak English well.Could you help me? Please write to me soon.

Yours, Li Xiao 9

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